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Rakhmetullina S.Z.,International University of Kyrgyzstan | Trusheva S.,L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University | Savanchiyeva A.S.,International University of Kyrgyzstan | Yessimova D.,Pavlodar State University | Arynova Z.A.,Innovative University of Eurasia
Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism | Year: 2017

The article considers the existing economic mechanisms of environmental management in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The study showed that the natural and climatic resources of the country are favorable for the development of the travel industry in the region. However, the ecological situation in the Pavlodar Region represents one of the major threats in development of tourism, including eco-tourism. Creation of eco-tourism infrastructure in the Pavlodar Region may become an additional source of income of the regional budget and one of the promising trends of economic advancement of the region. The author comes to the conclusion that the current tax system is not conducive to the sustainable use of natural resources for the purposes of tourism. © 2017. ASERS Publishing. All rights reserved.

Zaripov R.,Pavlodar State University | Gavrilovs P.,Riga Technical University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2017

The article highlights the problems associated with the design of freight railway cars. In particular, the analysis of possibilities of application of polymeric materials as a structural material of the body of the cars. The relevance of this article is not in doubt, because the improvement of technical and economic parameters of the cars is one of the main tasks of car building at this time. The article describes the basic methods of manufacturing bodies of freight cars with the use of composite material - fiberglass. In the work carried out detailed analysis of the physic-mechanical properties of composite materials and identify their advantage over steel. As the object of research for tank wagon for transportation of petroleum products and a hopper car for transportation of grain. For the production of boiler tank wagon was chosen as the method of winding, characterized by comparative simplicity and adaptability. To create elements for hopper was chosen as method of deposition, are useful when creating components and parts of complex shape. The work identifies and explains such concepts as wet and dry winding, roving, shaping, reinforcement material. The authors in the specific example proves the possibility of application of composite materials in the body structure freight cars of various configurations. Research conducted in this article can be used to create new models of freight cars and their parts. © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Novozhilov A.,Pavlodar State University | Issabekov Zh.,Pavlodar State University | Novozhilov T.,Omsk State Technical University
2016 2nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing, ICIEAM 2016 - Proceedings | Year: 2017

The method of protection against single phase-to-earth fault of the electric line of two cables based on measurement of current difference of zero-sequence in cables of this line has been developed. For this purpose, a simple method of zero-sequence current simulation in line of two cables, based on the conversion of an electrical network scheme to the design scheme and use of the Electronics Workbench general-circuit simulation system is offered. The paper reveals dependences of these currents and their difference from the location of a point of single phase-to-earth fault and sizes of capacity concerning the earth of all lines of a network except for the studied two-cable and offers schemes for implementation of the protection organization on this method and defined zone of its action. © 2016 IEEE.

Novozhilov A.N.,LLC Kazakhstan Design and Research Institute | Akayev A.M.,Pavlodar State University | Novozhilov T.A.,Omsk State Technical University
2016 2nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing, ICIEAM 2016 - Proceedings | Year: 2017

This paper describes the simulation of currents in the synchronous condenser windings at turn-to-turn fault in the rotor winding, which is used in electrical power systems for compensation of reactive power and maintain the normal voltage level in the areas of concentration of the consumer loads. To this end, we have developed a mathematical equation model with the method of contour currents for line-to-line voltages, which allows simulating a turn-to-turn fault in the rotor winding of synchronous condenser in a stationary mode. To implement this model, mathematical expressions were proposed to determine active resistances and inductance of winding elements of a mathematical model, in which the active resistances and the data for the calculation of inductances of stator and rotor windings are determined experimentally. The offer a description of the experimental unit and equipment used in the experiments, as well as results of current simulation and measurement in the turn-to-turn mode in the stationary mode. Experiments shows that the proposed mathematical model allows determining currents in the rotor windings by closing its turns with an accuracy of 5-10%. © 2016 IEEE.

