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Saitama, Japan

Pioneer Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in digital entertainment products, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. The company was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop, and its current president is Susumu Kotani.Pioneer played a role in the development of interactive cable TV, the Laser Disc player, the first automotive Compact Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD and DVD recording, plasma display , and Organic LED display . The company works with optical disc and display technology and software products and is also a manufacturer. Sharp Corporation took a 14% stake in Pioneer in 2007, which has been reduced to 9%, but Sharp still remains the largest shareholder of Pioneer Corporation, followed by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. who owns roughly 4% of Pioneer shares following a memorandum between the two companies in 2010 to strengthen business ties.In March 2010, Pioneer stopped producing televisions, announced on 12 February 2009. On June 25, 2009, Sharp Corporation agreed to form a joint venture on their optical business to be called "Pioneer Digital Design and Manufacturing Corporation".In September 2014, Pioneer agreed to sell Pioneer Home Electronics to Onkyo. Wikipedia.

A charging control apparatus (

Pioneer Corporation | Date: 2015-07-08

A display device having a simple circuit configuration and capable of lowering power consumption, and a drive method for the display device are provided. Rectangular wave voltage which changes between positive voltage V

In an impedance matching device, a storage unit stores a control value representing a load value and a value equivalent to input impedance in advance. The control value identifies inductance and capacitance values matching a predetermined impedance value by use of either a first or second matching circuit. An impedance estimation unit estimates input impedance of the power transmission antenna. The load value estimation unit estimates load value of a circuit connected to a power reception antenna and consuming transmitted electric power. A circuit selection unit electrically connects the first matching circuit, the second matching circuit, or a through circuit per the load value and the input impedance equivalent value. A control value output unit reads out the control value stored in the storage unit based on the load value and the input impedance equivalent value, and outputs the control value to the circuit selected by the circuit selection unit.

Pioneer Corporation | Date: 2015-01-09

A power theft inspection apparatus is provided with: a controlling device configured to open a third switch unit between a power reception unit and a power reception control circuit of a power receiving apparatus at the start of a power theft inspection, then open a first switch unit between a power transmission unit and a power supply unit of a power transmitting apparatus after the opening of the third switch unit, and then close a second switch unit configured to short-circuit the power transmission unit of the power transmitting apparatus after the opening of the first switch unit; and a deter g device configured to determine whether or not there is power theft according to a current detected by a first current detecting device configured to detect a current in the power transmission unit of the power transmitting apparatus upon the power theft inspection.

Pioneer Corporation | Date: 2015-03-24

Organic semiconductor layers comprise between a first electrode and a photoelectric converting layer a light extraction improving layer that contains at least silver or gold in part as a component, partially reflects light, and has transparency. The light extraction improving layer is in contact with or is inserted into a functional layer containing, for example, an organic semiconductor material, an oxide, a fluoride, or an inorganic compound having strong acceptor properties or strong donor properties with an ionization potential of 5.5 eV or higher, within the organic semiconductor layers.

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