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Otemon Gakuin University is a private university at Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan, founded in 1966. Wikipedia.

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Nakao T.,Hiroshima University | Matsumoto T.,Hiroshima University | Morita M.,Hiroshima University | Shimizu D.,Hiroshima University | And 5 more authors.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience | Year: 2013

Early life stress (ELS), an important risk factor for psychopathology in mental disorders, is associated neuronally with decreased functional connectivity within the default mode network (DMN) in the resting state. Moreover, it is linked with greater deactivation in DMN during a working memory task. Although DMN shows large amplitudes of very-low-frequency oscillations (VLFO) and strong involvement during self-oriented tasks, these features' relation to ELS remains unclear. Therefore, our preliminary study investigated the relationship between ELS and the degree of frontal activations during a resting state and self-oriented task using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). From 22 healthy participants, regional hemodynamic changes in 43 front-temporal channels were recorded during 5 min resting states, and execution of a self-oriented task (color-preference judgment) and a control task (color-similarity judgment). Using a child abuse and trauma scale (CATS), ELS was quantified. We observed that ELS showed a negative correlation with medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) activation during both resting state and color-preference judgment. In contrast, no significant correlation was found between ELS and MPFC activation during color-similarity judgment. Additionally, we observed that ELS and the MPFC activation during color-preference judgment were associated behaviorally with the rate of similar color choice in preference judgment, which suggests that, for participants with higher ELS, decisions in the color-preference judgment were based on an external criterion (color similarity) rather than an internal criterion (subjective preference). Taken together, our neuronal and behavioral findings show that high ELS is related to lower MPFC activation during both rest and self-oriented tasks. This is behaviorally manifest in an abnormal shift from internally to externally guided decision-making, even under circumstances where internal guidance is required. © 2013 Nakao, Matsumoto, Morita, Shimizu, Yoshimura, Northoff, Morinobu, Okamoto and Yamawaki.

Cui Y.,Otemon Gakuin University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2015

With the establishment of highly advanced and sophisticated iSC, enterprises are able to improve their competitiveness, and meanwhile, effortlessly overcome the issues which cannot be resolved under the traditional supply chain operation. When we intensely show our concern to the construction of iSC, the fragility of supply chain caused by continuous pursue of high efficiency cannot be neglected. Resilience resembles to the immune system of supply chain, the more we pay attention to it, the more robust and stable the supply chain is. Henceforth, through the synergy effect of the acquired experience during the enhancement of resilience and the accumulation of information and network technology which progresses during the establishment of supply chain, operation of supply chain will turn out to be more simple and secure. Meanwhile, improvement of customer satisfaction degree will also benefit from it. In this paper, we propose a relationship model that is utilized to define the mechanism of improving Supply Chain Resilience with employment of IoT. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2015.

Tochio Y.,Otemon Gakuin University
Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses | Year: 2012

In the main discourse, the problems are examined that an enterprise would like to employ new graduates rather than experienced persons. After reviewing general aspects of researches in labor economics, a new frame is presented about this problem.

Umemura O.,Otemon Gakuin University
Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses | Year: 2012

The purpose of this paper is to measure the appeal power of a "customer psychology type copy", and to clarify the effect of the copy on consumers. Especially, how much is the difference in the appeal power between a "murmured type copy" and an "inner speech type copy"? The author posted the "customer psychology type copy" throughout the university. And the author built the mechanism by which school staffs and students could respond to a copy through a QR Code. As a result, all the 82 responses to the "customer psychology type copy" were "inner speech type copy". In other words, significant appeal power of a "murmured type copy" was not found out at all. © 2012 Jpn.Res.Assn.Text.End-Uses.

