Ostfold University College

Halden, Norway

Østfold University College is a further and higher education institution in south-eastern Norway. It has campuses in Fredrikstad and Halden. Enrollment is approximately 4,000 students as of 2010; and 480 staff. The school is one of 24 public university colleges in Norway, and is a result of five public colleges in Halden, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad which were joined together as a part of the University College Reform of 1994.The school offers over 60 fields of study, ranging from Associate's Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, and some Doctorates. Wikipedia.

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Hansen G.V.,Ostfold University College
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation | Year: 2017

This article presents some of the results from an evaluation of the program Fathers in Prison, created for convicted fathers in Norway. The evaluation is based on interviews with participants at the start and end of the program, and at about six months after completion. The survey shows that participants became more concerned with their role as a father and felt that it conflicted with criminal activity. The program therefore appeared, in isolation, to change participants’ attitudes, but a lack of follow-up after conclusion appeared to weaken its effect. © 2017 Taylor & Francis.

Holone H.,Ostfold University College | Herstad J.,University of Oslo
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings | Year: 2013

One ideal of Participatory Design (PD) is active involvement by all stakeholders as co-esigners. However, when PD is applied to real projects, certain compromises are unavoidable, no matter what stakeholders are involved. With this paper we want to shed light on some of the challenges in implementing "true" PD in the case of designing with children, in particular children with severe disabilities. We do this work to better understand challenges in an ongoing project, RHYME, and by doing so we hope to provide insight and inspiration for others. Copyright 2013 ACM.

Borgersen T.-A.,Ostfold University College
International Journal of Housing Policy | Year: 2016

This paper highlights the knife-edge distinction between stable and instable relations between housing and mortgage markets. Housing appreciations and mortgage growth are related to housing market fundamentals and the interrelation between house prices and mortgage supply. These are again linked to debt-servicing ability and collateral, the two main components of a mortgagee's lending policy. The equilibrium relation between housing and mortgage markets is, while stable in scenarios where debt-servicing dominates, instable when collateral dominates the relation. The knife-edge that separates the regimes is a critical rate of appreciation and the accompanying critical leverage gain. Highlighting the knife-edge that separates these two well-known regimes, we provide a non-technical framework where conventional credit-risk assessments provide a rationale for macro-prudential policy. © 2015 Taylor & Francis.

Hutchinson J.,Lancaster University | Whittle J.,Lancaster University | Rouncefield M.,Lancaster University | Kristoffersen S.,Ostfold University College
Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering | Year: 2011

This paper presents some initial results from a twelve-month empirical research study of model driven engineering (MDE). Using largely qualitative questionnaire and interview methods we investigate and document a range of technical, organizational and social factors that apparently influence organizational responses to MDE: specifically, its perception as a successful or unsuccessful organizational intervention. We then outline a range of lessons learned. Whilst, as with all qualitative research, these lessons should be interpreted with care, they should also be seen as providing a greater understanding of MDE practice in industry, as well as shedding light on the varied, and occasionally surprising, social, technical and organizational factors that affect success and failure. We conclude by suggesting how the next phase of the research will attempt to investigate some of these issues from a different angle and in greater depth. © 2011 ACM.

Wang L.,Ostfold University College
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America | Year: 2010

A set of critical conditions for the characteristic caustic points in the phonon focusing patterns in tetragonal crystals is formulated. A caustic line segment in the focusing pattern is generally associated with either a fold or a cusp on the wave surface. Most of the caustic lines are symmetrical with respect to the principal symmetry plane and can be characterized by the caustic points at the centers of the caustic lines. These characteristic caustic points originated from inflection/parabolic points with zero in-plane/ex-plane curvature, respectively. By employing the Stroh formalism, the inflection/parabolic points on the slowness surface are studied in terms of the so-called zero-curvature transonic states. Since these transonic states are related to extraordinary degeneracies in the Stroh eigenvalue equation, the conditions for the degeneracies can be regarded as critical conditions for the characteristic caustic points. These conditions provide an overview of global structure of the phonon focusing patterns in tetragonal crystals. A set of caustic lines in vicinity of (001) plane is also investigated and exemplified. © 2010 Acoustical Society of America.

