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Sacramento, California, United States

Bellamy C.L.,Plant Pest Diagnostic Branch | Ohmomo S.,1 chome 12 4
Zootaxa | Year: 2011

New Philippine Coraebini (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) are described: one new genus, Visayasella, gen. nov., is erected for two new species: the type species Visayasella superba sp. nov. from Leyte and V. gracilis sp. nov. from Negros. The new genus is contrasted to the genera Obenbergerula Strand 1932 (= Bodie;ttcheria Hoscheck 1931) and Sibuyanella Obenberger 1942 in a table of character states. Four new species of Toxoscelus Deyrolle 1864 are described from Leyte: Toxoscelus actenodes sp. nov., T. bichromoplagiatus sp. nov., T. circumscriptus, sp. nov. and T. griseovariegatus sp. nov. and contrasted with the two previously described Toxoscelus species from Luzon: T. acutipennis Fisher 1922 and T. rugicollis Saunders 1874 in a key. The six new species and several putatively related genera and species are illustrated in two color plates. © 2011 Magnolia Press. Source

Garrison R.W.,Plant Pest Diagnostic Branch | Dijkstra K.-D.B.,Naturalis Biodiversity Center | Hamalainen M.,Naturalis Biodiversity Center | Villanueva R.J.T.,Forestal Healing Home and Therapeutic Milieu
Zootaxa | Year: 2015

Based on comparison of specimens and descriptions, Mitragomphus ganzanus Needham, 1944, described from Braganza [Bragança], Pará State, Brazil, and known only from the holotype, is found to be a junior synonym of Gomphidia kirschii Selys, 1878, a species from the Philippines. The monotypic genus Mitragomphus Needham, 1944, is synonymized with the genus Gomphidia Selys, 1854. © 2015 Magnolia Press. Source

Oxystigma williamsoni Geijskes, 1976 is synonymized with Oxystigma petiolatum (Selys, 1862), based on a reexamination of an extensive series of both taxa identified by D. Geijskes in the RMNH. Illustrations of the variability for both taxa and illustrations, maps, and keys for all species are provided. Copyright © 2014 Magnolia Press. Source

Ghahari H.,Islamic Azad University at Tehran | Volkovitsh M.G.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Bellamy C.L.,Plant Pest Diagnostic Branch
Zootaxa | Year: 2015

An annotated taxonomic catalogue of the jewel beetles (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) of Iran is given. Original descriptions and recent revisionary or catalogue data are included along with the distribution, both within and outside of Iran, ecological data and host plant associations, junior synonyms, and comments. A complete bibliography completes the catalogue. In total 428 species and 52 subspecies of jewel beetles belonging to 6 subfamilies (Julodinae, Polycestinae, Galbellinae, Chrysochroinae, Buprestinae, and Agrilinae), 20 tribes, and 38 genera are known from Iran including doubtful records and 4 nomina nuda. It is likely that the number of jewel beetle species from Iran will be between 460-480 and possibly even more species. Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press. Source

Garrison R.W.,Plant Pest Diagnostic Branch | Von Ellenrieder N.,National University of Salta
Zootaxa | Year: 2010

Chrysobasis is synonymized with Leptobasis. The latter is diagnosed by the combination of rounded frons, CuP reaching hind margin of wing, CuA relatively short, and supplementary pretarsal claw reduced to vestigial, and by the presence on the distal segment of the genital ligula of a pair of chitinized, flap-like, movable processes directed posteriorly. A new species from Peru, L. mauffrayi, is described, and illustrations, maps, and keys for all Leptobasis species are provided. Copyright © 2010 Magnolia Press. Source

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