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Li C.-Y.,Guangdong University of Technology | Li C.-Y.,PERFECT CHINA CO. | Zhou J.-L.,Foshan Jin Jun Kang Health Technology CO. | Huang J.-F.,Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Institute | And 3 more authors.
Modern Food Science and Technology | Year: 2013

A method was developed for the determining of benzo[α]pyrene in camellia oil by gas chromatography by tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) with liquid-liquid extraction. After spiked with the isotopic labeled benzo[a]pyrene - d12, the sample was extracted twice with acetonitrile, and then defatted by n-hexane to obtain an extract suitable for analysis using GC-MS/MS. The targeted compound was separated by a DB 5-MS column detected by GC-MS/MS system under the mode of multiple reaction monitoring (MRM). The internal standard was used for quantitative analysis. Under the optional conditions, the linear range was between 0.50 μg/L and 100 μg/L with the linear correlation coefficients of 0.9994. The detection limit of the method (LOD) was 0.25 μg/kg and the quantitation limit of the method (LOQ) was 0.5 μg/kg. The mean recoveries for camellia oil at three spiked concentrations levels of 0.50, 1.00, 5.00 μg/kg were ranged from 92.51% to 103.70%, respectively, with relative standard deviations (RSDs, n=6) 3.84~5.80%. The inter- recoveries were ranged from 94.71% - 110.83% and the precision was ranged from 5.22% to 8.92% (n=5). This method was suitable for the identification and quantification of benzo[α]pyrene in camellia oil due to its simplicity, accuracy and high sensitivity.

Shanghai JiaoTong University and Perfect China Co. | Date: 2013-08-01

The application provides, among others, methods for constructing animal obesity models, methods for screening microorganism or composition of microorganisms that may cause obesity, methods for screening therapeutic targets for treating metabolic disorders, and methods for screening or evaluating microorganisms, compounds, food, recipes, formulations, drugs, nutritional supplements, healthcare products, beverages and other items for preventing and treating metabolic diseases.

Shanghai JiaoTong University and Perfect China Co. | Date: 2013-06-04

A method and a composition for improving gut micro biota structure, selectively increase a first gut microbiota population while simultaneously decrease a second gut micro biota population in a subject. The first gut micro biota population includes a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA)-producing bacterium and the second gut microbiota population includes an endotoxin-producing bacterium.

Shanghai JiaoTong University and Perfect China Co. | Date: 2012-11-26

A composition includes a first composition, a second composition and a third composition. The first composition comprises edible ingredients from fruit, seeds, or other parts of plants; the second composition comprises bitter gourd, a first oligosaccharides, a first fermentable dietary fiber, or a combination thereof; and the third composition comprises a second oligosaccharides and a second fermentable dietary fiber. The composition is used for targeting and restoring structural balance of gut microbiota and relieving chronic inflammation.

Lv Y.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Huang J.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Cai M.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Li C.,Perfect China Co. | And 3 more authors.
Food and Function | Year: 2013

This study set out to determine the immunomodulatory effects of a health food high-peptide meal in immunodeficient mice that was induced by either hydrocortisone (HY) or cyclophosphamide (CP). Five separate trials were performed in which animals were randomly divided into 5 groups of 12 mice for each experimental trial. Group 1 served as the vehicle control. Animals assigned to groups 3-5 (dose groups), were each administered once daily with 1.67, 3.33 or 6.67 g kg-1 body weight of a high-peptide meal, respectively, for 30 consecutive days. Animals from groups 2 to 5 that were included in trials 1 to 4, each received an intramuscular administration of HY at 40 mg kg -1 body weight on days 22, 24, 26, 28, 30. Animals from groups 2-5, in trial 5, each received an intraperitoneal administration of CP at 50 mg kg-1 body weight, on days 26 and 27. On day 31, all groups of mice were differentially screened for immunomodulatory activity following the conclusion of the above experiments. In HY-treated mice, the high-peptide meal accelerated the recovery of the phagocytic function of both macrophages and the reticuloendothelial system, and restored NK cell activity. In CP-treated mice, the high-peptide meal promoted a humoral immune response to sheep red blood cells (SRBCs). These results demonstrated the immunomodulatory effects of a high-peptide meal. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

PubMed | Perfect China Co. and Food Republic
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Journal of food science and technology | Year: 2014

Soybean oligopeptides (SOP) with low molecular weights were prepared by two-step enzymatic hydrolysis on a pilot-scale. Peptide and free amino acid contents of SOP were 82.51.13% and 3.70.28% respectively. The molecular weight distribution of SOP was mainly bellow 1,000Da (85.4%), 56.7% of which were 140-500Da. SOP showed strong stability to proteolytic digestion by pepsin and trypsin. The antioxidant activities and in vitro and in vivo antihypertensive effects of SOP were evaluated. Results showed that SOP exhibited 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging effect (IC50 = 4.50.13mg/mL), and significantly inhibited lipid peroxidation in linoleic acid oxidation system (IC50 = 1.20.09mg/mL). SOP had potent angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activity (IC50 = 1.10.06mg/mL), and antihypertensive effect in spontaneously hypertensive rats at a dose of 200mg/kg. This study indicated that SOP could be a natural antioxidative or antihypertensive compound in the medicine and food industries.

