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Kirovsk, Russia

Shepel A.V.,PhosAgro AG LLC | Sepp L.V.,Murmansk Regional Public Organization for Children and Young People New Horizons
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2014

PhosAgro incessantly seeks out resources for optimization and effectivization of production. Particular attention is paid to the growth and development of personnel. Skilled and qualified staffing support of a company implicates finding and holding employees of no mean abilities, and also forming external personnel reserves. The PhosAgro-Classes Specialized Education Program aims to handle this problem. The project goal is to make provisions for influx of highly educated and professionally trained young people, by means of improvement of education quality, motivated occupational guidance, close support of university education, engagement in practical training and probation. PhosAgro, in its turn, lends assistance to tutoring in terms of information and material-and-technical resources, or excursions directly to mines and processing plants that extract and process apatite-nepheline ore in the Kirovsk-Apatity area. PhosAgro experts participate in many activities of the course on occupational guidance and accommodation of school-children. The regular monitoring and the material incentives of the vocational-oriented education course trainees yet more encourages pursuit of learning and development.

Guriev A.A.,PhosAgro Holding Company | Rybnikov M.K.,PhosAgro AG LLC | Davydenko V.V.,Apatit JSC | Levin B.V.,Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insectofungicides NIUIF
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2014

PhosAgro is the top producer of phosphorous fertilizers in Russia. PhosAgro group of companies includes fertilizer producers and an apatite concentrate manufacturer-Apatit Mining and Processing Integrated Works celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. Recently PhosAgro implements a series of investment projects aimed to develop the ore and raw material supplies base of Apatit and to upgrade the mineral dressing branch of the company. The emphasis in the development of Apatit is made on underground mining buildup, above all in the largest Kirovsk Mine that holds close to half of the overall nepheline ore reserves of the company. To this effect, the mine drives the second main shaft equipped with skip hoisting system, constructs an underground ore crushing plant and opens up new production levels. After the project accomplishment, the mine will reach the annual ore production of 14 Mt. The second project under implementation is introduction of emulsion explosives (EE) to underground mining. The technology of charging wet up holes with EE has been practiced to perfection. Actually, an EE manufacturing plant is under construction on the industrial site of Apatit JSC. The project is implemented jointly with Orica, Australia. Apatit is greatly concerned with the production control. In 2011 the automated motor transport dispatch system was introduced in Koashvinsky open pit mine. Each truck was equipped with a set of sensors and an onboard computer to record all technical data, malfunctions, location data etc. As early as the first operation year, the dispatch system demonstrated high efficiency expressed in terms of productiveness, fuel consumption and exhaust emission of operating trucks. In 2014 Apatit JSC is launching the same dispatch system in Rasvumchorr underground mine equipped with self-propelled load-haul- dumpers. Next in turn is Kirovsk mine. Apatit JSC actualizes a large-scale technical reequipment program at the own processing plants. The investment project of the ore milling and classifying unit remodeling is at the end. Eventually, recovery of marketable P2O5 has increased while the share of fine fractions has decreased. One more project described in the article deals with the heat supply of the town of Kirovsk. By the end of 2013, the housing had been put on the heat supply by the remote Apatitskaya Thermal Power Station. This enabled closure of local fuel-oil boiling plants, which drastically improved the urban air.

Davydenko V.V.,PhosAgro AG LLC | Levin B.V.,Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insectofungicides NIUIF | Loikov S.A.,PhosAgro AG LLC | Shepel A.V.,PhosAgro AG LLC
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2014

It is by now over 10 years that the National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines), Saint Petersburg, and PhosAgro holding company have been carrying on cooperation in terms of team projects in the sphere of education and research, strategic planning of PhosAgro progression. At the present time, Apatit engages 377 graduates of the University of Mines, among which there are 247 engineers. The students have an opportunity to train at the company. The University structure includes the Khibiny technical college, which contributes to the professional education quality improvement. In the research sphere, the University scientific men have prepared a survey of the current condition and potential of phosphate ore and raw material supplies base in Russia and abroad, and performed an analysis of the ore and raw material supplies base of Apatit company. The management solutions and process designs targeted at the production advancement are proposed and substantiated. In particular, the researchers have explored extractability of the bottom and sidewall reserves of actual open pit mines. The higher priority joint project is the development of crystallization technology for concurrent recovery of rare earth metals from products of sulfuric acid treatment of apatite concentrate by dihydrate method.

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