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Cambridge, United Kingdom

OWLSTONE Ltd | Date: 2012-11-16

A corona discharge ionizer device which emits ions generated by corona discharge to a gas flow to be ionized includes a discharge electrode having a pin configured tip portion. A second grid electrode positioned at a spaced distance from the discharge electrode is provided. The grid electrode is preferably formed from a sheet configured material which has at least one hole formed therein adapted and configured to permit the gas flow to pass therethrough. A power supply is coupled to the discharge electrode and grid electrode configured cause ion emission from the discharge electrode. The power supply is preferably an alternating current power supply configured to produce an alternating electric field region in close proximity to the tip portion of the discharge electrode sufficient to cause avalanche breakdown in the gas flowing in close proximity to the tip portion of the discharge electrode.

An ion mobility gas detector apparatus including a detector core, an inlet gas path, an exhaust gas path, a source of diluent gas, and at least one or more sensors for measuring temperature, pressure and humidity of gas streams. Further included is a mixing mechanism adapted to mix at least first and second gas streams in response to one or more sensor measurements. A controller is provided for applying drive signals to the detector core.

Owlstone Inc. and Owlstone Nanotech | Date: 2011-03-22

Gas analyzer and portable chemical detection and sensor systems, namely, spectrometers programmed for both alerts and sample analysis of chemicals.

Owlstone Ltd. | Date: 2010-05-06

An ion mobility spectrometer is described having an ion filter in the form of at least one ion channel having a plurality of electrodes. A time-varying electric potential applied to the conductive layers allows the filler to selectively admit ion species. The electric potential has a drive and a transverse component, and in preferred embodiments each of the electrodes is involved in generating a component of both the drive and transverse fields. The device may be used without a drift gas flow. Microfabrication techniques are described for producing microscale spectrometers, as are various uses of the spectrometer.

Owlstone Ltd | Date: 2015-10-08

An ion filter and a method of manufacturing an ion filter. The method including providing a monolithic structure; selectively removing regions of the structure, to form a pair of electrodes defining at least one ion channel therebetween. The electrodes are preferably mechanically connected at one or more locations by a portion of the structure; wherein the connecting portion of the structure provides a higher electrical impedance than the filter would provide without such a mechanical connection, to thereby electrically separate the electrodes.

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