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San Jose, CA, United States

Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Air Force | Program: STTR | Phase: Phase II | Award Amount: 749.91K | Year: 2015

We propose a new fiber WDM fabrication method for single mode high power fiber laser. Our new approach will enable kW operation for both single mode fiber WDM and PCF WDM. In Phase I, a proof of concept experiment has been demonstrated. In phase II, we will target at delivery of a reliable prototypes for both step index fiber WDM and PCF WDM.

Agency: Department of Energy | Branch: | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase I | Award Amount: 149.98K | Year: 2015

Statement of the problem or situation that is being addressed: High energy and high power infrared laser is a critical component for next generation attosecond sciences. However, current technologies are limited to energy, efficiency, size and price. Breakthrough technologies are needed. Statement of how this problem or situation is being addressed. By using zerodispersion fiber amplifier technique to coherently broaden the spectrum, PolarOnyx is to develop a 10 fs 10 mJ Infrared fiber laser system without combining multiple lasers (Sirius laser system). Commercial Applications and Other Benefits. In addition to the attosecond science applications, material processing is a major commercial application for this project. This includes (1) Photonic device fabrications, such as waveguide, coupler, WDM, modulator, and switching; (2) all types of metal processing such as welding, cutting, annealing, and drilling; (3) semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing such as lithography, inspection, control, defect analysis and repair, and via drilling; (4) marking of all materials including plastic, metals, and silicon; (5) other materials processing such as rapid prototyping, desk top manufacturing, micromachining, photofinishing, embossed holograms, and grating manufacturing. Key Words. Ultrafast fiber laser; spectral broadening; Attosecond; X-ray; material processing; zero dispersion; high power/energy fiber laser. Summary for Members of Congress. A high energy 10fs fiber laser system will be developed for next generation attosecond science. This will enable a compact and robust probe laser and coherent X-ray source for future time resolve attosecond spectroscopy and high field physics researches.

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration | Branch: | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase II | Award Amount: 749.88K | Year: 2015

High efficiency pulsed lasers have been considered to be an enabling technology to build high power transmitters for future deep space high rate space communications. However, to achieve a high peak power at a high repetition rate and with a short pulse width and >25% wall plug efficiency still remains an issue unsolved. PolarOnyx proposes a novel approach targeting to make 20W high power fiber laser at 1550 nm and resolve the issues of efficiency. A tabletop feasibility demonstration has been carried out at the end of Phase I. A prototype will be delivered at the end of Phase II.

Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Navy | Program: STTR | Phase: Phase I | Award Amount: 79.97K | Year: 2015

This Navy STTR Phase I proposal presents an unprecedented NDI tool to support laser additive manufacturing of metal parts by using fiber laser SAW and heterodyne detection. It is the enabling technology for real time characterize the AM parts in terms of temperature, cooling rate, grain structure, and defects. A proof of concept demonstration will be carried out at the end of Phase 1.Prototypes will be demonstrated in AM system at the end of Phase II.

Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Defense Health Program | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase I | Award Amount: 149.76K | Year: 2016

Based on our success in developing the world first commercial high energy femtosecond fiber laser system and our leading proprietary technology development in ultrashort pulsed fiber laser material processing, PolarOnyx proposes, for the first time, a com

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