Kinugasa T.,Otemon Gakuin University
Studies in Regional Science | Year: 2014

In this paper, we developed a pilot model of the public service production structure of the local government in Japan. “The productivity analysis of the local government in Japan;a production function approach” was previously published by Kinugasa (the Otemon Economic Bulletin, 45(2), pp. 34-53, 2011). In the previous manuscript (Kinugasa 2011), the Cobb-Douglas type production function and the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) were estimated to measure the productivity of local governments in Japan. As the next step, we estimate the multi-output production function. Two major purposes supplied by local governments such as cities, towns and villages are defined. The first purpose is “municipal income distribution” and the second is “population growth rate”. In local governments, there are various types of public services, for example, elementary and secondary education, welfare of persons with disabilities, welfare of the aged, medical services, firefighting, etc. The various public services for citizens must be integrated to estimate the production function of local governments. However, these services are difficult to integrate. We adopted “municipal income distribution” as one integrated indicator that is the consequence of monetary oriented public services by local governments. This indicator is based on the former report by Kinugasa (2011). Another indicator, “population growth rate” we adopted is not precisely “output of public services”, but is defined as “the result of improvement in the welfare of public services in every local government”. Many people migrate from one region to other region based on comparison of the welfare of public services. Non-monetary oriented public services by local governments are integrated as an indicator of “population growth rate”. From the estimated results and consideration of conditions, the multi-output production function of local governments we propose provides a reasonable result. © 2014, Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International. All Rights Reserved.

Nakano N.,Otemon Gakuin University
International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control | Year: 2011

Recently, an agent-based problem has been attracting much attention in various fields, for instance marketing research as well as economic and social sciences. Though many researchers treat this problem, learning effects of agents cannot be disregarded because most agents (perwons,) often change their action rule according to circumstances. In this paper we deal with an agent-based problem including Q-learning algorithm, which is one of reinforcement learning methods. In this study, we employ two kinds of agents, followers and pioneerw, and design their characters by using Q values. Agents rJcirJ their ottiturJs by ones which nighhor ognts show, nm] thri Q ?Yn1?IFS nr updated. Simulation studies show that the results of agent-based simulations are affected by action rules of agents and the initial attitudes of agents. © 2011 ISSN.

Two new gnaphosid species of the genera Drassyllus and Hitobia are described from Amami- oshima Island, southwest Japan under the names of Drasyllus amamiensis and Hitobia makotoi. D. amamiensis'ss distinguished from D. biglobus Paik 1986 by the anterior epigynal magn shghtly swollen inward in antero-lateral parts. H makotoi is separated from H umfacigera (Bösenberg & Strand 1906) by the epigynum without posterior profusion. © Arachnological Society of Japan.

Ishida A.,Otemon Gakuin University
Journal of Mathematical Physics | Year: 2014

We study multidimensional inverse scattering for Hamiltonians with repulsive potentials. Assuming short-range conditions for the interaction potential, the high velocity limit of the scattering operator determines uniquely the short-range part, using the Enss-Weder time-dependent method (1995). This work improves on a previous result obtained by Nicoleau (2006). We can allow interaction potentials to have not only slower decays but also Coulomb-like singularities. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

Kamura T.,Otemon Gakuin University
Acta Arachnologica | Year: 2010

A new gnaphosid species is described from Taiwan under the name of Zelotes nishikawai. This species is distinguished from Z. iriomotensis Kamura 1994 by male palpal structure in which expanded embolar base is situated more prolaterally and widely covering subtegulum, and female epigynum with median plate wider in posterior part.

PubMed | Otemon Gakuin University
Type: | Journal: Frontiers in psychology | Year: 2017

Two apparently contrasting theories have been proposed to account for the development of childrens theory of mind (ToM): theory-theory and simulation theory. We present a Bayesian framework that rationally integrates both theories for false belief reasoning. This framework exploits two internal models for predicting the belief states of others: one of self and one of others. These internal models are responsible for simulation-based and theory-based reasoning, respectively. The framework further takes into account empirical studies of a developmental ToM scale (e.g., Wellman and Liu, 2004): developmental progressions of various mental state understandings leading up to false belief understanding. By representing the internal models and their interactions as a causal Bayesian network, we formalize the model of childrens false belief reasoning as probabilistic computations on the Bayesian network. This model probabilistically weighs and combines the two internal models and predicts childrens false belief ability as a multiplicative effect of their early-developed abilities to understand the mental concepts of diverse beliefs and knowledge access. Specifically, the model predicts that childrens proportion of correct responses on a false belief task can be closely approximated as the product of their proportions correct on the diverse belief and knowledge access tasks. To validate this prediction, we illustrate that our model provides good fits to a variety of ToM scale data for preschool children. We discuss the implications and extensions of our model for a deeper understanding of developmental progressions of childrens ToM abilities.

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