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Nova Scotia, Canada

OCEAN NUTRITION CANADA Ltd | Date: 2013-03-08

The disclosed subject matter relates generally to a method for modifying oil, and specifically to a process for increasing the concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acid in an oil composition.

OCEAN NUTRITION CANADA Ltd | Date: 2012-03-07

The present disclosure provides, inter alia,

OCEAN NUTRITION CANADA Ltd | Date: 2011-01-19

Single-core and multi-core microcapsules are provided, having multiple shells, at least one of which is formed of a complex coacervate of two components of shell materials. The complex coacervate may be the same or different for each shell. Also provided are methods for making the microcapsules.

Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd. | Date: 2010-04-27

Microcapsules comprising an agglomeration of primary microcapsules, each individual primary microcapsule having a primary shell and the agglomeration being encapsulated by an outer shell, may be prepared by providing an aqueous mixture of a loading substance and a shell material, adjusting pH, temperature, concentration and/or mixing speed to form primary shells of shell material around the loading substance and cooling the aqueous mixture until the primary shells agglomerate and an outer shell of shell material forms around the agglomeration. Such microcapsules are useful for storing a substance and for delivering the substance to a desired environment.

OCEAN NUTRITION CANADA Ltd | Date: 2010-07-30

A process for the removal of sterols, specifically cholesterol, from a triglyceride oil, preferably a marine triglyceride oil, said process comprising contacting an oil with an absorbent, specifically TRIS YL, clay or a mixture thereof, heating the mixture to 100 C. to 210 C., preferably 150 C. to 170 C., preferably for a time period of greater than one minute and optionally at a pressure less than 1.33 Pa, preferably less than 1.33 Pa.

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