Donets’k, Ukraine
Donets’k, Ukraine

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Gusak V.G.,OOO Metinvest Holding | Rubchevskiy V.N.,PAO Zaporozhkoks | Tkalich G.M.,PAO Zaporozhkoks | Chernyshov Y.A.,PAO Zaporozhkoks | And 5 more authors.
Coke and Chemistry | Year: 2014

The evolution of quality requirements on blast-furnace coke indicates the need to use low-sulfur imported coal of the required quality. The best performance characteristics of European blast furnaces are noted. At such furnaces, with the injection of pulverized coal, the consumption of low-reactivity blast-furnace coke is 280.9-355.8 kg/t of hot metal. On the basis of the requirements imposed on coal used in the production of low-reactivity, low-sulfur, high-strength coke, an industrial coking method has been developed and tested at PAO Zaporozhkoks on the basis of Ukrainian, Russian, and United States coal of the required quality. The coke produced is tested in blast furnace 5 at PAO Zaporozhstal'. The results show that coke of improved quality may be obtained from batch containing 50% Ukrainian coal, 30% Russian coal, and 15% United States coal at PAO Zaporozhkoks. Thus, in the first 11 months of 2013, the quality of the blast-furnace coke produced was as follows: moisture content 3.6%; ash content 11.0%; sulfur content 0.78%; M 10 = 6.3%; content of the >80 mm class 4.1%; content of the <25 mm class 3.1%; CRI = 31.8%; CSR = 51.9%. © 2014 Allerton Press, Inc.

Gusak V.G.,OOO Metinvest Holding | Gavrilyuk V.I.,OOO Metinvest Holding | Magomedov M.S.,PAO Avdeevskii Koksokhimicheskii Zavod AKKhZ | Pasternak A.A.,PAO Avdeevskii Koksokhimicheskii Zavod AKKhZ | And 2 more authors.
Coke and Chemistry | Year: 2013

The coal resources at OOO Metinvest Holding are considered, in a climate of increase requirements on coke quality and self-reliance. The parameters of high-quality coke are outlined, and the corresponding requirements on the coal batch employed are discussed. Recommendations regarding coal preparation and coking technology are developed, so as to obtain high-quality coke. At PAO Avdeevsk Koksokhimicheskii Zavod (AKKhZ), industrial trials are undertaken to obtain high-quality coke. The trials confirm that such coke may be produced on the basis of the recommendations. Data regarding coke quality in shops 2-4 at PAO AKKhZ are presented for the first eight months of 2013. © 2013 Allerton Press, Inc.

Stalinskii D.V.,Energostal Center | Ordin V.G.,OOO Metinvest Holding | Levchenko V.I.,PAO Metallurgicheskii Kombinat Azovstal | Rudyuk A.S.,Energostal Center | Gakheladze G.S.,Energostal Center
Steel in Translation | Year: 2012

A production technology is developed for converter-steel rail at PAO MK Azovstal'. This technology includes converter casting of steel, treatment in a ladle-furnace unit, vacuum treatment, chill casting of steel, rolling of ingots and blanks, and surface quenching of rail with high-frequency current heating. A batch of R65 rail is produced from K76F steel. Tests show that the rail produced by the proposed technology complies with Ukrainian State Standard DSTU 4344:2004. Heat-treated R65 rail made from K76Φ steel is now in industrial production. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc.

Gusak V.G.,OOO Metinvest Holding | Drozdnik I.D.,Ukrainian State Coal Chemistry Institute | Kaftan Y.S.,Ukrainian State Coal Chemistry Institute | Balaeva Y.S.,Ukrainian State Coal Chemistry Institute | Pribavkina E.B.,Ukrainian State Coal Chemistry Institute
Coke and Chemistry | Year: 2012

The composition, structure, and properties of Donetsk Basin and United States coal of the same metamorphic stage are compared. The samples represent coal from the whole metamorphic series, with vitrinite reflection coefficient Ro = 0.7-1.8%. Separate regression equations for Donetsk Basin and United States coal describe the relation between the composition (Cdaf, Hdaf, Odaf), structural characteristics (Car, fa, δ, and B) calculated from the elementary composition, the technological properties (Vdaf, y, Qs daf), and the vitrinite reflection coefficient. Significant differences are found in these properties for Donetsk Basin and United States coal of the same metamorphic stage. These differences are mainly due to the different degrees of reduction of the coal. With a vitrinite reflection coefficient up to 1%, the degree of reduction is greater for United States coal than for Donetsk Basin coal. With greater metamorphic development (Ro ≥ 1.0%), Donetsk Basin coal is characterized by even lower degrees of reduction. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc.

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