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Tavagnacco, Italy

A wire-rod and the like, hot-rolling machine wherein the two rollers are fitted on respective frustoconical end portions of as many counter-rotating supporting shafts, via interposition of corresponding centering and coupling bushings having a frustoconical internal profile, each of which is fitted on the end portion of a respective supporting shaft, between the supporting shaft and the corresponding roller, and is structured so as to mesh on the supporting shaft so as to be angularly integral to said supporting shaft, and so as to be inserted/wedged between the supporting shaft and the roller thus to center the roller on the supporting shaft and moreover make the roller angularly integral to the body of the supporting shaft. Each centering and coupling bushing is provided with an annular flange having an eccentric lobe-shaped profile and which cantilevered projects from the outer surface of the bushing, at one of the two mouths of the central through hole of the roller, and is designed to engage a corresponding annular groove with eccentric lobe-shaped profile which is formed on the body of the roller at the mouth of the roller central through hole, and has a shape complementary to that of the annular flange.

Pert S.r.l. | Date: 2012-09-28

Wire-rod hot-rolling machine (

Zuccato M.,PERT srl | Tomba M.,PERT srl
MPT Metallurgical Plant and Technology International | Year: 2010

The Italian engineering company Pert has now developed a new mill stand type Bi Support Stands to achieve higher yields in new and in revamped rolling mills with low investment costs. The stand features a compact and rigid construction of the body, which is made of fabricated and not of cast components. Due to the new design, the rolling stands are extremely stiff. Adjustment of the ring center distance is by means of simultaneous opening/closing of both shafts by screwing down gears which directly act on eccentric sleeves. Easy access to the stands facilitates ring change, removal of cobbles, maintenance, and regulation of guides. Due to the fact that horizontal and vertical stands are of the same design, the number of operational spare parts is minimized. Bearings and even the spindles are protected against water and scale. Their reduced dimensions make the stands suitable for installations with limited space or for revamping existing mills.

Zuccato M.,PERT srl | Tomba M.,PERT srl
MPT Metallurgical Plant and Technology International | Year: 2011

The new generation finishing block, 2XTechnology®, has been developed with the objectives to achieve higher yields in new and revamped rolling mills while reducing investment efforts. The technical characteristics of the block include round finishing, maximum design speed of 45 m/sper stand, maximum rolling speed of 40 rn/s per strand, and fixed rolling axes. At the rolling stands, ring shafts are installed on the roller bearings for radial loads and spherical roller bearings for axial loads. The ring shafts and bearings are installed on eccentric bushes, which if rotated change the distance between the centres of the rings. Pinion stands with bevel gear reduction units distribute the movement to the two rings shafts. By installation of the new stand type and the new finishing block, production of the plant can be increased and the final product quality is improved.

Tomba N.,PERT srl | Tomba M.,PERT srl
MPT Metallurgical Plant and Technology International | Year: 2015

The Pert Pocket Mill PPM was developed to reduce the overall investment as much as possible, while providing highly cost-effective steel production. The PPM Pert Pocket Mill has been developed for production capacities ranging between 100,000 and 250,000t per year. The main target to be achieved is to reduce the initial costs of a plant. When considering the costs allocated to a plant, the steelmaker must be careful because they may include not only the costs of the equipment, but also the civil works, buildings, auxiliary plants. Pusher-type furnaces are a well-known technology. The use of cast iron or tungsten carbide rolling rings offers a much groove working life compared to common cast iron rolls.

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