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Billerica, MA, United States

Orbotech Ltd. is an international developer and producer of automated optical inspection and related imaging and computer-aided manufacturing systems. The company's imaging tools are used in the manufacturing of printed circuit board, flat panel displays, and IC packaging, among other applications. These systems aid manufacturers by providing highly accurate, high-speed, and automated optical inspection, allowing faster production speeds with less waste and at lower cost. The company is headquartered in Yavne, Israel and operates in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific. Wikipedia.

A method for auto-sequencing of plasma processing system for concurrent processing of several substrates. The method autonomously sequence processing and move substrates in different directions as necessary. The method moves two substrate trays together into the processing chamber for substrate exchange, and remove the trays from the chamber one at a time. When needed, the method moves one tray into the processing chamber for removal of the susceptor without exposing the chamber to atmospheric environment.

Orbotech | Date: 2014-04-07

An optical inspection system including a first multiplicity of cameras operative to image a second multiplicity of regions on an object, a third multiplicity of illumination sources and at least one illumination manager operative to combine illumination from the third multiplicity of illumination sources and thereafter to direct illumination therefrom to the second multiplicity of regions, the at least one illumination manager including a beam distributor receiving a composite input beam of a multiplicity of non-mutually coherent, spatially concentrated laser pulses and directing a multiplicity of composite output beams of a plurality of the non-mutually coherent, spatially concentrated laser pulses to a corresponding plurality of spatially distinct locations corresponding to the second multiplicity of regions.

An architecture for substrate processing system wherein a group of several substrates are transferred simultaneously and processed simultaneously. Robot arm is used to transfer the substrates using a substrate hanger attached to the end thereof. The hanger is configured to slide above the substrates and pick up the substrates using hanger extensions that slide under the substrates and hold the substrates at their peripheral edge. By hanging the substrates from above, no regards to the position of lift pins is necessary. Also, by constructing the hanger to be symmetrical, the hanger motion is strictly linear and need not rotate. This saves transfer time and avoids collision with lift pins. Also, the symmetry and linear motion of the hanger maintains the substrates at the same relative position throughout the transfer and processing sequence.

An inspection system includes a CMOS integrated circuit having integrally formed thereon an at least two dimensional array of photosensors and providing an inspection output representing an object to be inspected. A defect analyzer is operative to receive the inspection output and to provide a defect report.

Orbotech | Date: 2014-05-08

Optical apparatus includes a mount, which holds a workpiece. An array of optical heads project respective patterns of radiation onto the workpiece. A calibration assembly captures images of the respective patterns. A motion assembly, on which the calibration assembly is mounted, transports the calibration assembly among a plurality of different positions between the array of the optical heads and the mount so as to intercept and image, at each of the different positions, a respective pattern projected by a different one of the optical heads. A processor processes the images captured by the calibration assembly at the different positions so as to monitor operation of the apparatus.

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