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Niu Z.,Oil Testing Company | Meng G.,China National Petroleum Corporation
Well Testing | Year: 2010

Based on theoretical analysis, combining drill pipe and various advantages of the pipeline, a new type of high-strength special tubing is designed and the field test is conducted. This kind of tube has a similar connection performance as drill pipe which not only conducts rotation operation, but also has a sealing performance like special thread tube and reuse is good. Meanwhile, the design on the composition of materials is taken into account a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Its price is similar to imported special thread tube, but it lower than the drill pipe. The application of this kind of tube has great significance to improve the safety and overall efficiency of oil test operation.

Hu Z.,Workover Company | Cai J.,Petrochina | Wang G.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Jilin oil area has a considerable number of down hole accident wells and the conventional means of repair work can not be processed. By summarizing of construction experience, combining with the introduction of new technologies in recent years, research of repair technology for overhaul difficult well to the actual well conditions is carried out. Through comprehensively using efficient tools for grinding milling at internal and external case, technology of comprising channel in case, new type of expansion pipe casing subsidy, pulling and changing case in the middle shallow layer and conventional overhaul, a set of well repair control technology for the difficult wells is produced by exploring and finishing again and again.

Zhang Z.,Oil Testing Company | Tian J.,Oil Testing Company | Tan Z.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Combined with the actual characteristics for deep volcanic gas well of Changshen blocks in Jilin oil Field, such as high temperature & pressure, high yield and high content of acid gas, taking example by mature experience and practice, the current well testing technologies of open hole testing with MFE, APR, combination tech with perforation and APR, combination tech with RD safety cycle valve with perforation and APR applications, associated test string of shallow test valve with perforation are evaluated. Through the development and improvement of tools, problems encountered deep testing operations are solved which has a guiding sense for oil testing operation in special wells.

Wei Z.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2012

Fracturing and sand plugging operation is conducted to Dixi 1701 well in fracturing. For clearing backlog of fracturing sand in tubing to maintain well-bore flow, coiled tubing matching with sand drain of surface flow is used, removing well-bore sand successfully, which reaches the operation effect.

Guo X.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Zhao Z.,Oil Testing Company | Wang F.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2014

The gas hydrate gas monitoring process, needs to be calculated from the wellhead temperature, pressure and flow distribution of the well-bore pressure and temperature. However, analysts believe that open theoretical approach compared with the actual presence of large errors, the theoretical prediction after correction algorithm design and analysis to reduce errors. On the basis of open and shut two production wells state well-bore temperature and pressure on the results of the theoretical prediction methods designed two-point correction, gradient correction and multi-point correction of the three algorithms. Dixi1426 gas well to drop gas measured well-bore pressure and temperature distribution as an example of the three kinds of errors comparison algorithm, the results illustrate the correction algorithm can improve the prediction accuracy. Meanwhile, the methods using data after correction are designed to different production status, and corresp onding recommendations are proposed.

Wang L.,Oil Testing Company | Wang J.,Oil Testing Company | Liu L.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Based on the analysis of surface testing process, by the function of each part of the process, it can be divided into six subsystems of wellhead control system, throttle control system, separation processing system, measurement acquisition system and safety system and auxiliary system. The paper gives a functional evaluation to some processes commonly used in the Jilin Oilfield, especially the process control system security is analyzed to propose the technical means for further improvement, which makes surface testing process to be more scientific, security, completion, and the safety and reliability of test operation is much higher.

Wang J.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Through hydraulic pump in core below increase shut-in device, we realized underground shut-in after hydraulic pump liquor drainage. In the drainage period, the scope affected should be expanded as greatly as possible to make the pressure reflect more range information around the well. Then the pressure recovery data were recorded and the testing purpose was achieved. Using fracturing and hydraulic pump league, the pressure recovery well test was carried out and the use of hydraulic pump achieved a new stage of development.

Ruan M.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Ruan M.,Xi an Petroleum University | Li X.,China University of Petroleum - East China | Wang N.,Oil Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

For the solution gas drive reservoir, the reservoir fluid physical properties and relative permeability changes with pressure, so the relationship between the producing flow rate and pressure is nonlinear. By analyzing previous results, the efficiency of a uniform regulation of the flow concept is developed. The results show that the flow efficiency is defined as the same pressure in the well under the actual production of non-perfect sound and the ideal ratio of production wells is more reasonable, but also to facilitate the mathematical description of the physical meaning more clearly. Into the dynamic relationship established for the efficient flow under different conditions, have practical value.

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