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Lausanne, Switzerland

Bodenmann P.,PMU | Green A.R.,Harvard University
Revue Medicale Suisse | Year: 2012

Since 1887, the Policlinique Médicale Universitaire (PMU) has brought care to vulnerable populations who are at risk of poor physical, mental and social health. These include marginalised Swiss natives and immigrant communities (asylum seekers, undocumented immigrants). These patients are at risk of health disparities given their poor access to the health care system and lack of adapted quality care. Clinical approach must address these potential disparities, reinforced by a research describing them in order to explain their cause, and propose possible solutions, and a medical training addressing these topics from the undergraduate to the attending level. Through those holistic clinical approach, robust research and improved medical training, health providers will contribute to give quality care to all citizens, without exception! Source

Internet is currently the most efficient source of information for doctors in their daily practice. Even though some training is necessary, it is easy to use the internet in medicine. Schematic though it may be, we can say only two websites are necessary: a research engine and a medical website. Progressively, each doctor then discovers websites that meet his/her needs. Source

Gonthier A.,PMU
Revue Medicale Suisse | Year: 2015

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disorder, characterized by a severe, persistant and unexplained fatigue, which can be associated with diffuse pain, sleep difficulties, neurocognitive and neurovegetative troubles. Its prevalence has been estimated between 0.3 and 0.9 %. Though its physiopathology remains controversial, evidence is growing that dysimmunity, oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction are involved in its pathogeny. No medication has demonstrated specific efficacy in the CFS. The management of CFS involves limiting unnecessary investigations, promoting graded exercice therapy, and providing empathic counselling in order to prevent negative thoughts. Source

Q factor and bit error rate (BER) estimation based on synchronous and asynchronous sampling have been established as an important method for performance monitoring in optical networks. This study presents a simple model that estimates Q and BER from experimental data using curve fitting under the Gaussian assumption. The model improves estimation accuracy by optimising the receiver analog front end and correcting for sampling errors. The effects of front-end analog amplifiers on the sampling method accuracy have been investigated experimentally by using different optical receivers and post-amplifiers. The results show that the estimated Q and BER track the experimental values over a wide power range. In addition, post-amplifiers operating in the linear region with carefully optimised gain result in a more accurate Q and BER compared to automatic gain control amplifiers. © 2011 The Institution of Engineering and Technology. Source

Jaunin-Stalder N.,PMU | Lagro-Janssen A.L.M.,Radboud University Nijmegen
Revue Medicale Suisse | Year: 2013

The prevalence of urinary incontinence is higher in women, but up to 40% of elderly men suffer from it. It is very important for care givers to search actively for this problem, because only half of the patients, mostly men, will seek help specifically for this symptom. The patients, who do not ask for help, mostly women, think that urinary incontinence is a normal problem while getting old and think that there is no specific treatment for it. Urinary incontinence has an important impact on physical and mental health and has a high economic cost. Men with urinary incontinence are less well taken in charge than women up to the use of absorbent pads, which they partly fix up themselves. © Médecine et Hygiène 2010. Source

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