Jin M.-R.,Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine | Jin M.-R.,Shanghai R and nter for Standardization of Chinese Medicines | Xu H.,Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine | Duan C.-H.,Perfect China Co. | And 2 more authors.
Natural Product Research | Year: 2015

(Image Presented) Two new flavones neocafhispidulin (1) and 6″-O-acetyl homoplantaginin (2), together with 10 known flavones and 1 polyphenol were isolated from the whole plants of Salvia plebeia. R. Br. Compounds 3 and 4 were reported from this plant for the first time. Their structures were determined by spectral analyses. Compounds 1-13 were evaluated for their anti-tyrosinase and anti-inflammatory activities. The results showed that compounds 1, 5, 8, 10 and 11 exhibited anti-tyrosinase activities, and compounds 3, 4 and 13 showed potential anti-inflammatory activities. © 2015 Taylor & Francis.

Gu R.-Z.,China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries | Li C.-Y.,Perfect China Co. | Liu W.-Y.,China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries | Yi W.-X.,China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries | Cai M.-Y.,China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries
Food Research International | Year: 2011

Collagen extracted from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) skin (which is normally discarded in the process of manufacture) was hydrolyzed with Alcalase and papain, and treated by multistage separation. The salmon skin collagen peptides (SSCP) obtained had high protein content (91.20±1.03%) and low molecular weights, 90.79% of which were less than 1000Da. SSCP was then separated by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography. Eleven major fractions were collected and their angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity was assayed. Fractions 5 and 7 displaying higher ACE inhibitory activity were subjected to mass spectrometer to identify the ACE inhibitory peptides. A total of eleven peptide sequences were identified, and two dipeptides, Ala-Pro and Val-Arg, were selected for further ACE inhibitory activity analysis. The ACE inhibitory activities of Ala-Pro (IC50=0.060±0.001mg/ml) and Val-Arg (IC50=0.332±0.005mg/ml) were found to be approximately 20- and 4-fold higher than that of SSCP (1.165±0.087mg/ml), respectively. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Liao X.,South China Agricultural University | Liao X.,Perfect China Co. | Guo L.,South China Agricultural University | Qiu L.,South China Agricultural University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology | Year: 2016

Objective: To understand the cholesterol removal mechanism of lactic acid bacteria isolated from mango, with cholesterol-lowering effects; to provide admirable lactic acid bacteria starters for fermentation of mango juice to obtain a kind of mango beverage with cholesterol-lowering effects. Methods: Fifteen strains with high removal cholesterol were studied for their tolerance in vitro and cholesterol assimilation was determined. The cellular fatty acids composition of the strain MPL1 with high cholesterol-lowering effect and good tolerance was tested using GC-MS. Results: all 15 strains had tolerance characteristics against 0.3 g/100 mL bile salt, but only 12 strains could grow in the media with very low pH 1.0. The survival rate of 7 isolates was above 97% after incubation in artificial intestinal fluid. The cholesterol removal content of the growing cells of strains of MPL1, MPL2, MPL5, MPL8 and MPL16 was higher than that of the dead and resting cells of strains of MPL1, MPL2, MPL5, MPL8 and MPL16. Fatty acid composition of MPL1 showed changes in lipid profiles in cells grown in the presence of cholesterol compared with those grown without cholesterol. Fatty acid profiles suggested that cholesterol from the medium was incorporated into the cellular membrane. Conclusions: Among 15 strains with cholesterol-lowering effects, 7 strains could tolerate acid and bite salt, and they could survival in artificial gastric fluid and intestinal fluid. The strain MPL1 removed cholesterol through assimilation and absorption cholesterol. © 2016, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology. All right reserved.

China National Research Institute Of Food And Fermentation Industries and Perfect China Co. | Date: 2014-10-31

The present invention relates to a functional engineered rice having alcoholism relief and liver protection functions for those drinking alcohol over an extended period of time or drinking alcohol excessively, and preparation method thereof. The engineered rice comprises six starting materials: coarse rice powder, isolated soy protein, kudzu root extract, corn oligopeptide, purple sweet potato powder, and hawthorn extract, and is prepared by: premixing the starting materials; employing a double screw extruder to conduct texturized processing and forming under high temperature and high pressure; and then drying, dedusting and packaging. The coarse cereal components of the engineered rice have the effects of balancing the diet and ensuring nutrition ingestion for those consuming the rice; and the functional factors such as the corn oligopeptide, the kudzu root extract and the like have the functions of enhancing ethanol metabolism inside the body, reducing liver damage, relieving alcoholism and protecting the liver.

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