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Reutte, Austria

The Plansee Group, trading name: "Plansee Holding AG", is an Austrian company which has its head office in Breitenwang (in the district of Reutte). The group of companies focuses on manufacturing powder metallurgical materials which it also processes to produce tools and formed parts. The Plansee Group is a private company, now in its third generation of ownership, that is managed by Dr. Michael Schwarzkopf. Wikipedia.

Plansee Group | Date: 2014-02-27

A holding device for a heating element and a heater with at least one such holding device. The holding device is produced from a refractory metal or from an alloy on the basis of refractory metal, has at least two holding elements which are arranged perpendicularly or at least substantially perpendicularly to each other. A first holding element is at least partially arranged in an opening of a second holding element.

Plansee Group | Date: 2014-03-11

A shaped part that is particularly suited as an interconnector or an end plate for a fuel cell stack, is produced by pressing and sintering a pulverulent starting material. The shaped part has a basic body with a multiplicity of knob-like and/or ridge-like elevations with a height h. Each elevation has two inclined side flanks which lead, proceeding from an end contour of the elevation, via rounded corner portions, directly or via intermediate rectilinear portions, into curved portions with a radius R or R, which in turn merge into the surface contour, of the basic body. A ratio of the radius R:h or R:h ranges from 0.25, or preferably from 0.5 to 1.

Plansee Group | Date: 2015-12-21

A process for producing a CuCr material by powder metallurgy for a switching contact, in particular for vacuum switches, includes the steps of pressing a CuCr powder mixture formed from Cu powder and Cr powder and sintering the pressed CuCr powder mixture to form the material of the CuCr switching contact. The sintering or a subsequent thermal treatment process is carried out with an alternating temperature profile, in which the CuCr powder mixture or the CuCr material is heated above an upper temperature limit value and cooled again below a lower temperature limit value at least twice in alternation. All of the steps are carried out at temperatures at which no molten phase forms.

Plansee Group | Date: 2014-01-29

A sputtering target is composed of an alloy consisting of 5 to 70 at % of at least one element from the group of (Ga, In) and 0.1 to 15 at % of Na, the remainder being Cu and typical impurities. The sputtering target includes at least one intermetallic Na-containing phase.

A process for depositing an electrically conductive, preferably perovskitic layer uses a pulsed sputtering process. The layer has a low diffusivity for the elements in the iron group and is especially suitable for use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). An assembly of the electrically conductive ceramic layer on a porous support substrate is also provided.

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