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Paris, France

French National Center for Scientific Research and Onera | Date: 2012-07-13

According to one aspect, the invention relates to a microbolometer array for thermal detection of light radiation in a given spectral band, comprising a supporting substrate and an array of microbolometers (

The invention, which relates to a miniaturisable plasma thruster, consists of: igniting the plasma by microhollow cathode discharge close to the outlet and inside the means for injecting the propellant gas, said injection means being magnetic and comprising a tip at the downstream end thereof; bringing the electrons of the magnetised plasma into gyromagnetic rotation, at the outlet end of said injection means; sustaining the plasma by means of Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR), said injection means being metal and being used as an antenna for electromagnetic (EM) emission, the volume of ECR plasma at the outlet of said injection means being used as a resonant cavity of the EM wave; accelerating the plasma in a magnetic nozzle by diamagnetic force, the ejected plasma being electrically neutral.

An atom interferometer with differential inertial measurement comprises an atom source system to supply several sets of atoms intended for acceleration measurements which are made simultaneously at different respective locations. The sets of atoms are transported by a dedicated system between an initial position and the locations at which the acceleration measurements are made. The interferometer can be used to obtain highly accurate acceleration or gravity gradient measurement results.

Mvg Industries and Onera | Date: 2014-06-06

The invention relates to a medical imaging system having microwave emitting antennas and antennas for receiving the electromagnetic field, which are arranged around a space for receiving a human tissue medium to be observed, and comprising: an array (

A computer-implemented method for designing an electro-optical imaging system for estimating the distance of a source includes use of an optical subsystem, a detector subsystem and a digital image processing subsystem. The method includes the modelling of the propagation of radiation from its source through the optical subsystem, the detector subsystem and the digital image processing subsystem; the modelling being based on a spatial model of the source; the method including a joint step of simultaneously designing the optical subsystem and the digital image processing subsystem, the designing step being based at least on one performance metric depending on a comparison between the local estimation of the distance from the source and the actual distance from the source.

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