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Louisville, KY, United States

Office of Technology Transfer and Johns Hopkins University | Date: 2013-05-24

The ability to form and maintain gradients is essential for the study of response of cells to various stimuli. The invention includes devices and methods for the high-throughput, reproducible formation of gradients for the study of living cells. The invention includes microfluidics device with a lest chamber having a depth flanked by flow-through channels having a deeper depth. Flow of two different fluids through the flow-through channels results in the creation of a gradient by diffusion across the test chamber having essentially no flow.

Office of Technology Transfer | Date: 2013-01-22

An energy-efficient CAM architecture provides increased speed of searching, reduced power consumption, or a tuned combination of increased speed of searching and reduced power consumption. The CAM comprises a plurality of CAM banks, a plurality of Bloom filters, each Bloom filter associated with a content addressable memory bank, each Bloom filter recording elements inserted into an associated content addressable memory bank, wherein the size of each Bloom filter is configured to reduce energy or power consumption of the content addressable memory apparatus. The size of each Bloom filter may be configured to reduce energy or power consumption of the content addressable memory apparatus.

Office of Technology Transfer | Date: 2013-05-07

An apparatus for dilating an upper esophageal sphincter. The apparatus includes an elongated expandable member having a cross-section shaped to support a natural shape of an upper esophageal sphincter. A catheter extends from the elongated inflatable member.

Office of Technology Transfer and Institute For Cancer Research D B A The Research Institute Of Fox Chase Cancer Center Fox Chase C | Date: 2013-08-19

Systems, methods, and computer readable media for diagnosing or characterizing a genetic predisposition to develop cancer, including cancers of the BAP1 cancer syndrome, are provided. Nucleic acids comprising a germline nucleic acid sequence encoding the BRCA1 associated protein 1 (BAP1) are sequenced or probed to determine if the nucleic acid sequence includes alterations that predispose a subject to develop cancer.

Office of Technology Transfer | Date: 2012-06-23

A method of implementing a VLSI clock network is implemented. That method includes a step of generating an initial VLSI clock grid for incorporation on a silicon die. An input grid buffer is then sized and implemented for the VLSI clock grid. LC tanks are then placed and sized in the VLSI clock grid to implement a resonant tank clock grid and the input grid buffer is resized. A check of the resonant tank design criteria is then made. If the design criteria are met the resonant VLSI clock grid with its LC tanks is implemented. If not, another attempt at implementing a suitable LC tanks placement and sizing is made. The process iterates until a VLSI clock grid that meets the design criteria is obtained.

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