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Omsk, Russia

Omsk State Technical University in Omsk, Russia, is one of the leading educational institutions in the Western Siberian Region. It is alma mater to thousands of professionals who now work at industrial enterprises in the Siberian region.The university was founded in 1942, as Omsk Machine Building Institute. It was the evacuated version of the machine-building institute from Luhansk, Ukrainian SSR . In 1963, the Omsk Machine Building Institute was renamed the Omsk Polytechnic Institute: 7 Faculties, 5900 students, 210 professors and instructors. In 2006 the institute was renamed the Omsk State Technical University.At present the university has 4 institutes, 8 faculties, Military Chair, 843 instructors, 14000 students, 8 buildings, Sport centers, 8 Hostels, Publishing House, Medical Center, Sport Camp. There are 63 Doctors of Science and 394 PhD working at the University. The current university rector is Victor Shalay. Wikipedia.

Based on the generalization of experimental data on the structure, properties, adsorption and electrical properties of diamond-like semiconductors, the systematic features of variation in their crystalchemical, electrical, and surface (adsorption and electrical) properties depending on the energy of the reverse adsorption piezoelectric effect is established for the first time. It is noted that this energy coincides with the energy of formation and annihilation of point defects in solids, which is determined by the dilatometric and calorimetric methods. Empirical formulas for variation in the band gap, melting point, and microhardness depending on the energy density in oxygen are found for II-VI compounds. Based on the found systematic feature, the values of the microhardness for the semiconductor materials HgS, HgSe, and Cd 0.12Hg 0.88Te, which are lacking in published data, are found. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Fedyaeva O.A.,Omsk State Technical University
Semiconductors | Year: 2012

The structure and chemical composition, and also the adsorption, electrical, and optical properties of the surface of Cd xHg 1 - xTe system solid solutions have been studied; the existence of the previously unknown phenomenon of the inverse adsorption piezoelectric effect has been established. Using the semiconductor compounds CdTe and Cd 0. 2Hg 0. 2Te as an example, it is shown that adsorption-induced charging of the surface causes the relaxation of charges localized at slow surface states which manifests itself in the form of voltage pulses and governs structural reconstructions and surface relaxation. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Rybalov A.,Omsk State Technical University
Theory of Computing Systems | Year: 2016

Hamkins and Miasnikov presented in (Notre Dame J. Formal Logic 47(4), 515–524, 2006) a generic algorithm deciding the classical Halting Problem for Turing machines with one-way tape on a set of asymptotic probability one (on a so-called generic set). Rybalov (Theor. Comput. Sci. 377, 268–270, 2007) showed that there is no generic algorithm deciding this problem on strongly generic sets of inputs (some subclass of generic sets). In this paper we prove that there is no generic algorithm deciding the Halting Problem for normalized Turing machines on generic sets of inputs. Normalized Turing machines have programs with the following natural restriction: internal states with large indices are not allowed at the beginning of the program. This condition does not reduce the class of computable functions because for every Turing machine there exists a normalized Turing machine which computes the same function. Our proof holds for machines with one-way and two-way tape. It also implies that the Hamkins-Miasnikov algorithm is not generic for normalized Turing machines. © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Kropotin O.V.,Omsk State Technical University
Journal of Friction and Wear | Year: 2013

The procedure for optimizing the design parameters of a sealing device in a joint that transmits rotary motion is discussed. © 2013 Allerton Press, Inc.

Magazev A.A.,Omsk State Technical University
Russian Physics Journal | Year: 2014

The algebra of the integrals of motion, linear in the momenta, of magnetic geodesic flows on arbitrary Riemannian manifolds is investigated. It is shown that the indicated algebra is a one-dimensional central extension of the Lie algebra of Killing vector fields of the manifold which conserve the external field. A constructive method is proposed for performing an integration in quadratures of the magnetic geodesic flows on homogeneous Riemannian manifolds of zero index. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

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