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Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Ismail I.B.,Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah | Gani Z.B.,National University of Malaysia | Mustafa N.A.N.B.N.,Politeknik Kota Bharu
Proceedings - 2015 Innovation and Commercialization of Medical Electronic Technology Conference, ICMET 2015 | Year: 2015

This paper depicts the real situation faced by employees of Semiconductor Company Y at wire bond production line. The importance of ensuring prolonged standing considered as a serious matter was highlighted in the medical facts about the side effects of prolonged standing which is circulatory problems and standing symptoms. The objectives of this research are to identify the effect of prolonged standing during work, to assess the work method and to evaluate employee awareness of ergonomic issues. The data about pain were collected by using risk identification process that used an observation an interview to twenty employees of the company. From the interview result obtained, it was found that seventeen employees were suffered from sore feet and nineteen employees were suffered from back pain. Another step for proactive risk assessment is a direct observation, performed by 'walk through' inspection at the standing workstation areas. Risk assessment involved only wire bond operators in order to ensure that the data collected is accurate and valid which is involved fifty operators wire bond. Data Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) is derived from the production wire bonds. The (IAPA) Ergonomic Risk Assessment found that the operator of wire bonds in the company's exposure to risk indicators potential has been identified risk to an acceptable level. The result of evaluation showed that the level of employee's awareness was still low and an adequate and affective. Ergonomic management system need to be provided so that it will have a great influence to foster culture of awareness. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Yusoff Z.,Politeknik Kota Bharu | Jamaludin S.B.,University Malaysia Perlis | Noor M.M.,University Malaysia Perlis
8th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials 2012, ACCM 2012 - Composites: Enabling Tomorrow's Industry Today | Year: 2012

A study of physical properties and microstructure was carried out on the pure aluminium reinforced with biomass by product such as palm shell activated carbon (PSAC), slag and PSAC/slag particles in order to develop the green aluminium matrix composite (GAMC). The aims of the work are to correlate the influence of reinforcement (PSAC and slag) content with physical properties of the three systems of GAMC which are PSAC/Al, slag/Al, and PSAC/slag/Al composites and to identify the potential and ability of PSAC and Slag as reinforcement materials and justify the preferable reinforcement. This work used 80 - 100 wt. % aluminium (70 μm) mixed with 0 - 20 wt. % of PSAC (65 μm) and slag (65 μm), to fabricate PSAC/Al un-hybrid GAMC, slag/Al un-hybrid GAMC, and PSAC/slag/Al hybrid GAMC via conventional powder metallurgy that compacted into pin sample (ø8 mm) followed by sintering at 500 °C/2 hr. Physical and mechanical properties such as porosity, density and macro-hardness test have been determined on as-sintered pin samples of GAMC. The microstructure was observed by scanning electron microscope with EDX for determination of particles distribution and bonding between reinforcement/ matrix. Result appears that the slag/Al un-hybrid GAMC had the highest values of bulk density and macro-hardness. The PSAC/slag/Al hybrid GAMC gave intermediate values and the PSAC/Al un-hybrid GAMC gave the lowest values. Porosity of PSAC/Al un-hybrid GAMC was the highest, slag/Al un-hybrid GAMC was the lowest and PSAC/slag hybrid GAMC was the intermediate comparatively. Based on microstructural evaluation, micro-pores are observed in PSAC particles, but no micro-pores in the Slag particles. However, micro-crack is observed in the Slag particles. Micro-cracks and micro-pores have influenced the density, porosity and macro-hardness as well as bonding between reinforcement/matrix of GAMC. The slag/Al un-hybrid GAMC is preferable due to good bonding between slag/Al, lowest porosity, highest density and macro-hardness compared to others. Copyright © (2012) by Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials (AACM). Source

Nor Asyikin Y.,Universiti Sains Malaysia | Nani D.,Universiti Sains Malaysia | Nor Azwany Y.,Universiti Sains Malaysia | Shamsul Kamal A.,Politeknik Kota Bharu | And 3 more authors.
Malaysian Family Physician | Year: 2016

Introduction: In Malaysia, the prevalence of menstrual disorders among adolescents and young adults is high. However, most of them are not aware of the signs and symptoms of menstrual disorders in terms of medical issue as well as Islamic ruling. Awareness of the menstrual disorder symptoms is important so that early and appropriate treatment can be given. Objectives: The objective of the study was to compare the knowledge and attitude of premarital men and women on menstrual disorders. Methods: This was a comparative cross sectional study conducted in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Selfadministered questionnaires were given for data collection. The questionnaires consisted of 3 parts that required information on the women’s and men’s socio-demographic data, women’s menstrual history and information in knowledge and attitude of men and women on menstrual disorders. Results: A total of 460 respondents were involved in this study with a response rate of 93.5%. The prevalence of good knowledge was higher among women compared to men with 73.2% and 26.8%, respectively. There was a significant difference on knowledge and attitude on menstrual disorders between premarital men and women. Conclusion: Both premarital men and women had low knowledge on menstrual disorder with men knowing less than the women. © 2016, Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia. All rights reserved. Source

Rahmat M.F.,University of Technology Malaysia | Ibrahim S.,University of Technology Malaysia | Elmajri M.M.,University of Technology Malaysia | Mohammed N.F.,University of Technology Malaysia | Isa M.D.,Politeknik Kota Bharu
International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems | Year: 2010

Process tomography is a technique to realize flow imaging in a process vessel or pipeline by using the sensor system. This technique involves the use of tomographic imaging methods to manipulate data from sensors in order to collect sufficient information about the flow in the pipeline. The overall aim of this paper is to investigate the benefits of dual modality (optical and electrodynamic) tomography system for the measurement of tomographic images of solids flow. This research will investigate the distribution of conveying plastic beads in a conveying pipe by placing optical and electrodynamic sensors around the pipe without interrupting the flow inside the pipe. Source

Rahmat M.F.,University of Technology Malaysia | Isa M.D.,Politeknik Kota Bharu | Sheikh U.U.,University of Technology Malaysia | Raja Hussin T.A.,Politeknik Kota Bharu | And 2 more authors.
International Journal of Tomography and Statistics | Year: 2011

Accuracy and stability of the image being reconstructed are very crucial in an electrical charge tomography system (EChT). To obtain the quality and quantitative information from the cross-sectional images of the solid flow materials in conveyor pipeline, a suitable reconstruction method is needed for EChT. The problem with the methods introduced before such as linear back projection (LBP), filtered back projection (FBP) and least square (LS) methods is that they are ill-posed due to the ill-conditioning of sensitivity matrix produced in the forward modeling. Thus, the images introduced by these methods are not accurate. This paper will introduce CCD Camera as an alternative method to generate image concentration profile of material distribution in gravity-dropped conveyor pipeline using digital image technique. This technique is easy to set up and is not influenced by environmental disturbances such as humidity, charge static, noise and others. This alternative method has been tested in electrical charge tomography measurement system. The results show that the image concentration profiles obtained from this technique is better than the image reconstructed by LBP and FBP methods. © 2011 by IJTS (CESER Publications). Source

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