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Dadukou, China

Li Y.-F.,Sichuan University | Zhu S.-F.,Sichuan University | Zhu X.-J.,Panzhihua College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

To obtain a good Cherry preservative, the author prepared acetic acid Chitosan and metal ion complexes with solid-liquid reaction. Besides, the Cherry preservative was prepared by modified Chitosan materials. It was obtained that the optimal concentration of chitosen acetate for fresh cherries is 20g/l by studying effect of different concentrations of preservative on the storage of Cherry and its preservation time was 24 days. It also found that it owned better preservation effect with adding metal ion and Zn compound preservative had the best preservation performance among all experimental ion compound preservation. The experiment results showed that the preservative which prepared by Chitosan had excellence properties of extending Cherries storage periods, lowing the loss of Cherry fruit during storage, slowing the forming of Cherry soluble solids and the decreasing of titratable acid and vitamine C, but also reducing Cherry metabolism. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications. Source

Qin Z.,Chengdu University of Technology | Qin Z.,Panzhihua College | Yang W.,Chengdu University of Technology | Pan P.,Chengdu University of Technology
Guangdian Gongcheng/Opto-Electronic Engineering | Year: 2013

Denoising the high resolution remote sensing images is a difficult problem in the relative research field of remote sensing. A novel algorithm for denoising the high resolution remote sensing images is proposed based on sparse representation. A dictionary which has an efficient description of remote sensing image content is obtained based on K-SVD algorithm according to the characteristics of the added noise of high spatial resolution remote sensing images. Denoising is realized by using sparse representation, and the useful information of the image is kept. The experimental results of the remote sensing images obtained by "the first satellite of high resolution" show that the algorithm can filter out the noise in the image more effectively and improve the PSNR, and this method has better performance than other dictionary learning algorithms and other denoising algorithms. Source

Zou M.,Panzhihua College | Wang Y.,Sichuan University | Chen Y.,Sichuan University | Zhang Y.,Sichuan University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2010

In this paper, the TiO2-based varistor ceramics added different donor additives were prepared and their propreties had been compared. The effects of added methods and added amounts of V2O5 (Nb2O5, or Ta2O5) on the microstructure, dielectric and varistor properties of TiO2 double functional ceramics were investigated. The ceramic phase and the microstructure of the disks were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The frequency dependences of the samples capacitance (C), the dielectric loss (tanδ) were determined on LCR meter, and the varistor voltage V1mA was measured by using FC-2G meter. It is found that the proper amount of V2O5, Nb2O5 or Ta 2O5 additves can promote the growth of the crystal and the formation of the grain boundary layer at a different extent. Meanwhile, the proper addition amount can increases the nonlinear exponent and the dielectric constant, but decreases the breakdown voltage. It can also improve the sintering properties of the samples. © (2010) Trans Tech Publications. Source

Qin Z.,Chengdu University of Technology | Qin Z.,Panzhihua College | Yang W.,Chengdu University of Technology
Journal of Computational Information Systems | Year: 2013

Determining the optimal number of clusters in a dataset is a difficult problem in the relative research field of cluster. To attack this problem effectively, this article proposes the valid index function based on the geometry structure of data set, and unites K-means clustering algorithm together. A method for getting the optimal cluster number in a massive dataset is proposed based on K-means algorithm and cluster quality validity index Q(c). Theoretical analysis and experimental results have verified the effectiveness and good performance of the algorithm. © 2013 Binary Information Press. Source

Feng C.-Y.,Panzhihua College
International Journal of Ophthalmology | Year: 2010

• AIM: To explore the clinical application of fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD OCT) in central serous choroiretinopathy (CSC). • METHODS: Fourty patients 40 eyes diagnosed with CSC by fluorescein fundus angiography (FFA) underwent FD OCT to observe the changes of macula, then they were treated with 532 laser, and FD OCT was traced. • RESULTS: Neurosensory retina or combined with retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) detachment and RPE fracture were observed. The recovery of visual acuity post-laser therapy was consistent with the loss of macular volume. • CONCLUSION: FD OCT could replenish and improve FFA in CSC diagnosis and display a clinical significance for estimated prognosis in CSC post-laser therapy. Source

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