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A measurement system includes a light source generating an output optical beam using semiconductor sources generating an input beam, optical amplifiers outputting an intermediate beam, and optical fibers receiving the intermediate beam and forming a first optical beam. A nonlinear element broadens the output beam spectrum to at least 10 nm, the spectrum comprising a near-infrared wavelength of 700-2500 nm. A measurement apparatus receives the output optical beam and delivers to a sample an analysis output beam. A receiver receives and processes the analysis output beam reflected or transmitted from the sample.

A flow disrupter in a tube chamber of a tube assembly for homogenizing sample materials includes a flow-disrupting body that extends generally transversely into the tube chamber and divides the tube chamber into two sub-chambers. The flow-disrupting body includes at least one narrowed flow passageway through which the sample flows back and forth in both axially reciprocating directions as the tube assembly is vigorously shaken at high speeds faster and more reliably than what can be accomplished by hand shaking. And the flow-disrupting body includes at least two flow-interrupting surfaces facing generally in opposite axial directions and against which the sample impacts in each respective axially reciprocating direction as the tube assembly is vigorously shaken. In this way, the vigorous high-speed shaking of the tube assembly including the flow disrupter results in significant particle-size reduction of the sample by mechanical shear, fluid shear, cavitation, and/or pressure differentials.

OMNI Inc | Date: 2015-12-21

A fastener comprises a housing, a socket, a pintle and a locking feature. The housing includes a shaft, a central bore that extends axially at least partially through the housing and a ball lock aperture extending from the bore. The socket extends into the housing adjacent to the first end face, and is configured such that rotation of the first socket rotates the fastener. The pintle is positioned within the bore and includes an actuation end and a rod that extends axially from the actuation end. The rod includes a ball transitioning surface and a ball locking surface. The pintle is moveable axially within the bore between a designated lock position where the ball locking surface of the pintle is aligned in register with each ball lock aperture, and a designated unlocked position where the ball lock surface of the pintle is moved axially away from each ball lock aperture.

OMNI Inc | Date: 2015-09-22

An optical system includes a tunable semiconductor light emitter that generates an input beam having a wavelength shorter than about 2.5 microns, an optical isolator coupled to the emitter and configured to block reflected light into the emitter, an optical amplifier receiving the input beam and outputting an intermediate beam, and optical fibers receiving the intermediate beam and forming an output beam. A subsystem includes lenses or mirrors that deliver the output beam to a sample. The subsystem may include an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) apparatus having a sample arm and a reference arm, the output beam having a temporal duration greater than approximately 30 picoseconds, a repetition rate between continuous wave and Megahertz or higher, and a time averaged intensity less than approximately 50 MW/cm

OMNI Inc | Date: 2015-10-16

A tube holder for mounting a sample-tube assembly to a homogenizing device includes at least one clamp, at least one retainer, and a mount. The mount couples the tube holder to the homogenizing device. Each clamp defines a tube channel and a transverse ledge surface, with the tube channel having a lateral opening through which a tube of the tube assembly can be easily inserted and removed for example with one hand. And each retainer defines a retaining surface that extends over the respective tube channel and opposes the respective ledge surface to cooperatively form a receptacle that receives/retains a cap of the tube assembly against axial tube motion during homogenization. In some embodiments, multiple retaining surfaces are included for retaining different types of tube assemblies, multiple clamps and retainers are included for holding multiple tube assemblies simultaneously, and/or ejection mechanisms are included for ease of ejecting the tube assemblies.

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