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Beverly Cove, MA, United States

OSRAM Sylvania Inc. | Date: 2015-04-08

Circuits to provide phase-cut analog dimming of solid state light sources are presented. Each circuit comprises an anchoring circuit to communicate with a dimming controller circuit, the anchoring circuit having a proportional direct current (DC) voltage input, a biasing voltage input, a connection to a ground reference, and an output in communication with a dimming controller circuit. The anchoring circuit provides a reference voltage to permit phase cut dimming to be operable at a plurality of line voltages.

OSRAM Sylvania Inc. | Date: 2015-08-26

An illumination optical system with a tunable beam angle (IOSTBA) is presented to achieve different beam angles without changing parts. The IOSTBA includes a light source and a post having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end in optical communication with the light source, an internal area of the post having a reflective surface. Also shown is a diffuser disposed across the end of the post, the diffuser in optical communication with the post and a reflector surrounding a portion of the post, the reflector movable along a length of the post. A position of the reflector along the post determines a beam angle of a resulting light beam exiting the IOSTBA. The system features a simple and cost effective optical design which works with a variety of light sources, including color mixing and champing strategies.

OSRAM Sylvania Inc. | Date: 2015-05-01

A luminaire is provided, that includes a housing and a plurality of solid state light sources connected thereto. The housing has a top side, two lateral sides, a protrusion in the top side, and two light source mounting surfaces. The top side is diffusely reflecting and has opposing lateral edges and a center. The lateral sides are specularly reflecting and extend generally downward from the opposing lateral edges of the top side. Each has a respective bottom edge. The light source mounting surfaces extend laterally inward from the respective bottom edges. The plurality of solid state light sources is disposed along the pair of light source mounting surfaces proximate the pair of specularly reflecting lateral sides. These emit light, which travels upward to the top side and is also specularly reflected by the lateral sides toward the top side. The top side diffusely reflects the light out of the luminaire.

OSRAM Sylvania Inc. | Date: 2015-08-13

A power supply system providing communication from a master module to at least one slave module via transients, to alter operation of a load, is provided. The master module output a supply voltage that is either a normal supply voltage or a reduced supply voltage. The outputted supply voltage depends on input corresponding to a communication to be sent to the slave module to alter operation of the load of the slave module. The slave module receives the supply voltage and interprets the received supply voltage, which may vary between the normal and reduced supply voltages, to determine what the communication from the master module is. The slave module then uses information from the communication to appropriately alter operation of its load.

OSRAM Sylvania Inc. | Date: 2015-05-27

Optical components for lighting devices and lighting devices including such components are described. In some embodiments the optical components are in the form of a lens that alter the distribution of light produced by a lighting fixture. In some embodiments, the lenses are in the form of a downlight to wallwash lens which, when placed in a downlight fixture, convert the light distribution to that of a wallwash fixture, e.g., causing the downlight to produce an off-axis light distribution, without changing the fixture. The lens includes a body with a light source facing side and an opposite room facing side having two optically active regions, each including structures that redirect a portion of light received through the light source facing side and incident thereon. The first region includes structures that redirect, via refraction, and the second region includes structures that redirect, in part via total internal reflection.

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