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Hsinchu, Taiwan

The present disclosure provides an object detection method including: pre-storing a lookup table of touch reference values, wherein the lookup table of touch reference values records a plurality of touch reference values associated with image positions of a plurality of calibration object images formed in calibration images captured by a first image sensor; capturing a first image, wherein the first image has at least an object image corresponding to a pointer formed therein; generating a first light distribution curve according to the first image; defining a first detection region in the first light distribution curve; obtaining at least one touch reference value associated with the object image using the lookup table of touch reference values; comparing at least one brightness value within the first detection region of the first light distribution curve with the at least one touch reference value obtained.

An exposure mechanism of an optical touch system, which includes a plurality of image sensors and a plurality of active light sources each irradiating corresponding to the associated image sensor, includes: capturing image frames using the image sensors with a sampling cycle to allow each of the image sensors to capture a bright image, wherein the sampling cycle includes a plurality of working modes and in each of the working modes at least one of the image sensors captures the bright image in a sampling interval; simultaneously capturing a dark image using all the image sensors in a denoising sampling interval; and calculating a differential image between the bright image and the dark image captured by each image sensor.

PixArt Imagine Inc. | Date: 2015-06-05

A heart rate detection module including a PPG measuring device, a motion sensor and a processing unit is provided. The PPG measuring device is configured to detect a skin surface in a detection period to output a PPG signal. The motion sensor is configured to output an acceleration signal corresponding to the detection period. The processing unit is configured to respectively convert the PPG signal and the acceleration signal to first frequency domain information and second frequency domain information, determine a denoising parameter according to a maximum spectrum peak value of the second frequency domain information to denoise the first frequency domain information, and calculate a heart rate according to a maximum spectrum peak value of the denoised first frequency domain information.

A first electronic apparatus capable of pairing with a second electronic apparatus for wireless communication includes a light sensor and a processing circuit. The light sensor is used for detecting light emitted by the second electronic apparatus. The processing circuit is coupled the light sensor and used for decoding the detected light to generate decoded pairing data. The first and second electronic apparatuses pair successfully according to the decoded pairing data. The light carrying the pairing data is generated by the second electronic apparatus based on at least one of brightness variation(s), color variation(s), and pattern variation(s).

PixArt Imagine Inc. | Date: 2015-12-14

There is provided an optical mini-mouse including a mouse case and a navigation module. The mouse case includes a valley and a flat region arranged along a length direction and the valley extends along a width direction. When the mouse case is rotated about the valley, the navigation module is configured to detect a rotation.

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