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Zhao X.Y.,Inner Mongolia University of Technology | Sun W.,Inner Mongolia University of Technology | Sun W.,Ordos Vocational College | Zhang J.P.,Inner Mongolia University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications | Year: 2014

Cytoplasmic dynein play an important role in transporting various intracellular cargos by coupling their ATP hydrolysis cycle with their conformational changes. Recent experimental results showed that the cytoplasmic dynein had a highly variable stepping pattern including "hand-over-hand", "inchworm" and "nonalternating-inchworm". Here, we developed a model to describe the coordinated stepping patterns of cytoplasmic dynein, based on its working cycle, construction and the interaction between its leading head and tailing head. The kinetic model showed how change in the distance between the two heads influences the rate of cytoplasmic dynein under different stepping patterns. Numerical simulations of the distribution of step size and striding rate are in good quantitative agreement with experimental observations. Hence, our coordinated stepping model for cytoplasmic dynein successfully explained its diverse stepping patterns as a molecular motor. The cooperative mechanism carried out by the two heads of cytoplasmic dynein shed light on the strategies adopted by the cytoplasmic dynein in executing various functions. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Zhang L.,Ordos Vocational College | Cai X.-F.,Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Ltd | Zhang X.,Long Sheng Feng Natural Gas Ltd Liability Company
Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management: Theory and Apply of Industrial Engineering | Year: 2013

The surface uneven subsidence is one of the important reasons that cause the buildings damaged. The numerical simulation method can be used to simulate the destruction state of the structures and forecast the developing trend of the damage. The return air shaft duct of Niuxi Coal Mine is built on the backfill land and it is seriously damaged. Mohr-Coulomb Model of the return air duct is established to simulate the subsidence and forecast the trends of subsidence and damage. The grouting holes' reinforcement has good use on the control of the subsidence trends in short terms, but the damage for the subsidence has been solved. So it is suggested that the company should contact some research institutes and engineering companies as soon as possible. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013.

Sun W.,Ordos Vocational College | Cheng Y.,Baogang Group | Zhang B.,Taiyuan University of Technology
2012 2nd International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks, CECNet 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

Indoor power line communication with the economy, convenience and other benefits has been got a growing number of applications. So it has the important theoretical research value to solve indoor power line input impedance and transfer function with an easy and accurate way. Based on transmission-line theory, and taking multi-node power line network equivalent phantom as the research object, we calculate the equivalent input impedance of circuit and analyze the transfer function of network with transmitted parameter matrix. Being simulated and verified, the digital conclusion we got from this paper is accurate and correct, which means the method being used is correct and effective. © 2012 IEEE.

Liu H.,Clausthal University of Technology | Hou Z.,Clausthal University of Technology | Hou Z.,University of Sichuan | Were P.,Clausthal University of Technology | And 4 more authors.
Environmental Earth Sciences | Year: 2015

CO2 sequestration in deep saline formations has been proved to be an effective method for reducing greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere. However, pure sequestration of CO2 will add to the costs incurred by both industries and governments. A win–win method of CO2 injection and hot brine (water) extraction can become attractive to the investors, as it will not only increase the storage capacity of the injected CO2, but also offset the costs by selling and using the produced hot water for industrial, agricultural or household purposes. For instance, water from very hot geothermal reservoirs (T ≥ 150 °C) can be used for electricity generation in power plants and water from low-medium temperature reservoirs, the most predominant in natural systems, are more popular for direct use, e.g., in heating systems, household hot water, baths, aquaculture, etc. In this paper, low-medium geothermal reservoirs widely distributed in China, especially those in the Ordos Basin, were selected for the numerical case studies using TOUGH2MP with the ECO2N module for the simulations. Generally, simulation parameters were taken from the Ordos Basin, where the first full-integration CO2 sequestration project had been operated since 2010. The simulations in the base case study lasted 35 years, based on the lifespan of a normal geothermal project. Shallow re-injection systems were also considered to investigate the influence of thermal breakthrough, pressure perturbation, etc. Results show that injection of cold CO2 causes sharp decrease in temperature in the reservoir region near the injection well, which is enlarged with continuous injection. The region near the production well is dominated by different fluid phases during the CO2 driven process, including a single water phase, a two-phase fluid (water and CO2) and a phase of almost pure CO2. Results also show that the CO2 breakthrough lags far behind the pressure response in the geothermal production system. Before breakthrough, the injected CO2 pressurizes the reservoir, improving the overall performance of the geothermal reservoir. Furthermore, the heat extraction efficiency of CO2-based system is obviously higher than H2O-based system. © 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Sun X.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Sun X.,Ordos vocational college | Zeng F.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Liu H.,Clausthal University of Technology
International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications | Year: 2012

A series of climate problems that are associated with global warming have been paid attention by worldwide nations and CCS technology (CO2 capture and storage) just appeared and developed under this background. It contains the storage of CO2 in saline formation, unminerable coal layer(CO2-ECBM), depleted oil field (CO2-EOR)and depleted gas field(CO2-EGR). Through the CCS technology, we not only can solve the emission problems of CO2, but also can produce commercial benefits which can outfit the cost of storage fees. Among them, CO2-EGR is a project that can produce economic benefits which is now studied by many research centers and oil or gas companies for the benefits of it comparing to saline formation and other technology, for example, the great storage potential capacity and safety features which can contain natural gas for millions of years, and besides, the CO2 can be used to displace the residual gas in the depleted gas reservoir by increasing the pressure of the reservoir, therefore more natural gas will be produced. The biggest challenge of CO2-EGR technology is the early breakthrough problems of CO2 in produced wells and the mixing reaction of CO2 and CH4 can also reduce the quality of the produced natural gas. From this point of view, the study on multi-component properties of CO2-CH4 is very important for the success of CO2-EGR technology. In this paper, the study on the processes of CO2-EGR technology will be carried out from several aspects, including the potential of CO2-EGR technology, the mixing properties of CO2-CH4 system and reservoir simulation(the impact of depleted reservoir pressure and injection rates of CO2 on CH4 recovery, CO2 breakthrough time, CO2 injection capacity and CO2 injection time).

