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Neyagawa, Japan

Osaka Electro-Communication University , OECU is a private university in Japan. The main campus is located in Neyagawa-shi, Osaka Prefecture. Wikipedia.

Tamura T.,Osaka Electro-Communication University
Physiological Measurement | Year: 2012

In an ageing society, the elderly can be monitored with numerous physiological, physical and passive devices. Sensors can be installed in the home for continuous mobility assistance and unobtrusive disease prevention. This review presents several modern sensors, which improve the quality of life and assist the elderly, disabled people and their caregivers. The main concept of geriatric sensors is that they are capable of providing assistance without limiting or disturbing the subject's daily routine, giving him or her greater comfort, pleasure and well-being. Furthermore, this review includes associated technologies of wearable/implantable monitoring systems and the smart-house project. This review concludes by discussing future challenges of the future aged society. © 2012 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. Source

Seki H.,Osaka Institute of Technology | Mizumoto M.,Osaka Electro-Communication University
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2011

This paper addresses equivalence of fuzzy inference methods. It first presents several well-known fuzzy inference methods: the product-sum-gravity method, the simplified fuzzy inference method, the fuzzy singleton-type inference method, the single input rule modules connected type fuzzy inference method (SIRMs method), and the single input connected fuzzy inference method (SIC method). Second, three fuzzy inference methods of the product-sum-gravity method, simplified fuzzy inference method, and fuzzy singleton-type inference method, which are all widely used as fuzzy control methods, are shown to be equivalent to each other. Third, the equivalence conditions between the SIRMs method and the SIC method, known as single input type fuzzy inference method, are shown. Finally, it also gives the equivalence conditions between the single input type fuzzy inference methods and the previous three fuzzy inference methods. Investigating the equivalence among various fuzzy inference methods would help to understand the relationship of those fuzzy inference methods. © 2011 IEEE. Source

Even when a user is gazing at one point intentionally but the eyeball of the user is actually moving slightly, the slight movement is not reproduced as it is as the position of a cursor but a determination is made that the user is gazing at one point intentionally, that is, the eyeball is stopping. Thus, when a determination is made that the eyeball is stopping, the cursor is displayed still even when the gazing point is moving slightly depending on the slight movement. Furthermore, when a determination is made that the cursor is stopped, selection of an object such as other icon displayed at a position where the cursor is displayed is identified.

Osaka Electro-Communication University | Date: 2012-12-27

An electrolyzer device comprises a container configured to receive liquid to be electrolyzed; an anode arranged in the container and operatively connected to a power supply; a cathode arranged in the container so as to surround at least a portion of the anode and operatively connected to the power supply; a first pipe in liquid connection with the container, the first pipe including an intake port arranged in the vicinity of the cathode relative to the anode; and a second pipe in liquid connection with the container.

Osaka Electro-Communication University | Date: 2010-09-30

An electrolyzed water production apparatus and method safely and simply produce electrolyzed water having a sterilizing action, having a physiologically neutral pH value, and, in addition, simultaneously with strong acidic electrolyzed water and strong alkaline electrolyzed water depending upon the structure. The electrolyzed water production apparatus has an electrolyzer tank with an end that receives or stores raw water, and a power supply. The interior portion of the electrolyzer tank is partitioned by a plurality of diaphragms into a plurality of regions. An anode and a cathode (constituting an electrode pair) are positioned on either side of the diaphragm. In a certain region of the electrolyzer tank, an anode and a cathode are arranged so as to face each other without a diaphragm sandwiched between them. When raw water for electrolysis is electrolyzed, electrolyzed water having a desired pH of a neutral range is produced during electrolysis.

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