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Machida, Japan


ORC Manufacturing Co. | Date: 2012-02-07

Exposure machines for manufacturing semiconductor devices; exposure machines for manufacturing electronic circuit boards; semiconductor manufacturing machines.

ORC Manufacturing Co. | Date: 2011-06-23

A projection aligner comprises a projection optical system for radiating a luminous flux including ultraviolet rays onto a photomask, and projecting said luminous flux which has passed through the photomask onto a substrate to which photoresist is applied; a substrate table for mounting the substrate, and a light blocking means for covering the peripheral portion of the substrate to block luminous flux. The light blocking means (

Orc Manufacturing Co. | Date: 2010-09-10

An excimer lamp has a single tubular discharge chamber configured to enclose a discharge gas that is a noble gas or a mixing gas consisting of a noble gas and a halogen gas; a pair of electrodes configured to be arranged along opposite sides of the exterior surface of the discharge chamber; and an outer tube configured to cover the discharge chamber and the electrodes. Excimer molecules are produced by either dielectric barrier discharge or capacitive-coupled high-frequency discharge. An interior of a space formed between the outer tube and the discharge chamber is either in a vacuum state that is necessary and sufficient for preventing discharge, or is filled with an arc-suppression gas.


ORC Manufacturing Co. | Date: 2014-05-07

Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting.

Orc Manufacturing Co. | Date: 2011-08-29

A photolithography system is equipped with a light modulator that comprises a plurality of regularly arrayed light modulation elements; a scanning mechanism configured to move an exposure area relative to an object in a main scanning direction, in a state in which the exposure area is inclined in the main scanning direction; an exposure controller that controls the plurality of light-modulating elements in accordance with a given exposure pitch to carry out an overlapping exposure process in both the main scanning direction and a sub-scanning direction; and an exposure pitch adjuster that calculates an exposure pitch that allows exposure points to be distributed evenly on the basis of an effective area of the light modulator.

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