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Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. , commonly referred to as OKI, OKI Electric or the OKI Group, is a Japanese company manufacturing and selling info-telecom and printer products. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, OKI operates in over 120 countries around the world.OKI manufactured the first telephone in Japan in 1881, and now specializes not only in developing and manufacturing telecommunication equipment but also in information products and mechatronics products, such as Automated teller machine and printers. Its printer business is operated through OKI Data, under the brand name, OKI. OKI had a semiconductor business, in which it spun off and sold to Rohm Co., Ltd., on October 1, 2008.OKI provides products to telecom carriers, financial institutions, government agencies, large corporation as well as SMBs both directly and via distributors and dealers.OKI Data Group, which markets its products under the OKI brand, is focused on creating professional printed communications products, applications and services. The OKI Data Group provides a wide range of devices, from printers, faxes and multi-functional products to business applications and consultancy services, winning industry awards in many categories.OKI Data Americas also markets the OKI proColor Series, a line of digital production printers designed specifically for the graphic arts and production market in North America to offer print solutions for color-critical applications. Wikipedia.

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Provided is an information delivery apparatus for distributing information to a plurality of communication terminals, the information delivery apparatus including: a terminal-information memory unit for storing terminal information of the plurality of communication terminals serving as information delivery destinations; an address-type-selection-information memory unit for storing address type selection information, which is for selecting an address type, for one network segment or each of a plurality of network segments; a transmission-address determination unit for determining address information to be applied based on the terminal information in the terminal-information memory unit and the address type selection information in the address-type-selection-information memory unit; and a transmission unit for transmitting the information by using the address information determined by the transmission-address determination unit.

Oki Electric Industry Co. and Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association | Date: 2016-06-10

Provided is a waveguide-type optical diffraction grating. A waveguide core includes a waveguide core that is asymmetric with respect to a thickness direction perpendicular to a light propagating direction. In the waveguide core, a phase adjustment portion is configured to adjust a phase difference between a forward wave traveling in an input direction and a reflected wave traveling in a direction reverse to the input direction in the waveguide-type optical diffraction grating, and the phase adjustment portion is provided in a manner that a sum of a phase of the forward wave and a phase of the reflected wave which are generated in the phase adjustment portion becomes a constant value irrespective of a polarization state of input light to the waveguide-type optical diffraction grating.

The station side terminal device of the present disclosure includes: plural terminal devices, each including a buffer section including a through queue and one or more switch queues that temporarily stores packets, and a subscriber side terminal device assignment section that causes unicast packets addressed to switching target subscriber side terminal devices and packets for switching targets that are addressed to all of the subscriber side terminal devices to be stored in a switch queue, and causes unicast packets addressed to non-switching target subscriber side terminal devices and packets for non-switching targets addressed to all of the subscriber side terminal devices to be stored in the through queue; and a terminal device assignment section that transmits obtained unicast packets and obtained packets addressed to all of the subscriber side terminal devices to the terminal device designated by the packets.

Oki Electric Industry Co. | Date: 2016-06-10

Provided is a wireless communication device that mutually exchanges at least a notification signal including its own identification code and an identification code of a surrounding wireless communication device with the surrounding wireless communication device, the wireless communication device including: a transmission unit for periodically transmitting the notification signal; a reception unit for receiving the notification signal; a recording/updating unit for recording/updating surrounding-wireless-communication-device information of each of surrounding wireless communication devices when the reception unit has received the notification signal, the surrounding-wireless-communication-device information including an identification code of a wireless communication device at a transmission side and an identification code of a surrounding wireless communication device around the wireless communication device at the transmission side that are included in the notification signal; and an abnormality detecting unit for detecting abnormality of the surrounding wireless communication device from the surrounding-wireless-communication-device information recorded in the recording/updating unit.

