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Tokyo, Japan

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. , commonly referred to as OKI, OKI Electric or the OKI Group, is a Japanese company manufacturing and selling info-telecom and printer products. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, OKI operates in over 120 countries around the world.OKI manufactured the first telephone in Japan in 1881, and now specializes not only in developing and manufacturing telecommunication equipment but also in information products and mechatronics products, such as Automated teller machine and printers. Its printer business is operated through OKI Data, under the brand name, OKI. OKI had a semiconductor business, in which it spun off and sold to Rohm Co., Ltd., on October 1, 2008.OKI provides products to telecom carriers, financial institutions, government agencies, large corporation as well as SMBs both directly and via distributors and dealers.OKI Data Group, which markets its products under the OKI brand, is focused on creating professional printed communications products, applications and services. The OKI Data Group provides a wide range of devices, from printers, faxes and multi-functional products to business applications and consultancy services, winning industry awards in many categories.OKI Data Americas also markets the OKI proColor Series, a line of digital production printers designed specifically for the graphic arts and production market in North America to offer print solutions for color-critical applications. Wikipedia.

There is provided an apparatus allowing waveform shaping even at a low sampling rate, and including a sampling unit

An optical wavelength demultiplexer includes a wavelength demultiplexing device, a first wavelength filter and a first- and second-stage wavelength sub-filters. The wavelength demultiplexing device demultiplexes an input light into a first wavelength band including wavelengths

A noise estimation apparatus of estimating a noise in an input signal includes a sub-band noise estimator estimating a noise in a sub-band input signal, obtained by dividing the input signal by sub-bands. The sub-band noise estimator includes a power calculator calculating a sub-band input power of the sub-band input signal; a probability model holder holding information on probability model; and an a posteriori probability maximizer calculating an instantaneous estimated value of a sub-band noise power based on the sub-band input power, an estimated value of the sub-band noise power and the information on the probability model, so as to maximize a posteriori probability of the sub-band noise power. The information on the probability model includes a likelihood function regarding a posteriori signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in dependence upon predictive a posteriori SNR; and a priori probability of the a posteriori SNR under a condition establishing averaged a posteriori SNR.

There is provided a wireless transmission device in which a lower layer processing unit inserts first random delay before frame transmission in response to a frame transmission request made by an upper layer processing unit, the wireless transmission device including a frame transmitting unit configured to transmit a frame when the frame transmission request is made by the upper layer processing unit, and a frame group transmitting unit configured to transmit a frame group including one or two or more types of frame in accordance with a listening state of a facing wireless reception device when the frame transmission request is made by the upper layer processing unit.

Oki Electric Industry Co. | Date: 2015-08-20

The station-side terminal apparatus for the optical access network includes: the station-side terminal apparatus; the subscriber-side terminal apparatuses connected to the station-side terminal apparatus via the optical transmission line; the terminal devices to which mutually different wavelengths are assigned; and the communication failure detecting unit. Each of the terminal devices includes the uplink communication state monitoring unit configured to monitor a state of uplink communication for each registered subscriber-side terminal apparatus, on the basis of the input uplink signal, and the downlink communication failure information extracting unit configured to extract information of a state of downlink communication, which is transmitted from the registered subscriber-side terminal apparatus. The communication failure detecting unit detects a failure of the uplink communication and a failure of the downlink communication, on the basis of the state of the uplink communication and the state of the downlink communication.

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