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Forest Grove, OR, United States

Pacific University is a private university located in Oregon, United States. The first campus began more than 160 years ago and is located about 38 km west of Portland in Forest Grove. Pacific University has four campuses within Oregon in the cities of Forest Grove, Eugene, Hillsboro and Woodburn.Established as Tualatin Academy in 1849, the school has an enrollment of more than 3,500 students. Founded by the United Church of Christ , the university's motto is Pro Christo et Regno Ejus, which is Latin for "For Christ and His Kingdom." Although the university is no longer formally associated with the UCC, it still maintains a close working relationship with the organization. The university is now a small private, independent liberal arts school, offering graduate programs in education, optometry, writing, health professions and business. Wikipedia.

Underwood N.,Florida State University | Halpern S.L.,Pacific University in Oregon
Ecology | Year: 2012

How insect herbivores affect plant performance is of central importance to basic and applied ecology. A full understanding of herbivore effects on plant performance requires understanding interactions (if any) of herbivore effects with plant density and size because these interactions will be critical for determining how herbivores influence plant population size. However, few studies have considered these interactions, particularly over a wide enough range of densities to detect nonlinear effects. Here we ask whether plant density and herbivores influence plant performance linearly or nonlinearly, how plant density affects herbivore damage, and how herbivores alter density dependence in transitions between plant size classes. In a large field experiment, we manipulated the density of the herbaceous perennial plant Solanum carolinense and herbivore presence in a fully crossed design. We measured plant size, sexual reproduction, and damage to plants in two consecutive years, and asexual reproduction of new stems in the second year, allowing us to characterize both plant performance and rates of transition between plant size classes across years. We found nonlinear effects of plant density on damage. Damage by herbivores and plant density both influenced sexual and asexual reproduction of S. carolinense; these effects were mostly mediated via effects on plant size. Importantly, we found that herbivores altered the pattern of linear density dependence in some transition rates (including survival and asexual reproduction) between plant size classes. These results suggest that understanding the ecological or evolutionary effects of herbivores on plant populations requires consideration of plant density and plant size, because feedbacks between density, herbivores, and plant size may complicate longer-term dynamics. © 2012 by the Ecological Society of America. Source

Alkon A.H.,Pacific University in Oregon
Antipode | Year: 2013

The concept of socio-nature asserts that social relations are inherently ecological and that ecological relations are inherently social. This paper examines how, and with what consequences, discourses and practices of support for local and organic food reflect this idea. It argues that proponents of local organic agriculture view the food they promote as simultaneously social and the product of human labor. However, advocates' understanding of the concept is partial and constrained by social privilege. It does not extend to industrial agriculture or paid farm labor. The literature on socio-nature coheres around the revelation that what is understood as natural is also social and vice versa. In contrast, this paper takes a new approach, examining socio-nature as a practice-shaping discourse already embedded in social life. Investigating the on-the-ground ideological work performed by the concept also allows for assessment of its political consequences. © 2012 The Author. Antipode© 2012 Antipode Foundation Ltd. Source

Elliott W.J.,Pacific University in Oregon
Journal of the American Society of Hypertension | Year: 2015

A systematic review identified 86 outcome-based clinical trials involving perindopril, amlodipine, or other antihypertensive drugs. In fixed-effects meta-analyses of 11 clinical trials (90,208 subjects), amlodipine was associated with a significant 24% increase in heart failure, but a significant decrease in death, cardiovascular death, stroke, coronary heart disease, and first major cardiovascular adverse event. In five clinical trials (52,565 subjects), perindopril was associated with a significant reduction in all six cardiovascular endpoints. Network and Bayesian meta-analyses suggested that (with the exception of amlodipine and heart failure), each agent was at least as effective as an initial diuretic to prevent these events. Short-term trials have demonstrated that the combination of perindopril and amlodipine is safe and effective, with statistically greater lowering of blood pressure than either agent alone and a potential synergistic effect on pedal edema. The single-pill combination of perindopril and amlodipine may be a useful addition to the antihypertensive armamentarium. © 2015 American Society of Hypertension. Source

Goodwin D.,Pacific University in Oregon
Clinical Ophthalmology | Year: 2014

Stroke is the most common cause of homonymous hemianopia (HH) in adults, followed by trauma and tumors. Associated signs and symptoms, as well as visual field characteristics such as location and congruity, can help determine the location of the causative brain lesion. HH can have a significant effect on quality of life, including problems with driving, reading, or navigation. This can result in decreased independence, inability to enjoy leisure activities, and injuries. Understanding these restrictions, as well as the management options, can aid in making the best use of remaining vision. Treatment options include prismatic correction to expand the remaining visual field, compensatory training to improve visual search abilities, and vision restoration therapy to improve the vision itself. Spontaneous recovery can occur within the first months. However, because spontaneous recovery does not always occur, methods of reducing visual disability play an important role in the rehabilitation of patients with HH. © 2014 Goodwin. Source

Reisch R.A.,Pacific University in Oregon
Developing World Bioethics | Year: 2011

Inequities in global health are increasingly of interest to health care providers in developed countries. In response, many academic healthcare programs have begun to offer international service learning programs. Participants in these programs are motivated by ethical principles, but this type of work presents significant ethical challenges, and no formalized ethical guidelines for these activities exist. In this paper the ethical issues presented by international service learning programs are described and recommendations are made for how academic healthcare programs can carry out international service learning programs in a way that minimizes ethical conflicts and maximizes benefits for all stakeholders. Issues related to project sustainability and community involvement are emphasized. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Source

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