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Franklin, MA, United States

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: SME-1 | Phase: NMP-25-2015-1 | Award Amount: 71.43K | Year: 2015

Safe solid slurry detector is a new instrument which uses electrical process tomography to determine the density of solids flowing in dense phase hydraulic conveying

PLC Systems | Date: 2013-07-11

A microengineered multipole ion guide for use in miniature mass spectrometer systems is described. Exemplary methods of mounting rods in hexapole, octupole, and other multipole geometries are described. The rods forming the ion guide are supported by etched silicon structures provided on first and second substrates.

PLC Systems | Date: 2010-08-24

A method and apparatus for monitoring software events in a computer system comprises a plurality of processors each performing a portion of an overall system task. Each processor has an application portion having one or more threads for performing the portion of the overall task and an application program interface for receiving notification of an event within the portion and transferring data relevant to the overall task portion and indication of occurrence of the event to a common hardware module that time stamps and stores the time of event, the origin of the relevant data, and the relevant data, time stamping being achieved using a highly accurate clock. The system can then send a record of the event, accurately time stamped at the very time of its occurrence, to a remote monitoring site for later assessment.

Agency: GTR | Branch: Innovate UK | Program: | Phase: Smart - Proof of Concept | Award Amount: 95.19K | Year: 2015

Industrial Tomography Systems plc has pioneered the commercialisation of electrical tomography. This project takes more than 10 years experience and learning to apply the companys world leading instruments to characterise complex fluids through innovative sensor design and data interpretation. The instrument will be applicable in many industrial sectors: - in the food sector, the texture of processed foods is fundamental to customer satisfaction - in consumer goods, the manufacture of products such as toothpaste and shampoo involves complex processes which impart specific properties, such as how materials flow from tubes and bottles - in mining, the flow of slurries and how solids are either kept in suspension, and then later settle out of suspension is important to yield as well as efficient use of chemicals and energy - in speciality chemicals, such as surface coatings, the flowability of products and their consistencey is a critical part of their performance as paints and coatings. These process parameters are currently very difficult to measure during processing; and sampling presents particular difficulties for effective quality control. The new in-line instrumentation based on ITSs world-leading development of process tomography will allow better process control to improve quality & consistency and increase production efficiency.

PLC Systems | Date: 2010-04-23

A composition comprising: a plurality of identical first synthetic nucleotide oligomers; and a plurality of identical second synthetic nucleotide oligomers which are different to the first synthetic nucleotide oligomers, wherein each of the first synthetic nucleotide oligomers comprises a first primer binding sequence of bases, a first identifier sequence of three to seven bases in length, and a second primer binding sequence of bases, the first identifier sequence being disposed between the first and second primer binding sequences, wherein each of the second synthetic nucleotide oligomers comprises a third primer binding sequence of bases, a second identifier sequence of three to seven bases in length, and a fourth primer binding sequence of bases, the second identifier sequence being disposed between the third and fourth primer binding sequences, and wherein the first identifier sequence is different to the second identifier sequence.

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