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Svitlica B.,Ivana Bunjevac | Cosic J.,Poljoprivredni fakultet u Osijeku | Simic B.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Vrandecic K.,Poljoprivredni fakultet u Osijeku | And 2 more authors.
Poljoprivreda | Year: 2011

Growth and sporulation of selected isolates of F. graminearum, F. verticillioides and F. subglutinans were examined over 15 days on seven different media of diverse pH levels and under two light conditions. All isolates formed the most densd mycelia and had the fastest growth on PDA media and under dark conditions. F. graminearum had the weakest sporulation on all media. F. verticillioides and F. subglutinans sporulated well on the all investigated media. Statisticaly significant slower mycelial growth was determined on pH 4.5 for all species.

Rapcan I.,Poljoprivredni Fakultet Sveucilista J. J. Strossmayera U Osijeku | Bukvic G.,Poljoprivredni Fakultet Sveucilista J. J. Strossmayera U Osijeku | Grljusic S.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Teklic T.,Poljoprivredni Fakultet Sveucilista J. J. Strossmayera U Osijeku | Jurisic M.,Poljoprivredni Fakultet Sveucilista J. J. Strossmayera U Osijeku
Mljekarstvo | Year: 2010

The goal of the research was to determine the influence of two locations (Osijek and Vinkovci) and seed age on field germination, vegetative mass and dry matter of vegetative mass yields, grain yield, 1000 grain weight and grain crude protein yield of foreign spring field pea cultivar (Timo) during two successive years (2004 and 2005). The year has significantly influenced the grain yield, and the location influenced the grain yield and 1000 grain weight. In the first year of research, the greater grain yield by 70 % was accomplished on Osijek location, and in the second year it almost doubled. 1000 grain weight was by 19 % greater in the second year of research on Osijek location in relation to Vinkovci location. The same cultivar seed stored for 9 and 21 months were sown on both locations in the second year of investigation. Field germination of 9 month old seed was for 12.1 % greater than 21 month old seed. Seed maturity and location interaction was significant (p=0.05) for vegetative mass yield, dry matter of vegetative mass yield, grain yield and grain crude protein yield.

Liovic I.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Krizmanic M.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Mijic A.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Bilandzic M.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | And 3 more authors.
Poljoprivreda | Year: 2012

Results of line x tester analysis for 15 sunflower genotypes of the Agricultural Institute Osijek are presented in this paper. Three A lines (cms) and three Rf testers with different oil content level (low, medium, high) in all combinations (nine crosses) were crossed in 2010. In 2011, the lines, testers and their crosses were sown in field trials at two locations (Karanac and Osijek). The oil content was determined after harvesting, whereas line x tester analysis was conducted based on the obtained results. Variance of lines and testers, which refers to the general combining ability (GCA) was much higher than the variance of line x tester, related to specific combining ability (SCA). It showed on dominant role of the additive component of genetic variance in the inheritance of oil content. Statistically significant differences were not determined between the GCA and SCA effects. The highest values of GCA for oil content had line 2 (medium oil content) and tester 6 (high oil content) at both locations. The largest contribution for oil content had lines (57.81 and 51.28 %) followed by testers (28.88 and 26.27 %) and the lowest accounts for interaction (13.31 and 22.45 %) at both locations (Karanac and Osijek).

Cupic T.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Popovic S.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Gantner R.,Poljoprivredni fakultet u Osijeku | Tucak M.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Sudar R.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek
Mljekarstvo | Year: 2010

The objectives of this study were to estimate usage possibilities of semi-leafless winter pea type in voluminous feed production in mixture with cereals and to evaluate its quality in relation to standard leafed cultivars. Difference in average yields of green mass between two pea types was not significant. Significant differences were found within combinations types, ranged from 38.63 to 54.67 t ha-1 for combinations with standard leaf type and from 40.51 to 51.09 t ha-1 for combinations with semi-leafless pea type. In average, semi-leafless combinations were achieved digestive proteins yield of 1026 kg ha-1, what ensured 17101 L of milk ha-1 and 49807 MJ ha-1 of energy production, sufficient to hold norm of dairy cow and milk yield of 15712 L ha-1.

Rukavina I.,Hrvatski centar za poljoprivredu | Maric S.,Sveuciliste Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku | Guberac V.,Sveuciliste Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku | Cupic T.,Poljoprivredni Institute Osijek | Tepper C.,Bundessortenamt
Poljoprivreda | Year: 2012

Glutenins loci were used for variability estimation in 50 varieties of hexaploid winter wheat originated from Croatian breeding centres. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) in presence of sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) was used for determination of high molecular weight glutenins (HMW-GS). Number of allels per loci ranged from 3 at Glu-A1 to 5 at Glu-B1 and Glu-D1, the average number of allels was 4.33. The highest genetic diversity was found at loci Glu-B1 (He=0.687). The most frequent subunit at loci Glu-A1 was 2* (56%). At loci Glu-B1 the most common combination of subunits was 7+8 with 40%, and at loci Glu-D1 5+10 with 68%. The study also defines high quality varieties with largest number of Glu-scores. The results attained from this study allow further development of specific breeding programs for winter wheat quality improvement and improvers creation.

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