Stigberg S.K.,Ostfold University College
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2016

Designing for mobile interactions is a difficult task. Designers must understand the multifaceted nature of the mobile context and require an overview of interaction techniques feasible for that context. We propose gadgile probing as a technique to support the design for mobile interactions. Introducing "off-the-shelf" technology in the inquiry phase enables designers to explore not only what is but also what could be early in the process. We present an example from running and biking. Our findings demonstrate that gadgile probing can complement contextual inquiries providing a good understanding of the context, listing needs and desires of participants, evaluating alternative interaction techniques, and inspiring designers and users to ideate about future technologies. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.

Wang L.,Ostfold University College
Wave Motion | Year: 2012

The existence of one-component surface waves requires a degeneracy in the Stroh sextic equation. An extraordinary zero-curvature transonic state, a point on the slowness surface where both the curvature and its first derivative equal zero, will yield a triple degeneracy in the Stroh equation. Relationship between extraordinary zero-curvature transonic states and one-component surface waves is investigated showing that they are linked via a space of degeneracy associated with the Stroh equation. Moreover, some generalized subsonic surface waves containing generalized Stroh eigenvectors are also found along the space of degeneracy. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Holone H.,Ostfold University College
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2012

Social Media has great promise for facilitation of inclusion and participation for all. With this Special Topic Session, we wanted to address two perspectives on social media and inclusion: accessibility to social media on various device configurations, and inclusion through use of and engagement in social media. The papers in this STS falls into two broad categories. Three of four papers mostly look at the accessibility of social media, either with design guidelines, methodological considerations or surveys as central contributions. The fourth paper looks more closely at a case where computers and multimedia is used rehabilitation studies. This introduction provides a short introduction to social media and technology development, the scope of the STS, and a summary of the included papers. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

Skaerbaek E.,Ostfold University College
Journal of Interprofessional Care | Year: 2010

The title refers to Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale "The Emperor's New Clothes". It indicates how hierarchies of power dominate what we see and how we act in short, our ethical interaction. The author considers collaboration to be a prerequisite for improving quality in the arenas of health and social work, in persons as well as systems. She argues that a radical change in the direction of understanding knowledge and competence as co-creational is required. This again calls for a redefinition not only of the role of professions, of what it takes to be a professional, but also of the role of the user. Consequently, the author's approach challenges the institutional framework of health and social work, as well as the content and methodology of teaching. © 2010 Informa UK Ltd.

Lokketangen A.,Ostfold University College | Olsson R.,Ostfold University College
Journal of Heuristics | Year: 2010

Local Search based meta-heuristic methods for finding good solutions to hard combinatorial optimization problems have attained a lot of success, and a plethora of methods exist, each with its own successes, and also with its own parameter settings and other method-specific details. At the same time, experience is needed to implement highly competitive code, and some of the experience applied is not easy to quantify. ADATE is a system to automatically generate code based on a set of input-output specifications, and can work in vastly different domains. It generates code in a subset of the programming language ML and works by searching for transformations of purely functional ML programs. Code automatically generated by the ADATE system compares with state-of-the-art handcrafted meta-heuristic optimization code. In particular, the programs generated by ADATE target the move selection part of BOOP-Boolean Optimization Problems. The baseline is a highly successful Tabu Search implementation. Comparisons are made for versions running for a limited number of iterations, being suitable for applications needing a short response time. The computational results show that the ADATE system is able to generate highly competitive code that produces more optimal solutions to hard BOOP instances within given iteration limits than the previously published Tabu Search implementation. The automatically generated code also gives new insights into the general design of meta-heuristic mechanisms, and contains novel search mechanisms. © 2009 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

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