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Ironton, OH, United States

Ohio University Southern Campus is located at 1804 Liberty Avenue in Ironton, Ohio. While not as large as the main Ohio University campus located in Athens, Ohio, several degree programs are offered. The Southern Campus also features an extension located in Proctorville, Ohio, a Nature Center, and the Ohio Horse Park located in Franklin Furnace, Ohio just off U.S. 52. OUS also has an on campus eating area called "The Paddock".The University began in 1956 when it hosted college-level classes in Ironton High School with an initial enrollment of 90 students. Wikipedia.

Zhang L.,Hohai University | Ye Q.,Hohai University | Shao Y.,Ohio University Southern | Li C.,Hohai University | Gao H.,Hohai University
Mathematical Problems in Engineering

Community structure is one of the most fundamental and important topology characteristics of complex networks. The research on community structure has wide applications and is very important for analyzing the topology structure, understanding the functions, finding the hidden properties, and forecasting the time-varying of the networks. This paper analyzes some related algorithms and proposes a new algorithm - CN agglomerative algorithm based on graph theory and the local connectedness of network to find communities in network. We show this algorithm is distributed and polynomial; meanwhile the simulations show it is accurate and fine-grained. Furthermore, we modify this algorithm to get one modified CN algorithm and apply it to dynamic complex networks, and the simulations also verify that the modified CN algorithm has high accuracy too. © 2014 Lili Zhang et al. Source

Zhang L.,Hohai University | Shao Y.,Ohio University Southern | Zhu R.,South-Central University for Nationalities | Yuan J.,Nanjing University | Wang H.,Hohai University
Sensor Letters

Wireless sensor network (WSN) has many potential applications in surveillance systems for detecting a target or monitoring a physical phenomenon in a region. In these applications, node deployment is one of the fundamental problems. If the monitoring region is relatively large compared with sensing range and transmission range of sensors, then a large number of sensors are required to detect events and deal with them. Hence, how to deploy sensors is very important. Traditionally, static sensors are deployed to cover the monitoring area, and mobile sensors are used to improve the coverage of the area. In this paper, we will use hybrid WSN which contains both static sensors and mobile sensors to detect delay tolerant events and deal with them. A delay tolerant event is an event that can tolerate a limited time delay to be detected after it happens, and during the delay time period, the event usually spreads quickly. Firstly, we formulate the sensor node deployment for full detection problem on delay tolerant event into the minimum disk cover problem, and prove that it is NP-complete. Then, we give an approximation algorithm with a constant factor for it. Our work is different from the previous works, for we aim at how to deploy static sensors and mobile sensors to achieve the full detection on delay tolerant events, rather than the full coverage on area. The theoretical analysis combined with the simulations verify the efficiency of our proposed algorithms.Copyright © 2013 American Scientific Publishers. Copyright © 2013 American Scientific Publishers. Source

Li P.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Lai H.-J.,West Virginia University | Lai H.-J.,Xinjiang University | Shao Y.,Ohio University Southern | Zhan M.,Millersville University of Pennsylvania
European Journal of Combinatorics

A cycle of a matroid is a disjoint union of circuits. A cycle C of a matroid M is spanning if the rank of C equals the rank of M. Settling an open problem of Bauer in 1985, Catlin in [P.A. Catlin, A reduction method to find spanning Eulerian subgraphs, J. Graph Theory 12 (1988) 29-44] showed that if G is a 2-connected graph on n> 16 vertices, and if δ(G)> n/5 -1, then G has a spanning cycle. Catlin also showed that the lower bound of the minimum degree in this result is best possible. In this paper, we prove that for a connected simple regular matroid M, if for any cocircuit D, {pipe}D{pipe}≥max{r(M)-4/5, 6}, then M has a spanning cycle. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. Source

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Admission Information To enroll as a student at Ohio University Southern Campus, a student must have a high school diploma or GED. The Southern Campus has no deadline for admission during any semester; however, prospective students are advised to begin the application process as soon as possible so that they may be given important dates and deadlines in a timely manner ...

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The goal of our office is to help students have a successful experience while earning their degrees. We provide helpful resources and opportunities to our students ...

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