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Osaka, Japan

Osaka Gas Co.,Ltd. , commonly written as 大阪ガス, is a Japanese gas company based in Osaka, Japan. It supplies gas to the Kansai region, especially Keihanshin area. Wikipedia.

Fujimoto H.,Osaka Gas Co.
Journal of Power Sources | Year: 2010

The Li ion battery with high power and long life is required for the hybrid electronic vehicle. A new carbon anode material called "ICOKE" has been prepared by the graphitization of coke at ca. 2000 °C and is shown to have excellent pulse charge/discharge characteristics and long cycle performance. The charge/discharge reaction mechanism of ICOKE was investigated in detail based on the result of cyclic voltammetry and X-ray diffraction profile change of ICOKE before and after charging. As a result, it was found that Li-intercalation reaction to ICOKE proceeds without forming higher stage compounds and the 1st and the 2nd stage compounds are directly formed. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

For implementing a reforming reaction such as steam reforming or autothermal reforming, to obtain hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. by bringing hydrocarbons and steam into contact with a reforming catalyst, an arrangement is provided to enable reforming of the hydrocarbon to proceed under a stable condition for an extended period thanks to high sulfur resistance thereof. The arrangement employs a reforming catalyst supporting both platinum and iridium on an inorganic oxide support for the reforming of the hydrocarbon.

Provided is a granular activated carbon having many mesopores that can be used for applications similar to sine chloride-activated carbons, and also provided is a method for manufacturing the same. The granular activated carbon is obtained by bringing an activated carbon into contact with a calcium component, followed by activation and washing.

The present invention relates to a reformed gas production apparatus that includes a reaction chamber containing a reforming catalyst, a supply route to the reaction chamber, a reformed gas conduction route from the reaction chamber, and a reaction chamber temperature control means that controls a temperature of the reaction chamber. The supply route supplies a fluid that includes a fuel containing a hydrocarbon having at least two carbon atoms, at least one of steam and a carbon dioxide-containing gas, and an oxygen-containing gas. The fuel can be a mixed fuel that includes a plurality of types of hydrocarbons that each have at least two carbon atoms. The reaction chamber temperature control means relates to the thermal decomposition index temperature of the fuel, which defines an upper limit temperature of the reforming reaction region.

JGC Corporation and Osaka Gas Co. | Date: 2014-05-14

A gas mixing device capable of safely mixing flammable gas containing, for example, methane or the like and combustion supporting gas such as oxygen-containing gas, and a synthesis gas producing device using this gas mixing device. Flammable gas containing methane or the like and combustion supporting gas such as oxygen-containing gas are supplied into a mixing vessel via a first gas supplying section and a second gas supplying section respectively, and these gases are mixed within a combustion range in the vessel to be discharged via a discharge section. In the mixing vessel, packings for forming a large number of narrow gas flow passages in the vessel are packed so that velocity of the mixed gas flowing in the vessel becomes higher than burning velocity of the flammable gas and the combustion supporting gas.

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