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Liao Q.,Qinzhou University | Gao J.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
Revista de la Facultad de Ingenieria | Year: 2017

Due to factors as long distance transmission, complex and varied transmission environment, teaching video dynamic image transmission signals in Massive Open Online Course become attenuated in various levels. A large number of random, multi-dimensional noise signals and distortion has been generated in teaching video dynamic image(Yao and Yuan,2015). The traditional methods which used in teaching video image denoising are difficult to deal with random, multi-dimensional noise signal by setting dynamic and reasonable thresholdand achieve efficient denoising effect. Since the traditional method the traditional method which used in teaching video image denoisingcan't solve such problems, it is difficult to achieve efficient denoising effect. Therefore, a dynamic image clarification algorithm for teaching video is proposed based on discrete wavelet transform. Firstly, the discrete wavelet transform algorithm is applied to de-noising the teaching video dynamic image of Massive Open Online Course, eliminating the interference to teaching video signal by the external factors of transmission distance and complex environment. And then the method of histogram equalization is used to teaching video dynamic image for enhancement processing in order to achieve the clarification of teaching video dynamic image .Experimental results show that the algorithm can effectively enhance the clarity of teaching video in Massive Open Online Course, transfer and present teaching contents scientifically and efficiently. Therefore, the learning interest and the enthusiasm of learners will be stimulated and the online learning effect will be improved.

Liao Q.,Qinzhou University | Gao J.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
RISTI - Revista Iberica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informacao | Year: 2016

The rapid development of cloud computing and its wide application provide a new design and development of technical concepts and forms of construction for the design and development of support system for university teachers' professional development. How to use the cloud computing environment to provide high-quality resources and services for the professional development of university teachers has become the trend of the professional development of teachers in the information environment. Based on the analysis of the connotation and demand of the professional development of teachers in universities, the author designs and constructs the support system of teachers' professional development under the cloud computing environment by creating an open, flexible and cooperative community of professional development of teachers. By Analyzing and describing the structure design, function module design and practical application, to provide advanced learning mode and high quality resources and services for the professional development of university teachers, to arouse the autonomy, cooperation and constancy development of professional development of university teachers and to promote the dissemination and sharing of knowledge and experience of teachers' professional development.

Ying J.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

The development and application of multimedia technology have penetrated every field of an individual's social life. The application of multimedia technology in the field of education is particularly significant. Research on multimedia teaching is constantly developing. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, a multimedia teaching environment can meet the diverse needs of learners and can thus provide a good support for students' autonomous learning. In this work, the development of autonomous learning theory both domestically and abroad was analyzed, and the influencing factors of autonomous learning were sorted out, including subjective and objective factors. The questionnaire and interview method was used, with a number of higher vocational college students as well as English teachers were selected as the survey objects. The survey was carried out according to the autonomous learning attitude of the students, learning motivation, and influence of multimedia on English learning. The classroom learning situation was understood through interviews with the teachers. Then, the results of the survey were analyzed, and the conclusion was drawn. The results will help students to improve their learning efficiency, which makes the content of learning more targeted. This paper has a certain application value, as it provides a model for the improvement of students' English self-study ability in higher vocational colleges.

Xu X.,Qingdao University of Science and Technology | Xu X.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College | Wang C.,Shenyang University of Chemical Technology
Gaofenzi Cailiao Kexue Yu Gongcheng/Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2016

A DOPO-based trihydroxy alcohol (DTHA) was synthesized through the reaction of 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide (DOPO) and 2,2-dimethylol-l-butanal (DMB), and the spiro orthocarbonate (SOC) was synthesized by transesterification reaction between DTHA and tetraethyl orthocarbonate (TEOC). The structure of SOC was confirmed by FT-IR, 1H-NMR spectra and elemental analysis. The expansion ratio of SOC was determined by dilatometer. The mechanism of ring-opening polymerization was discussed. The flame retardancy of SOC ring-opening products was also measured. The results show that the volume expansion ratio of SOC is 5.21%, when its ring-opening polymerization occurs at 160℃. The LOI of the ring-opening polymerization products is higher than 30%, and the ring-opening products can reach V-0 classification in UL-94 test. © 2016, Editorial Board of Polymer Materials Science & Engineering. All right reserved.

