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Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: MC-IAPP | Phase: FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IAPP | Award Amount: 666.15K | Year: 2010

Carbon nano tubes (CNT) are nano-scale materials with exceptionally high mechanical, electrical and thermal conductivity properties. For example the Tensile strength of a single walled nano tube is ~ 1TPa. The thermal conductivity at room temperature for single Multiwalled CNT was measured to be greater than 3000 W/mK and perfect CNT are also able to conduct electrons without heat loss. Most of the known properties related to CNTs come from the investigation of a single CNT while the main goal remains to exploit those properties in the macro scale through the use of highly oriented and aliened CNTs. It is possible to exploit the exceptional properties of CNT by producing fibres which are based on CNTs as building blocks. These kinds of fibres may be called CNT fibres or CNTF. One approach to produce CNTF is the process of spinning from a CVD process. This process was selected as a potentially applicable process for industrial scale production of CNTF. It has been proved that scale up of the process is feasible while maintaining an affordable and stable process suitable for large scale manufacturing. In order to cross the gap between feasibility in the lab scale and industrial pilot a research effort needs to be carried out in this field. The CNTF by itself is a material suitable for various engineering applications. This is achieved due to the fact that in the CNTF all the remarkable characteristics of CNTs are expressed. Another route to exploit the material properties of the CNTFs is to incorporate them in a polymeric matrix to result in a CNTF based composite material. Since we are dealing with a new and innovative fibre type further research is needed in order to find and optimize the polymeric matrix type for the various applications suggested. These applications are: structural and conductive composites, composites for the automotive industry, composites for the aviation industry and even as an armour material.

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