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Watanuki M.,Planning Division
Japanese Railway Engineering | Year: 2011

The Hachinohe-Shin-Aomori section of the Tohoku shinkansen entered commercial service on December 4, 2010. It is an embodiment of technological ingenuities-represented by structures utilizing various civil engineering technologies including the Hakkoda Tunnel and Sannai Maruyama Viaduct; a water sprinkler snow melting system designed for cold and snowy regions such as Aomori Prefecture; station designs that reflect the communities' design concepts; new technologies for tracks and electrical facilities; and so on. This article follows the construction of the Hachinohe-Shin-Aomori section and gives details of each development. Source

Headrick J.,Planning Division | Uddin W.,University of Mississippi
Advances in Transportation Studies | Year: 2014

The transportation modal share and the traffic volume demand data on a road network are essential for planning an efficient traffic management system. Traffic demand largely impacts congestion, air quality, public health, and public safety. Accurate and timely collection of traffic attributes is imperative for traffic management and performance evaluation of transportation systems. This paper presents the results of microsimulation models for evaluating traffic flow performance of stop-controlled intersections compared to the alternative roundabouts at each end of the South Lamar Blvd overpass at SR 6 highway interchange in Oxford, Mississippi. The roundabouts were constructed in 2007 and have been in operation since then. Traffic volumes and movement data were projected at 2.5% annual growth for 2016 using 2009 field data collected for the highway overpass site. The simulation results using the 2016 projected peak hour traffic data showed that converting the stop-controlled intersections to roundabouts improved traffic flow by: reducing delay by 24%, reducing idling time by 77%, and increasing average speed by 67%. The roundabouts manage the average speed of traffic traveling through the overpass better than stop-controlled intersections, therefore, reducing traffic crash risk and improving overall traffic flow. The simulation results were also used to evaluate impacts on reducing fuel wastage and emissions. 2014 Aracne Editrice.All Rights Reserved. Source

Huan N.H.,University of science | Hai,University of science | Yem,University of science | Tuan N.N.,Planning Division
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2013

In this paper, the water quality index (WQI) was used as an indicator to assess the pollution level of the water quality in the To Lich River. The comparison of most important factors on the sulfide generation in the open channel and pipe sewers system was presented. The result also denoted that the close relationship between Oxygen - Redox Potential (ORP) values and log {[S2-]/ [SO4 2-]} by correlation coefficient R2 = 0.6369. And surface water layer was the main source of To Lich River to produce sulfide by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). The factors to affect the sulfide generation rate in the To Lich River (open channel) were organic matter (BOD5), and environmental conditions such as ORP, pH, and temperature (T). The found model in this study for estimating the sulfide generation from the To Lich River depended on the variables such as: ORP, T, pH, BOD5, with the correlation coefficient R2 = 0.9619, as follows: [S2-] = 0.0063 * ORP + 0.0427 * T - 4.371 * pH - 0.0012 * BOD5 + 31.87. © 2006-2013 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN). Source

Nakata Y.,Concrete Structure Laboratory | Tadokoro T.,Concrete Structure Laboratory | Okamoto M.,Concrete Structure Laboratory | Tanimura Y.,Planning Division
Quarterly Report of RTRI (Railway Technical Research Institute) | Year: 2013

In the design of RC members, reinforcement arrangement methods are determined according to structural details of reinforcement, since the latter are preconditions for applying a specific design method. However when reinforcement arrangement methods are applied to members in small sections, it is difficult to validate the method adequately. This difficulty arises because the methods have been proposed for the members on comparatively large sections. Consequently, in this study loading experiments and analyses were performed on specimens for a number of different reinforcement arrangements. For example, various reinforcement diameters and spacing were investigated. The influence of structural details in the reinforcement arrangement method on deformation performance of RC members was clarified. Finally a reinforcement method was proposed based on mechanical theory considering the buckling of longitudinal bars. Source

Huan N.H.,Hanoi University | Hai N.X.,Hanoi University | Yem T.,Hanoi University | Tuan N.N.,Planning Division
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2012

This paper assessed the water quality in To Lich River through contaminated indicators such as DO, COD, and BOD5. The emission of H2S from the river water had impacted the ambient air quality in the riparian areas of To Lich River in Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City. The measured concentration of H2S in ambient air in the riparian area varied within the range of 48.7 ± 23.1μg/m3. The H2S emissions rate from wastewater in the To Lich River was estimated about 2, 828.0 mg/m/h. METI-LIS model can be applied to forecast H2S emission rate from To Lich River. The predicted results showed the close relationship with the measured values by correlation coefficient R2 = 0.9197. © 2006-2012 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN). Source

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