Ualiyeva R.M.,Lomov Street | Akhmetov K.K.,Pavlodar State University
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2016

The functional and morphological method based on the data of electron microscopy is a broad spectrum of facts that allow researchers to assess and compare the extent and the level of development of certain structures and their role in adaptation to the conditions in the localization organs. This article is devoted to studying epithelial tissues of the Dendrithobilharzia purverulenta dioecious trematodes by means of electron microscopy with involvement of histological techniques for the purpose of determining the overall morphology of helminths. Data has been obtained about the ultrastructure of the tegument layers and the muscular system in bions of both sexes.

Shapauov A.K.,Kokshetau State University | Negimov S.,L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University | Zhusipov N.,Pavlodar State University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

The article deals with a general review of the previously unexplored in the world dramatic art and drama genre of the scenic literature in the context of the drama and theatre of the Turkic nations of the Central Asia and the Volga, the Siberian regions of Russia, the Caucasian in the late XIX - early XX century. On the basis of the specific scenic and literature facts a system research on the Turkic nations' inherent pursuit of mass theatrical performances and festivities was conducted. The scenic literature, drama and dramatic art of the related Turkic nations originate in the folk games and rites, develop, adopting the centuries-old traditions of the scenic literature and the art of the East and the Europe, gain integrity and enter the scene of the world literature and the art. For the first time the issues of handwritten plays are purposively considered, the genre and style types from folklore to theatrical performances, the evolution of interactions and comparisons with the scenic works of the Turkic nations of the Central Asia and the Volga, the Siberian regions of Russia, the Caucasian in the late XIX - early XX centuries are fundamentally investigated.

Kletsel M.,Tomsk Polytechnic University | Mashrapov B.,Pavlodar State University
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny | Year: 2016

Operation algorithm of two parallel lines protection that controls presence of current in their phases has been suggested. Its realizations on microprocessor and semiconducting element bases have been given. It is shown that protection is tuned away only from the unbalance current. Calculation of the value of its cascade action zone is formulated. © 2016,Wydawnictwo SIGMA - N O T Sp. z o.o. All rights reserved.

Volynkin A.,Tomsk State University | Titov S.,Pavlodar State University
Check List | Year: 2016

A little-known species of Lepidoptera, Caradrina monssacralis (Varga & L. Ronkay, 1991), is recorded in Kazakhstan for the first time. This is a westernmost known locality of the species. Adults, male genitalia and the habitat of the species are illustrated. © 2016 Check List and Authors.

Akhmetov K.K.,Pavlodar State University | Chidunchi I.Y.,Pavlodar State University
International Journal of Zoological Research | Year: 2015

The issue of structural organization of muscular elements of a trematodes’ skin-muscular sac is considered in the study. Special attention is paid to an analysis of materials of preceding researches, study of foreign authors and also to additional literature reflecting peculiarities of structure of a trematodes’ body muscular system. The stated issue is insufficiently studied and calls for further researches. A comparative analysis of places of trematodes’ localization, taking into consideration disclosure of presence of special definite elements in them, impeding or weakening a function of a trematodes’ body muscular system, is given. The purpose of the present study is a detailed analysis of the locomotor apparatus peculiarities of the trematodes of particular species. Typical peculiarities of a trematodes’ body muscular system, separate organs and systems are picked out and described by this study. The study comes to a conclusion that the given theme remains unexplored, relevant and requires a detailed scrutiny of features of a body muscular system of definite trematodes’ species. © 2015 Academic Journals Inc.

Zhanat M.,Pavlodar State University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

This article provides the methodology of determining the living standard of the population of a country. By using this methodology one can make a comparative analysis of the standard of living in the territorial scale, i.e., comparing the standards of living in different countries. A comparative analysis of the standard of living in a time interval can also be made, i.e., comparing the standards of living in different times. The methodology of determining the population living standard examines 110 component indices and the 14 derivative indices reached on the basis of indicators characterizing the comprehensive situation of the population. On this basis the generalizing index is determined by the index of the standard of living of the population. Furthermore, in the methodology composed of the values of the final index, the standard of living of the population is divided into the categories of rich, sustainable, poor, and pauper levels.

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