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Feyzullayev Kh.A.,OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute | Aliyev I.M.,ASOA
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2014

The article considers the hydro dynamic modelling of gas condensate fields development depletion based on differential condensation of a condensate mixture. The proposed calculation method was to perform numerical experiments to demonstrate the role of the ethane-propane-butane fractions in interphase mass transfer processes. Source

Zeynalzade Y.A.,OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2011

This paper reviews a dynamic model to describe oil production process, which accounts for the interaction between oil recovery, water cut and water injection volumes. It uses a dynamic model of oil production, and investigates the phenomena, which are manifested in abrupt changes in system behaviour. Results of the analysis can be considered during predicting key indicators of hydrocarbon production and during the selection of formation pressure support strategy in order to improve efficiency of hydrocarbon reservoir development. Analysis of the "Forties" oilfield has been carried out using the proposed mathematical model, which describes process of oil and water production. It has been demonstrated that the proposed model and the calculation method allow early prediction of transitional processes and by doing so create an opportunity toperform timely adjustments to the field development procedures. The results of these studies can be used in predicting the key indicators of oilfield development, and during the selection of formation pressure support strategy in order to improve the efficiency of hydrocarbon reservoirs' development. Source

Akhundov Sh.H.,OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2011

The Kura inter-mountain trough is one of the regions of Azerbaijan which is the most prosective for drilling on small hydrocarbon reservoirs with complicated structures (non-anticlinal). A short description of the geological structure and oil-gas content of various regions are given in separat areas of the Kura depression. Analysis of existing data from drilling of the Kura depression areas showed that deposits in the most cases represent tectonic-shielding traps. The composite structure and the sharp lithofacial changeability of the tectonic traps creates dedicated for their searches. Explanation of the search on the basis of analysis of the new structure by seismology data in our opinion is not sufficient. It is necessary to perform paleotectonic research that amplify seismology results. Determination of structuration time, region progress character and comparison with conditions of generation and migration let to separate the perspective areas for arrangement of the prospect drilling and to finalise the location of the wildcat well. In connection with it suggested scheme of wildcat wells placement on the unknown and insufficiently to guarantee efficiency of the searching works. Source

Babazade E.M.,OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2011

The practical necessity for use of intelligent well technologies has been previously discussed in literature. The concept of intelligent wells is not completely new for Azerbaijan, however it had not been widely applied until recent time. The construction of intelligent wells is mainly carried out in offshore fields operated by international consortium of oil companies within the Contract of the Century. An intelligent well is one which is equipped with downhole gauges, valves, etc, which allow making measurements of well performance indicators, as well as controlling the flow during well operation in case of injecting/producing from multilayer system in a real time environment. Source

Hamidov N.N.,OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute | Fataliyev V.M.,Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
SOCAR Proceedings | Year: 2015

The effect of solubility of the different composition gases in the hydrocarbon condensate to the phase transitions of gas-condensate systems, as well as the influence to the development parameters of the gas condensate fields were studied as a results of experimental researches. The influence of the gas composition on their solubility, the solubility ratio of different composition gases to the evaporation process of retrograde condensate, dew point pressure and amount of recoverable condensate were researched. Here were shown the main causes of retrograde condensate losses in the depletion regime process of the gas-condensate fields. It was mentioned that attention should be paid to the solubility properties of stimulation agent in condensate, during choosing the composition of stimulation agent, which influence on the bottom-hole zone and reservoirs. Source

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