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Beijing, China

PetroChina Company Limited , is a Chinese oil and gas company and is the listed arm of state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation , headquartered in Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is China's biggest oil producer. Traded in Hong Kong and New York, the mainland enterprise announced its plans to issue stock in Shanghai in November 2007, and subsequently entered trading on the Shanghai index. Wikipedia.

The present invention relates to preparation and application of an olefin polymerization catalyst. The main catalyst is composed of a carrier, a transition metal halide, and an organic alcohol compound. The transition metal halide is obtained by in-situ reaction between titanate and silicon halide. The molar ratio of the carrier to the transition metal halide to the organic alcohol compound is 1 to 0.01-20 to 0.1-6. The molar ratio of the titanate to the silicon halide is 1 to 0.5-2. The co-catalyst is an organo-aluminum compound. The molar ratio of the transition metal halide in the main catalyst to the co-catalyst is 1 to 30-500. Particles of the catalyst are good in morphology and are in a spherical shape. The catalyst has high activity and the polymer obtained by using the catalyst has a high molecular weight. The catalyst is applicable to a slurry method, a vapor phase polymerization process, or a combined polymerization process. The preparation method thereof is simple, has low requirements on devices, and produces little pollution on the environment.

Disclosed are an intelligent test system and method for a multi-segment fractured horizontal well. The intelligent test method for a multi-segment fractured horizontal well comprises: step A: placing a test tubular column into an underground horizontal section; step B: setting a pressure building packer and a hanging packer by means of pressurization after the test tubular column is placed into an underground designed position; step C: breaking a hydraulic release connector to separate the hydraulic release connector from a seal pipe; step D: pulling out a first oil pipe, and reserving the tubular column comprising the seal pipe and located on the downstream part of the seal pipe in a horizontal well; and step E: placing a production tubular column or a communications tubular column into a vertical section of the horizontal well.

The present disclosure provides an olefin polymerization catalyst and a combined catalyst containing the same. The catalyst comprises a reaction product of a magnesium dialkoxide, a titanium compound, an electron donor compound A and an electron donor compound B, wherein the electron donor compound A is a sulfonyl compound represented by general formula I, X is a disubstituted or unsubstituted group 14 element atom, a monosubstituted or unsubstituted group 15 element atom or group 16 element atom, and the substituent is a monocyclic, polycyclic or heteroatom-containing cyclic group or an aliphatic chain; R

The present invention relates to a method for identification of geology lithological difference which includes: obtaining seismic amplitude data of a geology object to be detected; using a seismic amplitude value of each grid point as the initial value of chaos nonlinear iteration equation and then to iterate by the equation, and recording an iteration convergence rate of each grid point when the iteration reaches a stable state; and depicting the lithological difference of the geology object to be detected by the difference of the convergence rate of each grid point. The solution of the present invention can identify the geology lithological difference more sensitively.

A selective nickel-based hydrogenation catalyst and the preparation thereof, characterized in that: provided that the catalyst is weighed 100%, it comprises nickel oxide 14-20% as active component, lanthanum oxide and/or cerium oxide 2-8%, and VIB element oxide 1-8% as aids, 2-8% silica, 1-8% alkaline earth metal oxides, and alumina as the balance. The catalyst specific surface area is 60-150 m

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