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Beijing, China

Peking University , is a major Chinese research university located in Beijing and a member of the C9 League. It is the first established modern national university of China, founded as the "Imperial University of Peking" in 1898 as a replacement of the ancient Guozijian. By 1920, it had become a center for progressive thought. It has been consistently regarded by both domestic and international university rankings as, alongside Tsinghua University, the top higher learning institution in mainland China. In addition to academics, Peking University is especially renowned for its campus grounds, and the beauty of its traditional Chinese architecture.Throughout its history, the university has educated and hosted many prominent modern Chinese thinkers, including figures such as: Lu Xun, Mao Zedong, Gu Hongming, Hu Shih, Li Dazhao, and Chen Duxiu. Peking University was influential in the birth of China's New Culture Movement, May Fourth Movement, the Tiananmen Square protest of 1989 and many other significant events. Wikipedia.

A fractional-pel interpolation filter method. The method adopts an 8-tap interpolation filter and a 6-tap interpolation filter, and includes: 1) applying an 8-tap interpolation filter to adjacent integer-pel pixels, thus acquiring fractional-pel pixels between adjacent integer-pel pixels in a horizontal direction or a vertical direction; and 2) to the adjacent fractional-pel pixels between the adjacent integer-pel pixels, applying the horizontal 8-tap interpolation filter in the horizontal direction and then a 6-tap interpolation filter in the vertical direction for conducting interpolations twice, thus acquiring the remaining 9 fractional-pel pixels.

The invention discloses a compound having branching alkyl chains, the method for preparing the same and use thereof in photoelectric devices. By applying the branching alkyl chains as the solubilizing group to the preparation of organic conjugated molecules (for example, organic conjugated polymers), the number of methylenes between the resultant alky side chains and the backbone, i.e., m>1, which can effectively reduce the effect of the alkyl chains on the backbone - stacking, thereby ensuring the solubility of the organic conjugated molecule while greatly increasing the mobility of their carriers. It is suitable for an organic semiconductor material in photoelectric devices such as organic solar cells, organic light emitting diodes and organic field effect transistors, etc.

Peking University, Shenzhen Boyuan Traffic Facilities Co. and Shenzhen Longgang Ywsoft Technology Co. | Date: 2015-04-20

A method for encoding, data-restructuring and repairing projective self-repairing codes is provided. The method comprises the following steps: equally dividing original data; setting base finite fields which have an inclusion relation according to parameters of the equally divided data: a first finite field and a second finite field; partitioning a space constructed of B/C-dimensional vectors with its subgroup coset and choosing B/C subspaces among the subspaces, each chosen subspace corresponding to a storage node; arraying vectors of the B/C subspaces to obtain an encoding matrix; and according to each storage nodes encoding vectors, obtaining encoding data stored therein, and storing the encoding data into the storage node.

Peking University and Founder Microelectronics International Co. | Date: 2015-01-12

The invention provides a power semiconductor device and a method of fabricating the same and a cutoff ring. A cutoff ring located at a periphery of an active area of the power semiconductor device is etched forming at least one trench below which an implant area is formed by implanting ions into the trench, and a silicon dioxide dielectric layer covering the trench and a surface of the active area, are formed. Since the ions are implanted into the trench formed by etching the cutoff ring to thereby increase a depth of the implanted ions and a density of the cutoff ring, a width of the cutoff ring can be shortened to thereby address the technical problem of a considerable area of a chip occupied by the cutoff ring and improve a utilization ratio of the area of the chip so as to lower a cost of fabricating the chip.

Technologies are generally described herein for extracting a representative motion flow from a video. Technologies are also generally described herein for retrieving a video utilizing the representative motion flow. The representative motion flow may be extracted utilizing a sliding window approach to generate interesting motion flows. The representative motion flow may be generated based on the interesting motion flows.

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