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Farmingdale, NY, United States

A process/method is provided for the management of electric distribution system operations, including accurate and efficient communications and interfaces between the transmission, distribution and residential distribution systems, managed by a distribution system operator responsible for energy balance and reliability through control on a local distribution area, namely between end use customers and the transmission node of the electrical system.

Open Access | Date: 2015-10-05

A process/method is provided for the next generation of electricity market systems that support competitive trading of electric energy and ancillary services within day-ahead and real-time market operation frameworks. The invention comprises the systems and methods related to advances in electricity market architecture, functionality, and performance. The systems and methods of the invention ensure system operation reliability and maximize market economic efficiency of energy and ancillary services trading in competitive market environment. A process/method comprising optimal clearing and competitive price formation for a variety of market commodities that are supplied and consumed by a numerous market entities of a variety of types. The solution process is arranged and facilitated in controllable and efficient manner.

Systems and methods for producing recommended Transmission Service Reservation (TSR) actions whereby a Criteria Monitoring Process and Tag Identification and Action Process uses CCO Criteria, Capacity, Curtailment Interval, Model Elements Monitor, Tag Transactions, and Capacity Computation results to produce Recommended TSR Actions and Recommended Tag Actions based upon existing Conditional Curtailment Options on TSRs. Additional systems and methods disclosed further include the previous systems and methods with the additional ability to take action of the Recommended TSR Actions and Recommended Tag Actions.

A system and method for producing recommended Transmission Service Reservation (TSR) actions based upon existing TSRs and existing rights of first refusal on those TRSs whereby challengers are identified, defenders are identified, and TSRs are evaluated for Preemption and Competition to produce a preemption and completion report containing recommended TSR actions. Such a method uses a capacity computation, existing TSR records, and the event of a newly pending TSR in its procedures. Recommended TSR actions may include confirmation of TSRs, recalling of TSRs, and submitting of matching TSRs.

A system and method which allows end users of electrical energy to engage in, comply with, and otherwise make use of a smart grid program. The invention allows end users to engage with an entity running a smart grid program through such actions as sending notifications, agreeing to events, paying bills, reviewing contracts, and updating information. The invention receives data from and sends messages to any smart meters, AMI or HAN, the end user has in their service location necessary to comply with the smart grid program. The invention supports the use of any smart meters the end user employs for home automation network functionality, enabling the end user to activate, deactivate, or otherwise modulate any devices enabled with a smart meter at their service location. The invention receives data from and sends messages to any demand response system the entity running the smart grid program employs to support the smart grid program.

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