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Fifth Street, TX, United States

Our Lady of the Lake University is an independent Catholic, co-ed university located in San Antonio, Texas, United States. It was founded in 1895 by the Sisters of Divine Providence, a religious institute originating in Lorraine, France, during the 18th century. The Texas chapter of the institute still sponsors the university. Our Lady of the Lake University was the first San Antonio institution of higher education to receive regional accreditation, and its Worden School of Social Service is the oldest school of Social Work in Texas. Wikipedia.

Sniderman A.D.,McGill University | Williams K.,University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio | Monroe H.M.,Our Lady of the Lake University | McQueen M.J.,McMaster University | And 2 more authors.
Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes | Year: 2011

Background: Whether apolipoprotein B (apoB) or non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) adds to the predictive power of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) for cardiovascular risk remains controversialMethods and Results: This meta-analysis is based on all the published epidemiological studies that contained estimates of the relative risks of non-HDL-C and apoB of fatal or nonfatal ischemic cardiovascular eventsTwelve independent reports, including 233 455 subjects and 22 950 events, were analyzedAll published risk estimates were converted to standardized relative risk ratios (RRRs) and analyzed by quantitative meta-analysis using a random-effects modelWhether analyzed individually or in head-to-head comparisons, apoB was the most potent marker of cardiovascular risk (RRR, 1.43; 95% CI, 1.35 to 1.51), LDL-C was the least (RRR, 1.25; 95% CI, 1.18 to 1.33), and non-HDL-C was intermediate (RRR, 1.34; 95% CI, 1.24 to 1.44)The overall comparisons of the within-study differences showed that apoB RRR was 5.7%>non-HDL-C (P<0.001) and 12.0%-LDL-C (P<0.0001) and that non-HDL-C RRR was 5.0%>LDL-C (P<0.017)Only HDL-C accounted for any substantial portion of the variance of the results among the studiesWe calculated the number of clinical events prevented by a high-risk treatment regimen of all those >70th percentile of the US adult population using each of the 3 markersOver a 10-year period, a non-HDL-C strategy would prevent 300 000 more events than an LDL-C strategy, whereas an apoB strategy would prevent 500 000 more events than a non-HDL-C strategyConclusions: These results further validate the value of apoB in clinical care. © 2011 American Heart Association, Inc.

Narayana S.,University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio | Fox P.T.,University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio | Fox P.T.,South Texas Veterans Administration Medical Center | Zhang W.,University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio | And 6 more authors.
Human Brain Mapping | Year: 2010

LSVTV® LOUD (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) is efficacious in the treatment of speech disorders in idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD), particularly hypophonia. Functional imaging in patients with IPD has shown abnormalities in several speech regions and changes in these areas immediately following treatment. This study serves to extend the analysis by correlating changes of regional neural activity with the main behavioral change following treatment, namely, increased vocal intensity. Ten IPD participants with hypophonia were studied before and after LSVT LOUD. Cerebral blood flow during rest and reading conditions were measured by H2 15O- positron emission tomography. Z-score images were generated by contrasting reading with rest conditions for pre- and post-LSVT LOUD sessions. Neuronal activity during reading in the pre- versus post-LSVT LOUD contrast was correlated with corresponding change in vocal intensity to generate correlation images. Behaviorally, vocal intensity for speech tasks increased significantly after LSVT LOUD. The contrast and correlation analyses indicate a treatment-dependent shift to the right hemisphere with modification in the speech motor regions as well as in prefrontal and temporal areas. We interpret the modification of activity in these regions to be a top-down effect of LSVT LOUD. The absence of an effect of LSVT LOUD on the basal ganglion supports this argument. Our findings indicate that the therapeutic effect of LSVT LOUD in IPD hypophonia results from a shift in cortical activity to the right hemisphere. These findings demonstrate that the short-term changes in the speech motor and multimodal integration areas can occur in a top-down manner. © 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Mohammed D.,Our Lady of the Lake University
Information Security Journal | Year: 2011

In the emerging computing paradigm known as cloud computing, there are significant issues that need to be addressed in order for cloud computing to be adopted as universally as the Internet. Among these issues, the societal and technological issues around security for cloud computing are some of the most important and will act as both drivers and constraints for mass adoption of cloud computing. The goal of cloud computing is to share data and services transparently among users of a massive grid referred to generically as "the cloud." The promise of the cloud is in achieving significant cost savings and information technology agility. This paper examines some of the more important key drivers and constraints for secure cloud computing from a societal and technological perspective. The societal issues addressed involved trust, privacy, and user behavior and how security affects these factors. The technological issues include scalability, reliability, encryption, data rights, and transparency. Transparency is a constraint for cloud computing today, and a case can be made that this is one of the most important issues needing resolution before corporations will move their computing infrastructure to the cloud. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Montoya J.A.,Our Lady of the Lake University | Wittenburg D.,University of Texas at El Paso | Martinez V.,University of Idaho
American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse | Year: 2016

Background: The trend of alcohol use among college students has been shown to vary by ethnicity and has been linked to acculturation among Hispanics. Consistent findings indicate that males consume alcohol more frequently and in greater quantities compared to females. Objectives: This study investigated the drinking habits of Hispanic college students living in the border region of South Texas. The study evaluated the influence of acculturation on alcohol consumption among Hispanic males and females. Methods: Two hundred and ninety-six Hispanic students participated in this study. The participants reported their drinking behaviors over the past 30 days and completed a measure of acculturation. Results: Fifty-nine percent of the participants reported consuming alcohol in the past 30 days with more males than females reporting alcohol consumption. Logistic regression analysis indicated that age and gender, and not acculturation or enculturation, predicted drinking in the last 30 days. Among drinkers, the regression analyses indicated that gender and lower levels of Anglo orientation were linked to increased alcohol consumption, suggesting that Hispanics who were less oriented toward the Anglo culture consumed more alcohol than those more oriented toward the Anglo culture. Among drinkers, males and females did not differ in frequency or binge drinking, but males consumed more alcohol than females. Conclusion: Previous research indicates that greater acculturation is linked to greater consumption of alcohol; however, we found it to be associated with less consumption. The findings regarding gender represent some consistencies with previous research but there are some inconsistencies as well. These results suggest that less acculturated Hispanic male college students residing in the border region may be at a higher risk of alcohol abuse than Hispanic female students and more acculturated male students. © 2016 Taylor & Francis

Kenney J.L.,University of Texas Medical Branch | Volk S.M.,University of Texas Medical Branch | Volk S.M.,Our Lady of the Lake University | Pandya J.,University of Texas Medical Branch | And 3 more authors.
Vaccine | Year: 2011

The greatest risk from live-attenuated vaccines is reversion to virulence. Particular concerns arise for RNA viruses, which exhibit high mutation frequencies. We examined the stability of 3 attenuation strategies for the alphavirus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV): a traditional, point mutation-dependent attenuation approach exemplified by TC-83; a rationally designed, targeted-mutation approach represented by V3526; and a chimeric vaccine, SIN/TC/ZPC. Our findings suggest that the chimeric strain combines the initial attenuation of TC-83 with the greater phenotypic stability of V3526, highlighting the importance of the both initial attenuation and stability for live-attenuated vaccines. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

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