Huang D.,Qinzhou University | Gao J.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
International Journal of Online Engineering | Year: 2015

With the development of pen-based mobile device, on-line signature verification is gradually becoming a kind of important biometrics verification. This thesis proposes a method of verification of on-line handwritten signatures using both Support Vector Data Description (SVM) and Genetic Algorithm (GA). A 27-parameter feature set including shape and dynamic features is extracted from the on-line signatures data. The genuine signatures of each subject are treated as target data to train the SVM classifier. As a kernel based one-class classifier, SVM can accurately describe the feature distribution of the genuine signatures and detect the forgeries. To improving the performance of the authentication method, genetic algorithm (GA) is used to optimise classifier parameters and feature subset selection. Signature data form the SVC2013 database is used to carry out verification experiments. The proposed method can achieve an average Equal Error Rate (EER) of 4.93% of the skill forgery database.

Han Z.-B.,Liaoning University | Xiao Z.-Z.,Liaoning University | Hao M.,Liaoning University | Yuan D.-Q.,CAS Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter | And 4 more authors.
Crystal Growth and Design | Year: 2015

A luminescent metal-organic framework was assembled by using 3,3′-((6-hydroxy-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diyl)bis(azanediyl))dibenzoic acid and Zn(II), which exhibits a 2D layer architecture, and the adjacent layers are further stacked via hydrogen-bonding and N⋯N van der Waals interactions to form a 3D supramolecular framework. This material can be used as fluorescent probe of K+ ion. © 2015 American Chemical Society.

Zhao Z.-M.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College | Li G.-K.,China Oilfield Services Ltd.
Well Testing | Year: 2016

To make the work-over rig align to the wellhead conveniently, quickly, efficiently and accurately in down-hole operation, a new type of omnidirectional mobile carrying device has been developed which is not restricted by well site environment. This tool is mainly composed of fixed frame, central axis, clamping support, sliding roller, reversing shaft, driving motor, explosion-proof switch box, and supporting base. Field application of it realizes that the work-over rig aligns to the wellhead accurately, which improves the efficiency of down-hole operation, reduces the labor intensity of operators, and overcomes the shortcomings of the existing work-over rig due to environmental constraints cannot move their body and could not reach the position of construction. © 2016, The Editorial Department of Well Testing. All right reserved.

Tianzhe G.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College | Kongpeng W.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies | Year: 2014

In this essay, we focus the study on the contents that need to be constructed when integrating financial anagement system with digital campus portal, including integrating with unified portal platform, integrating with unified authentication and authorization platform, and integrating with public databases and exchange platform. According to that, we also design the data exchange processes and public databases, to achieve the goal of the university financial management information. © 2014 WIT Press.

Dong H.,Qinzhou University | Jian G.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
Cybernetics and Information Technologies | Year: 2015

This paper proposes a SVM (Support Vector Machine) parameter selection based on CPSO (Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization), in order to determine the optimal parameters of the support vector machine quickly and efficiently. SVMs are new methods being developed, based on statistical learning theory. Training a SVM can be formulated as a quadratic programming problem. The parameter selection of SVMs must be done before solving the QP (Quadratic Programming) problem. The PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm is applied in the course of SVM parameter selection. Due to the sensitivity and frequency of the initial value of the chaotic motion, the PSO algorithm is also applied to improve the particle swarm optimization, so as to improve the global search ability of the particles. The simulation results show that the improved CPSO can find more easily the global optimum and reduce the number of iterations, which also makes the search for a group of optimal parameters of SVM quicker and more efficient.

Han F.,Daqing Oilfield Co.Exploration Division | Jiang Y.,China National Petroleum Corporation | Ma S.,Panjin Vocational and Technical College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

Because the hard strata and big angle of bedding, deep wells in Daqing Xujiaweizi area well deviate easily. Low efficiency and long drilling cycle are big problems of drilling engineering since small bit weight is used to avoid well deviation. To improve efficiency, Smooth drill collars with high bit weight WOB technology is used in the deep wells in Daqing Xujiaweizi area. Facts prove that penetration rate can be increased more than 20%, bit life can be extended more than 30% and well deviation can be corrected in Daqing Xujiaweizi deep drilling. This paper through analyzes the mechanism of smooth drill collars BHA,then build kinematic model and dynamic mode,so bit side force's Solution formula is worked out,Get the principles and applicability of smooth drill collars with high bit weight WOB technology. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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