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Osaka, Japan

Osaka City University , abbreviated to Ichidai or Shidai , is a public university in Japan. It is located in Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka. Wikipedia.

Provided are a treatment method for an organic halogen compound, which allows the organic halogen compound to be efficiently decomposed without a large-scale treatment device or high operating cost, and a catalyst to be used for the treatment method. In the treatment method, an organic halogen compound is subjected to decomposition treatment by heating the organic halogen compound at a temperature of from 100 C. to 200 C. in the presence of a catalyst formed of copper oxide and hydrogen peroxide, to subject the organic halogen compound to a hydrothermal oxidation reaction utilizing a Fenton method.

The heat medium transport paths are arranged between the first building and the second building and transport heat media that transport heat energy. A temperature distribution acquisition means acquires the temperature distribution of the heat media that have temperatures being different from each other in the heat medium transport paths and that are sequentially transported in a state of having a predetermined length in the transport direction in the heat medium transport paths. A control means receives a load request of an air conditioner of the first building, and when a heat medium having the heat energy that satisfies the load request received reaches the first building, based on the temperature distribution acquired by the temperature distribution acquisition means, the control means causes the air conditioner of the first building to take out the heat energy from the heat medium reached.

Osaka City University | Date: 2013-05-09

A small-sized power factor measurement apparatus capable of measuring a power factor by one element is desired. The power factor measurement apparatus includes a pair of coupling ends (

Osaka City University | Date: 2013-06-12

There is a limit on the miniaturization of electric leakage detecting apparatuses including a ring-shaped magnetic material. Any thicker electric wires increase the size of the ring-shaped magnetic material. Additionally, it is difficult to place the ring-shaped magnetic material around the electric wires that have already been placed. In light of the foregoing, an electric leakage apparatus is provided. The electric leakage detecting apparatus is to be installed on a pair of power source lines connecting a power source and a load, and includes: a pair of holders configured to hold the power source lines, respectively; a fixing means configured to fix the holders at a predetermined interval; a pair of magnetic elements each placed on each of the holders while being parallel to the power source lines; a detecting means configured to detect a difference between magneto-resistance effects of the magnetic elements; and a driving means configured to feed a drive current to the magnetic elements.

Osaka City University | Date: 2013-03-19

A power measurement apparatus configured to measure power consumed at a load, the apparatus includes a magnetic film module, an adjuster, a measurement resistance, and a voltage detector. The magnetic film module is arranged so that a longitudinal direction of the magnetic film module is parallel to current flowing in the load. The adjuster is configured to adjust a pass-frequency and a phase of a voltage at one terminal of the magnetic film module. The measurement resistance is serial-connected to the magnetic film module. The voltage detector is configured to detect a voltage between both terminals of the magnetic film module.

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