Liu H.,Clausthal University of Technology | Hou Z.,Clausthal University of Technology | Hou Z.,University of Sichuan | Were P.,Clausthal University of Technology | And 4 more authors.
Environmental Earth Sciences | Year: 2014

Deep saline aquifers still remain a significant option for the disposal of large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere as a means of mitigating global climate change. The small scale Carbon Capture and Sequestration demonstration project in Ordos Basin, China, operated by the Shenhua Group, is the only one of its kind in Asia, to put the multilayer injection technology into practice. This paper aims at studying the influence of temperature, injection rate and horizontal boundary effects on CO2 plume transport in saline formation layers at different depths and thicknesses, focusing on the variations in CO2 gas saturation and mass fraction of dissolved CO2 in the formation of brine in the plume's radial three-dimensional field around the injection point, and interlayer communication between the aquifer and its confining beds of relatively lower permeability. The study uses the ECO2N module of TOUGH2 to simulate flow and pressure configurations in response to small-scale CO2 injection into multilayer saline aquifers. The modelling domain involves a complex multilayer reservoir-caprock system, comprising of a sequence of sandstone aquifers and sealing units of mudstone and siltstone layers extending from the Permian Shanxi to the Upper Triassic Liujiagou formation systems in the Ordos Basin. Simulation results indicate that CO2 injected for storage into deep saline aquifers cause a significant pressure perturbation in the geological system that may require a long duration in the post-injection period to establish new pressure equilibrium. The multilayer simultaneous injection scheme exhibits mutual interference with the intervening sealing layers, especially when the injection layers are very close to each other and the corresponding sealing layers are thin. The study further reveals that injection rate and temperature are the most significant factors for determining the lateral and vertical extent that the CO2 plume reaches and which phase and amount will exist at a particular time during and after the injection. In general, a large number of factors may influence the CO2-water fluid flow system considering the complexity in the real geologic sequence and structural configurations. Therefore, optimization of a CO2 injection scheme still requires pursuance of further studies. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Zhang K.,Ordos Vocational College | Qu B.,Ordos Vocational College | Chi X.,Ordos Vocational College
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2015

This paper mainly describes a vehicle positioning and tracking system which is based on browser, GPS and GPRS. And this system takes advantage of Baidu Map as basic material to show vehicle status, which enables drivers and supervisor to monitor the vehicle's current and past positions. The vehicle's location data is got from satellites, and these data is sent to the central server through GPRS, the central server will store formatted data into the database after the data is parsed; Later, these data stored in the database will be used by web application and displayed on the map as markers. This paper also involves the implementation on mobile side, and this system used Baidu map JavaScript interface, Ajax, JSP and JSON to implement the vehicle positioning and tracking system. © 2015 Owned by the authors, published by EDP Sciences.

Zhu F.D.,ORDOS Vocational College | Zhu B.Y.,ORDOS Vocational College | Liu B.,23th floor
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

The temperature field of mobile column is simulated, with the theory of high frequency induction heating and fourier heat conduction law, to analyze the change law of the temperature field with time, with different cladding parameters. The results show that the induction heating speed is mainly affected by power frequency of high frequency induction heating and cladding current. The higher frequency induction heating power is or the larger the cladding current is, the the faster the surface temperature of hydraulic prop is rising, the lower the inside-wall termperature and the less influenced the matrix is. The effect and the efficiency of cladding is comparatively superior when cladding frequency is 250KHz and current is 1160A. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhu F.D.,ORDOS Vocational College | Zhu B.Y.,ORDOS Vocational College | Liu J.,ShouGang QianGang Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Ni-based cladding coatings are prepared on the surface of hydraulic prop mobile column by high-frequency induction cladding with different current. Microstructures of coatings are analyzed by metallographic microscope as well as SEM, while coatings and matrix elements are analyzed by EDS. The results show that metallurgical bonding is formed among transition regions of matrix and coatings with obvious white band, when cladding frequency is 250KHz and current is 1160A. The microstructures of coatings are eutectics of "austenite + carbide", relatively uniform. During the process of cladding, Fe as well as Mn in matrix permeats to coatings; while Si element in coatings permeats to matrix. As a result, the Fe content of trasition regions is raised, and the contents of Ni and Cr is comparatively reduced. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Miao W.,Ordos Vocational College | Zhao M.,Xinzhou Teachers University
Hecheng Shuzhi Ji Suliao/China Synthetic Resin and Plastics | Year: 2015

The nonlinear optical property and the excited state characteristics of a series of isocyanate crosslinked epoxy resin monomer molecule (refer to as monomer molecule) were studied by means of computational chemistry method and density functional theory. The results indicate that the introduction of substituent can improve the nonlinear optical property but which has little effect on the electronic spectra of the monomer molecule, so there will be no influence on the transparency of the monomer molecule. Introducing fluoro alkyl leads to the augment of the dipole moment and the decline of the charge transition density of the monomer molecule. The gain effect of the nonlinear optical property converges quickly with the increase of the carbon chain length in the fluoro alkyl. Introducing the alkoxy has less effect on the charge transition characteristics but increases the dipole moment, so the nonlinear optical property of the monomer molecule is enhanced. © 2015, Research Institute of Beijing. All right reserved.

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