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Pace University is a private university in the New York metropolitan area with campuses in New York City and Westchester County, New York. Wikipedia.

Bonanno G.A.,Columbia University | Westphal M.,Columbia University | Mancini A.D.,Pace University
Annual Review of Clinical Psychology | Year: 2011

Initial research on loss and potentially traumatic events (PTEs) has been dominated by either a psychopathological approach emphasizing individual dysfunction or an event approach emphasizing average differences between exposed and nonexposed groups. We consider the limitations of these approaches and review more recent research that has focused on the heterogeneity of outcomes following aversive events. Using both traditional analytic tools and sophisticated latent trajectory modeling, this research has identified a set of prototypical outcome patterns. Typically, the most common outcome following PTEs is a stable trajectory of healthy functioning or resilience. We review research showing that resilience is not the result of a few dominant factors, but rather that there are multiple independent predictors of resilient outcomes. Finally, we critically evaluate the question of whether resilience-building interventions can actually make people more resilient, and we close with suggestions for future research on resilience. Copyright © 2011 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved. Source

Rafferty Y.,Pace University
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry | Year: 2013

Child trafficking, including commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal activities in the world. The global enslavement of children affects countless numbers of victims who are trafficked within their home countries or transported away from their homes and treated as commodities to be bought, sold, and resold for labor or sexual exploitation. All over the world, girls are particularly likely to be trafficked into the sex trade: Girls and women constitute 98% of those who are trafficked for CSE. Health and safety standards in exploitative settings are generally extremely low, and the degree of experienced violence has been linked with adverse physical, psychological, and social-emotional development. The human-rights-based approach to child trafficking provides a comprehensive conceptual framework whereby victim-focused and law enforcement responses can be developed, implemented, and evaluated. This article highlights promising policies and programs designed to prevent child trafficking and CSE by combating demand for sex with children, reducing supply, and strengthening communities. The literature reviewed includes academic publications as well as international and governmental and nongovernmental reports. Implications for social policy and future research are presented. © 2013 American Orthopsychiatric Association. Source

Collica-Cox K.,Pace University
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology | Year: 2014

Involvement in prosocial prison activities can ameliorate rule-breaking conduct and assist in the reinforcement of conventional behavior. Extant research shows a connection between participation in traditional educational/vocational programs and reduced prison infractions. However, studies that examine a correlation between less traditional prison programs and better institutional conduct are lacking. This study analyzed rates of disciplinary infractions among 49 female prisoners that worked in two HIV prison-based peer programs (AIDS, Counseling, and Education [ACE] and CARE [Counseling, AIDS, Resource, and Education]) as peer educators during their incarceration. These women were unlikely to jeopardize their position by engaging in unlawful or deviant behaviors. Results showed that working in programs like ACE/ CARE prevented periods of maladjustment and subsequent disciplinary infractions during incarceration. © The Author(s) 2013. Source

Grahame T.J.,000 Independence Avenue | Schlesinger R.B.,Pace University
Particle and Fibre Toxicology | Year: 2012

Particulate matter (PM) pollution is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, the majority due to cardiovascular disease (CVD). While many potential pathophysiological mechanisms have been proposed, there is not yet a consensus as to which are most important in causing pollution-related morbidity/mortality. Nor is there consensus regarding which specific types of PM are most likely to affect public health in this regard. One toxicological mechanism linking exposure to airborne PM with CVD outcomes is oxidative stress, a contributor to the development of CVD risk factors including atherosclerosis. Recent work suggests that accelerated shortening of telomeres and, thus, early senescence of cells may be an important pathway by which oxidative stress may accelerate biological aging and the resultant development of age-related morbidity. This pathway may explain a significant proportion of PM-related adverse health outcomes, since shortened telomeres accelerate the progression of many diseases. There is limited but consistent evidence that vehicular emissions produce oxidative stress in humans. Given that oxidative stress is associated with accelerated erosion of telomeres, and that shortened telomeres are linked with acceleration of biological ageing and greater incidence of various age-related pathology, including CVD, it is hypothesized that associations noted between certain pollution types and sources and oxidative stress may reflect a mechanism by which these pollutants result in CVD-related morbidity and mortality, namely accelerated aging via enhanced erosion of telomeres. This paper reviews the literature providing links among oxidative stress, accelerated erosion of telomeres, CVD, and specific sources and types of air pollutants. If certain PM species/sources might be responsible for adverse health outcomes via the proposed mechanism, perhaps the pathway to reducing mortality/morbidity from PM would become clearer. Not only would pollution reduction imperatives be more focused, but interventions which could reduce oxidative stress would become all the more important. © 2012 Grahame and Schlesinger; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Source

Mojica E.-R.E.,Pace University
Journal of Molecular Modeling | Year: 2013

Different computational models were used and screened to find a rational way in selecting the appropriate functional silane monomer for the best molecular imprinted xerogel (MIX) formulation. Several functional silane monomers were used and allowed to react with a template model, tetracycline (TC). The resulting template-monomer complex molecules were first optimized and their interaction energies (IEs) were calculated using different computational methods such as semi-empirical methods, ab-initio methods, density functional theory (DFT) methods and solvent model method. The formulations used for calculation were also prepared and their performance in binding with TC was determined using tritium labeled sample. Results showed that the rankings of the different formulations varied with the different computational methods. However, rankings of the IEs of the xerogels are similar to that of the imprinting factor (IF) when HF and B3LYP at SV(P) and SVP basis set levels were used. The best imprinted xerogel, allyltriethoxysilane (AtEOS) ranked first in ten out of the 26 computational models that were screened and at all computational methods at tetramer system. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Source

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