Oki Electric Industry Co. | Date: 2016-06-09

Information about usage bandwidths of the ONUs and information about cover areas of the RRHs are acquired. A maximum cover area of each RRH is set. The remaining RRH included in the currently-set cover areas within the maximum cover area of each RRH is identified. The plurality of ONUs, a total usage bandwidth of which is smaller than or equal to an amount of traffic accommodatable by a single ONU, are identified as a sleep candidate ONU group. The ONU and the RRH to be switched to the sleep state are selected. If the maximum cover area of the RRH connected to one of the ONUs included in the sleep candidate ONU group includes a current cover area of the RRH connected to the remaining ONU, the remaining ONU and the RRH connected to them are selected as the ONU and the RRH to be switched to the sleep state.

A PV vector measuring apparatus includes: a light source 101configured to output probe light; a polarization switch 102 that can freely set a state of polarization of input light; a polarimeter 104; a PV-vector calculating device 105; and a rectangular wave generator 106. The polarization switch alternately switches between two orthogonal states of polarization in accordance with a rectangular wave modulation signal output from the rectangular wave generator. Output light from the polarization switch is input to a measurement object 103. The polarimeter 104 measures time dependency of an SOP vector of output light output from the measurement object. The PV-vector calculating device calculates a characteristic vector, which expresses a rate of polarization change in the measurement object, from the time dependency of the SOP vector.

Oki Electric Industry Co. | Date: 2015-06-01

An automatic transaction device includes a main body casing and a banknote storage vault. A non-contact electricity transmitter and an equipment wireless communications unit that communicates information by first electromagnetic waves are mounted inside the main body casing. The banknote storage vault is stowable inside the main body casing and removable to outside the main body casing, and stores banknotes. The banknote storage vault includes thereinside a non-contact electricity receiver that receives electricity from the non-contact electricity transmitter and a storage vault wireless communications unit that is supplied with electricity by the non-contact electricity receiver and is for communicating information with the equipment wireless communications unit. In a stowed state in which the banknote storage vault is stowed inside the main body casing, the non-contact electricity transmitter and the non-contact electricity receiver are in a proximate state.

Oki Electric Industry Co. | Date: 2016-10-19

A slave server with an optimal response time with respect to a program can be selected from slave servers located near a client. A virtual-machine dynamic allocation system according to the present invention in which a master server dynamically allocates a virtual machine that is to execute a requested program to any one of slave servers, includes: a response-measurement-time-information measuring unit configured to measure response-time information about a period between transmission of a request signal from each slave server to each of programs operating in the master server and reception of a response signal from each program in the master server; a response-time-information storage unit configured to store the measured response-time information of each program for each slave server; and a slave-server determining unit configured to refer to the response-time-information storage unit so as to determine a slave server that is to execute the requested program.

Oki Electric Industry Co. | Date: 2016-12-16

To reduce the occurrence of an excessive encoding amount or an insufficient encoding amount and reduce the fluctuation range of the bit rate even when there is a change in the area of a region-of-interest or the properties of an image. An image encoding device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a block-of-interest determining unit configured to determine whether or not a block is a block-of-interest including a pixel-of-interest; a region-of-interest area-ratio calculator configured to calculate a region-of-interest area ratio based on a determination result obtained by the block-of-interest determining unit; a rate controller configured to decide a region-of-interest quantization parameter and a non-region-of-interest quantization parameter based on at least a bit rate of compression data and the region-of-interest area ratio; and a compressor configured to compress an image input in accordance with a predetermined encoding method by using the block-of-interest, the region-of-interest quantization parameter, and the non-region-of-interest quantization parameter.

Oki Electric Industry Co. and Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association | Date: 2016-12-13

There is provided an optical multiplexing and de-multiplexing element which is provided with a slab waveguide and a waveguide structure and can reduce radiation loss caused in a connection part between the slab waveguide and the waveguide structure. The waveguide structure includes a multimode interference (MMI) waveguide coupler and a narrow-width waveguide, the MMI waveguide coupler and the narrow-width waveguide are connected to each other in this order from a connection position with the slab waveguide along the waveguide direction, step portions are formed on both sides of the MMI waveguide coupler along the waveguide direction, and the thickness of the step portion is smaller than the thickness of the MMI waveguide coupler.

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