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Sun City Center, PA, United States

Olympus America Inc. | Date: 2015-05-11

A medical device is provided that includes a hand piece, a heating power supply, and a therapy power supply. The hand piece includes a first electrode including a heater. The heating power supply selectively provides heating power to the heater. The therapy power supply selectively provides therapeutic power to the first electrode. The medical device is changeable between operating a first electrosurgical configuration and a second electrosurgical configuration. In the first electrosurgical configuration, the heating power supply provides the heating power to the heater to heat the first electrode and the therapy power supply provides the therapeutic power to the first electrode.

Olympus America Inc. | Date: 2015-08-19

A surgical forceps comprising: a first working arm and a second working arm configured to move towards and away from each other; and an electromagnetic latching system; wherein the electromagnetic latching system is configured to create a force that is in a direction aligned with closing of the forceps or opposite to the closing of the forceps when an electromagnetic activation button is depressed.

Olympus America Inc. | Date: 2015-09-25

An apparatus and method are presented comprising an endoscope including a flexible shaft which has an active deflection section at a distal tip, a handle connected to a proximal end of the flexible shaft, a platform mounted to a top portion of the handle and oriented substantially in line with the longitudinal axis of the proximal end of a straight portion of the flexible shaft to provide a substantially straight entry into a working channel of the flexible shaft for an output accessory, a stone retrieval device insertable into the proximal end of the working channel of the endoscope, a lithotripsy shaft including one or more guide features at a distal end of the lithotripsy shaft to facilitate passage of wires or filaments of the stone retrieval device there through, and a lithotripsy shaft driver attached to the platform for driving the lithotripsy shaft under power.

Olympus America Inc. | Date: 2015-03-10

A lithotripter includes a motor operable to produce a rotational motion, a first cam with a first set of teeth, and a second cam with a second set of teeth configured to selectively engage with the first set of teeth. The first cam is coupled to the motor so that the rotational motion produced by the motor produces rotational motion of the first cam, and the selective engagement between the first set of teeth and the second set of teeth converts the rotational motion of the first cam to a linear waveform that is transmitted through the second cam. The motor, the first cam, and the second cam are disposed in a driver housing, and a wave guide shaft is coupled to the second cam. The wave guide shaft transmits the linear waveform to at least one urinary tract stone to break up the at least one urinary tract stone into fragments.

Olympus America Inc. | Date: 2015-05-04

An article comprising: a battery support containing battery lead wires attached to terminals; an opposing battery support attached to the battery support to create a battery closure; one or more batteries having battery contacts in the opposing battery support; and one or more activation tabs; wherein the terminals are attached to spring-loaded members; wherein the one or more activation tabs are spaced between the terminals and the battery contacts; wherein the spring-loaded members provide a biasing force that biases the terminals against the activation tabs keeping the one or more activation tabs in place in either a first position or a second position; wherein the opposing battery support is securely connected to the battery support in both the first position and the second position; and wherein the biasing force is greater in the first position than in the second position.

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