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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Alphey L.,Oxitec Ltd | Alphey L.,University of Oxford
Annual Review of Entomology | Year: 2014

Genetics can potentially provide new, species-specific, environmentally friendly methods for mosquito control. Genetic control strategies aim either to suppress target populations or to introduce a harm-reducing novel trait. Different approaches differ considerably in their properties, especially between self-limiting strategies, where the modification has limited persistence, and self-sustaining strategies, which are intended to persist indefinitely in the target population and may invade other populations. Several methods with different molecular biology are under development and the first field trials have been completed successfully. © Copyright ©2014 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved. Source

Oxitec Ltd | Date: 2014-09-19

There is provided an apparatus for sorting arthropod larvae and pupae and in particular, although not necessarily, to sorting arthropod pupae on the basis of size, especially in mosquitoes. The apparatus comprises two parallel bars (

The present invention is directed to the use of the strand displacement activity of a modified polymerase. The present invention is more specifically directed to a modified Taq DNA polymerase, which exhibits strand displacement activity, whereas the native polymerase does not possess the strand displacement activity.

Oxitec Ltd | Date: 2015-08-28

A gene expression system is provided. The system comprises at least one coding sequence to be expressed in an organism, and at least one promoter operably linked thereto. It further comprises at least one splice control sequence which, in cooperation with a spliceosome, mediates alternative splicing of RNA transcripts of the coding sequence. The mediation of alternative splicing is in a sex-specific, stage-specific, germline-specific and tissue-specific manner.

Oxitec Ltd | Date: 2013-03-05

Provided is an arthropod male germline gene expression system suitable for conditional expression of an effector gene in an Arthropod male germline. The system comprises a first expression unit comprising an effector gene and a promoter therefor operably linked thereto; and a second expression unit. Said second unit comprises a coding sequence for a transcription factor and an upstream regulatory element operably linked thereto, the transcription factor being capable of acting upon the promoter in the first expression unit to drive expression of the effector gene. The upstream regulatory element includes a promoter for the transcription factor; and a 5 UTR adjacent a start site for the transcription factor coding sequence. The upstream regulatory element driving sufficient expression of the transcription factor such that the transcription factor protein in turn drives transcription of the effector gene before meiosis. Also provided are uses of the system for instance in methods of biocontrol and quality control.

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