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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Paradigm | Date: 2014-05-20

A truss chord for use in a light steel truss includes a flange portion, a pair of web portions and at least one wing. The flange portion has an end and an end portion. The end portion has a double thickness. The pair of web portions extend substantially orthogonally from the flange portion and are spaced inwardly from the ends of the flange portion. The at least one wing extends outwardly substantially orthogonally from at least one of the pair of web portions. There is provided an alternate embodiment wherein the wing having a plurality of spaced apart holes formed therein. There is also provided a truss web. As well there is a truss which uses the truss chords and truss webs and a truss system which uses a plurality of trusses. In addition there is a mass customization system for the trusses.

A system and method to provide fast charge and discharge of electrical power without wires between two elements configured to have resonant tuned coils and circuits. The coils are energized by a power source that includes super capacitors, fast charging batteries and oscillating power management system.

Paradigm | Date: 2014-03-14

A method and system for computing and visualizing sedimentary attributes may include receiving, by a processor, paleo-geographic coordinates representing predicted approximate positions of particles of sediment deposited at a time period when a layer was originally formed. The processor may numerically compute or determine a sedimentation rate that varies laterally along the layer. The processor may determine a sedimentary attribute based on the lateral variation of the sedimentation rate along the layer with respect to the paleo-geographic coordinates. A monitor or display may display the sedimentary attribute of the layer in the present-day geological space.

Paradigm | Date: 2015-07-31

A process and system for treating wastewater is described. The invention degrades sludge produced by treatment of the wastewater to reduce or eliminate the need for sludge dewatering and disposal. The invention also reduces the amount of nutrient additives required to sustain the aerobic wastewater treatment process. In one embodiment the invention includes the steps of (a) providing an aerobic treatment system receiving a supply of the wastewater; (b) treating a supply of the sludge to rupture microbial cells present therein to produce treated sludge having an increased liquid:solid ratio and an increased degradation potential in comparison to untreated sludge; (c) conveying a supply of the treated sludge to the aerobic treatment system; and (d) substantially degrading the supply of treated sludge in the aerobic treatment system. The treated sludge may optionally be subjected to anaerobic digestion prior to delivery to the aerobic treatment system.

Disclosed is a method, system, and program for providing access to spatial data. A request for data is received. Enterprise and third party data are integrated. The integrated data is processed. Spatially referenced results are generated using the processed data. The spatially referenced results are returned in response to the request.

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