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Oberthur Technologies is a French secure technology company, providing digital security solutions for Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control.As of 2008, Oberthur's revenue was €882 million.Oberthur Technologies is the successor of the Oberthur printing which was founded in 1842 by the master printer and lithographer, François Charles Oberthur. Wikipedia.

An electronic appliance includes a first processor and a secure electronic entity equipped with a second processor, the electronic appliance being designed to operate by the execution by the first processor of a trusted operating system. An element situated outside the secure electronic entity and distinct from the trusted operating system is designed to trigger the execution of an application by the second processor; the application executed by the second processor is designed to request the implementation of a service of the trusted operating system. A method implemented in such an electronic appliance is also described.

Oberthur Technologies | Date: 2015-08-24

Techniques for providing cost effective and tamper evident prepaid card packaging are described. By containing a relatively wide glued area by gluing two relatively tin side panels together, the resulting package is highly resistant to being slit open on an edge without the effort to open the package being highly evident. A foldover magnetic stripe panel provides additional thickness to a portion of the package typically read by a magnetic strip reader while allowing very thin side panels.

Oberthur Technologies | Date: 2014-11-17

The present invention relates to the field of the connection to a secure remote service from a terminal and notably of the establishment of a connection between the secure remote service and a security device connected to the terminal. A security device including a security element is connected to the terminal via a physical or virtual local network. When trying to access a secure remote service, a software module is automatically downloaded onto the terminal, without requiring particular rights, from the secure remote service for the discovery and the interaction with the security device. In this way, it is not necessary to install drivers or other specific software in order to enable the use of the secure element when trying to access a secure remote service.

Described are examples of a device for providing protection against intrusion in order to protect at least one electronic component, the device comprising an enclosure surrounding the electronic component and proof against a type of radiation, at least one piece of equipment selected from a receiver and a transmitter of radiation of said type arranged inside the enclosure and substantially tuned to another piece of equipment that is complementary and disposed outside the enclosure, and a detection module suitable for detecting an intrusion if at least one receiver receives radiation of said type.

An authentication method for accessing a user account of a service (

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