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Castres-gironde, France

The present invention relates to the field of prognosis and/or diagnosis of a proliferative disease in a patient. More particularly, the invention relates to a novel antibody capable of binding specifically to the human cMet receptor, as well as the amino acid and nucleic acid sequences coding for this antibody. The invention likewise comprises the use of said antibody, and corresponding processes, for detecting and diagnosing pathological hyperproliferative oncogenic disorders associated with expression of cMet. In certain embodiments, the disorders are oncogenic disorders associated with increased expression of cMet polypeptide relative to normal or any other pathology connected with the overexpression of cMet. The invention finally comprises products and/or compositions or kits comprising at least such antibody for the prognosis or diagnostic of certain cancers.

Pierre Fabre, University Pierre, Marie Curie and French National Center for Scientific Research | Date: 2015-02-19

The present invention relates to a novel bacterial strain isolated from groundwater. The invention also relates to bacterial extracts and to the use of same in the context of the treatment of inflammations. More particularly, the present invention relates to novel compositions of interest in the treatment and the prevention of inflammatory disorders, notably dermatological pathologies.

The invention also relates to a composition comprising an antibody antagonist to c-Met and an aminoheteroaryl compound, particularly as a medicament. The present invention also comprises a pharmaceutical composition comprising said anti c-Met antibody and said aminoheteroaryl compound as combination products for simultaneous, separate or sequential use. The invention relates to the use of the composition of the invention for the treatment of cancer in a mammal.

The present inventions relates to a process for the selection of anti c-Met antibodies capable to inhibit both ligand-dependent and ligand-independent activation of c-Met. More particularly, said process is based on the inhibition of the c-Met dimerization. In another aspect, the present invention concerns such antibodies and compositions comprising such antibodies for the preparation of a medicament to treat cancer. Diagnosis process and kits are also part of the invention.

The present invention relates to novel podophyllotoxin derivatives substituted in the 4-position by a substituted (poly)aminoalkylaminoacetamide chain, to their process of preparation and to their use as medicament as anticancer agents.

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