Sunbury, OH, United States
Sunbury, OH, United States

Ohio Dominican University is a private four-year liberal arts institution, founded in 1911 in the Catholic and Dominican traditions. The main campus spans over 75 acres in the North Central neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, United States just minutes from Ohio State University and Easton Town Center. The university has just over 3,000 students and offers undergraduate degrees in over 50 majors as well as six graduate degree programs. Wikipedia.

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Freibert F.,Ohio Dominican University | Kim J.-L.,Sogang University
Finite Fields and their Applications | Year: 2014

Binary optimal codes often contain optimal or near-optimal subcodes. In this paper we show that this is true for the family of self-dual codes. One approach is to compute the optimum distance profiles (ODPs) of linear codes, which was introduced by Luo, et al. (2010). One of our main results is the development of general algorithms, called the Chain Algorithms, for finding ODPs of linear codes. Then we determine the ODPs for the Type II codes of lengths up to 24 and the extremal Type II codes of length 32, give a partial result of the ODP of the extended quadratic residue code q48 of length 48. We also show that there does not exist a [48,k,16] subcode of q48 for k≥17, and we find a first example of a doubly-even self-complementary [48,16,16] code. © 2013 Elsevier Inc.

Smuder A.J.,University of Florida | Sollanek K.J.,University of Florida | Min K.,Yale University | Nelson W.B.,Ohio Dominican University | Powers S.K.,University of Florida
Critical Care Medicine | Year: 2015

Objectives: Mechanical ventilation is a lifesaving measure for patients with respiratory failure. However, prolonged mechanical ventilation results in diaphragm weakness, which contributes to problems in weaning from the ventilator. Therefore, identifying the signaling pathways responsible for mechanical ventilation-induced diaphragm weakness is essential to developing effective countermeasures to combat this important problem. In this regard, the forkhead boxO family of transcription factors is activated in the diaphragm during mechanical ventilation, and forkhead boxO-specific transcription can lead to enhanced proteolysis and muscle protein breakdown. Currently, the role that forkhead boxO activation plays in the development of mechanical ventilation-induced diaphragm weakness remains unknown. Design This study tested the hypothesis that mechanical ventilation-induced increases in forkhead boxO signaling contribute to ventilator-induced diaphragm weakness. Setting University research laboratory. Subjects: Young adult female Sprague-Dawley rats. Interventions: Cause and effect was determined by inhibiting the activation of forkhead boxO in the rat diaphragm through the use of a dominant-negative forkhead boxO adeno-associated virus vector delivered directly to the diaphragm. Measurements and Main Results: Our results demonstrate that prolonged (12 hr) mechanical ventilation results in a significant decrease in both diaphragm muscle fiber size and diaphragm-specific force production. However, mechanically ventilated animals treated with dominant-negative forkhead boxO showed a significant attenuation of both diaphragm atrophy and contractile dysfunction. In addition, inhibiting forkhead boxO transcription attenuated the mechanical ventilation-induced activation of the ubiquitin-proteasome system, the autophagy/lysosomal system, and caspase-3. Conclusions: Forkhead boxO is necessary for the activation of key proteolytic systems essential for mechanical ventilation-induced diaphragm atrophy and contractile dysfunction. Collectively, these results suggest that targeting forkhead boxO transcription could be a key therapeutic target to combat ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction. © 2015 by the Society of Critical Care Medicine and Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

Smuder A.J.,University of Florida | Nelson W.B.,Ohio Dominican University | Hudson M.B.,Emory University | Kavazis A.N.,Auburn University | Powers S.K.,University of Florida
Anesthesiology | Year: 2014

BACKGROUND: Mechanical ventilation (MV) is a life-saving intervention in patients with acute respiratory failure. However, prolonged MV results in ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction (VIDD), a condition characterized by both diaphragm fiber atrophy and contractile dysfunction. Previous work has shown that calpain, caspase-3, and the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway (UPP) are all activated in the diaphragm during prolonged MV. However, although it is established that both calpain and caspase-3 are important contributors to VIDD, the role that the UPP plays in the development of VIDD remains unknown. These experiments tested the hypothesis that inhibition of the UPP will protect the diaphragm against VIDD. METHODS: The authors tested this prediction in an established animal model of MV using a highly specific UPP inhibitor, epoxomicin, to prevent MV-induced activation of the proteasome in the diaphragm (n = 8 per group). RESULTS: The results of this study reveal that inhibition of the UPP did not prevent ventilator-induced diaphragm muscle fiber atrophy and contractile dysfunction during 12 h of MV. Also, inhibition of the UPP does not affect MV-induced increases in calpain and caspase-3 activity in the diaphragm. Finally, administration of the proteasome inhibitor did not protect against the MV-induced increases in the expression of the E3 ligases, muscle ring finger-1 (MuRF1), and atrogin-1/MaFbx. CONCLUSION: Collectively, these results indicate that proteasome activation does not play a required role in VIDD development during the first 12 h of MV. Copyright © 2014, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Zhang W.,Kansas State University | Shrestha R.,Kansas State University | Buckley R.M.,Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Jewell J.,Ohio Dominican University | And 3 more authors.
ACS Chemical Biology | Year: 2014

Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) synthases catalyze the polymerization of 3-(R)-hydroxybutyrate coenzyme A (HBCoA) to produce polyoxoesters of 1-2 MDa. A substrate analogue HBCH2CoA, in which the S in HBCoA is replaced with a CH2 group, was synthesized in 13 steps using a chemoenzymatic approach in a 7.5% overall yield. Kinetic studies reveal it is a competitive inhibitor of a class I and a class III PHB synthases, with Kis of 40 and 14 μM, respectively. To probe the elongation steps of the polymerization, HBCH2CoA was incubated with a synthase acylated with a [ 3H]-saturated trimer-CoA ([3H]-sTCoA). The products of the reaction were shown to be the methylene analogue of [3H]-sTCoA ([3H]-sT-CH2-CoA), saturated dimer-([3H]-sD- CO2H), and trimer-acid ([3H]-sT-CO2H), distinct from the expected methylene analogue of [3H]-saturated tetramer-CoA ([3H]-sTet-CH2-CoA). Detection of [3H]-sT- CH2-CoA and its slow rate of formation suggest that HBCH 2CoA may be reporting on the termination and repriming process of the synthases, rather than elongation. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Vickner S.S.,Ohio Dominican University | Vickner S.S.,University of Missouri
American Journal of Agricultural Economics | Year: 2016

This case explores the impact of the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon on various aspects of the seafood industry. Nielsen syndicated point-of-purchase scanner data for frozen fish, shrimp, and crab are used to gauge consumer response at several points during the event. Traceability systems for seafood harvested from both aquaculture production and capture fisheries are also discussed. The role of corporate environmental policies for seafood procurement is highlighted for Whole Foods Market. The case concludes with a discussion of British Petroleum's historic settlement with the US government, five states adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, and numerous local governments. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. All rights reserved.

This article challenges educational computing researchers and teacher educators to consider a merger between universal design for learning and technological pedagogical content knowledge to create a practitioners' model to prepare teachers to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to teach the full spectrum of learners. Presently, these models are being developed on parallel tracks because of the existing bifurcated system of general (regular) and special education. The two models together would create a cohesive, comprehensive, theoretical model for the preparation of 21st century teachers. © 2013, Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.

Walker T.M.,Ohio Dominican University
41st International Computer Music Conference, ICMC 2015: Looking Back, Looking Forward - Proceedings | Year: 2015

A genetic algorithm system is described which builds on an existing implementation for modifying the parameters of a software-based guitar synthesizer in real time. The current version replaces the standard linear genome with a hierarchical arrangement of genes on a tree structure. Different tree topologies organize into different species; methods for breeding and modifying species are described. © 2015 Timothy M. Walker.

Walker T.M.,Ohio Dominican University
Procedia Computer Science | Year: 2012

Introductory computer science courses need to cover fundamental concepts and terminology as well as algorithmic skills. One way to accommodate these demands is to employ problem-based assignments as a vehicle for the programming content. An assignment is discussed in which students must develop a blackjack application in both Excel and Mathematica. Common solutions are considered in relation to general problem-solving strategies, and the assignments are contrasted with full-semester problem-based learning approaches. © 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Freibert F.,Ohio Dominican University
Advances in Mathematics of Communications | Year: 2013

In the paper "A new class of codes for Boolean masking of cryptographic computations", Carlet, Gaborit, Kim, and Solé defined a new class of rate one-half binary codes called complementary information set (or CIS) codes. The authors then classified all CIS codes of length less than or equal to 12. CIS codes have relations to classical Coding Theory as they are a generalization of self-dual codes. As stated in the paper, CIS codes also have important practical applications as they may improve the cost of masking cryptographic algorithms against side channel attacks. In this paper, we give a complete classification result for length 14 CIS codes using an equivalence relation on GL(n; F2). We also give a new classification for all binary [16; 8; 3] and [16; 8; 4] codes. We then complete the classification for length 16 CIS codes and give additional classifications for optimal CIS codes of lengths 20 and 26. © 2013 AIMS.

Ohio Dominican University | Date: 2012-08-29

computer software for use by teachers and students to create, organize, modify, transmit, store, and share educational data and information in a dynamic content database; downloadable electronic database of user-generated and peer-reviewed educational data and information. providing an online electronic database featuring user-generated and peer-reviewed educational data and information that may be accessed and used by teachers and students for interactive and customized instruction; providing a web-based system and online portal for teachers and students to create, organize, modify, transmit, store, and share educational data and information.

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