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Pavlov V.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Logunova O.S.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Pavlov I.V.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University
Steel in Translation | Year: 2014

Monitoring of the energy consumption in an arc smelting furnace when using various materials permits the optimization of the batch composition. To this end, the corresponding multicriterial optimization problem is analyzed, and a method is proposed for determining the energy-saving batch composition. This method consists of six main steps, including the following: collection and organization of the technological information; plotting of cause-and-effect diagrams; and description of the electrical consumption by means of a multicriterial optimization problem containing a system of constraints with empirical coefficients. © 2014 Allerton Press, Inc.

Pashchenko K.G.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Bakhmatov Y.F.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Golubchik E.M.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat
Steel in Translation | Year: 2011

Technological aspects of scale removal and drawing are considered. The influence of various factors on the geometry and mechanical properties of the wire is compared in drawing with and without a drawplate. © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Belevskii L.S.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Kadoshnikov V.I.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Ismagilov R.R.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Aksenova M.V.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | And 2 more authors.
Steel in Translation | Year: 2011

Theoretical and technological principles have been developed for the plastic deformation of the surface layer, with simultaneous application of a metal coating, by means of a flexible tool. This process is known as frictional plating. Resource-saving and environmentally benign technologies have been created for the manufacture of metal components with improved performance. © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Gorbunov A.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Belov V.K.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Begletsov D.O.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University | Sotnikov A.S.,Magnitogorsk State Technical University
Steel in Translation | Year: 2010

The surface microtopography of auto-industry sheet passed through rollers whose surface has undergone various kinds of treatment-shot blasting, electric-discharge texturing, electron-beam texturing, and TOPOCROM treatment-is compared. The amplitude and frequency parameters of the surface roughness are also compared, as well as the correlational, spectral, and fractal characteristics of the surface microprofile. It is shown that the microrelief of the sheet is best after TOPOCROM treatment and electron-beam texturing of the rollers. © 2010 Allerton Press, Inc.

Shchipanov K.A.,Ural Federal University | Spirin N.A.,Ural Federal University | Burykin A.A.,Ural Federal University | Kosachenko I.E.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Onorin O.P.,OAO Ural'skii Institute Metallov
Steel in Translation | Year: 2015

The selection of blast-furnace batch is considered. Software is developed for the calculation of the blast-furnace batch in forced startup (with controllable slag formation and reduction). In this approach, the first portion of slag-forming mixture and iron ore is introduced in the furnace shaft, and there is no need for gradual increase in the ore load. The software permits the compilation of reference material (the design characteristics of the blast furnaces, the parameters of preceding melts, the properties of the slag-forming mixture and iron ore, the properties of the coke, etc.); calculation of the batch composition and the properties of the hot metal and slag with specified additions of slag-forming mixture and fluxes and specified blast parameters; calculation of the optimal batch composition and selection of the blast parameters within the constraints on the thermal, slag, and gas-dynamic parameters and the quality of the hot metal produced; diagnostics; and presentation of the calculation results in tabular and graphical form, with subsequent storage in a database. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

Morozov Y.D.,Bardin Central Research Institute for The Iron And Steel Industry | Goli-Oglu E.A.,Bardin Central Research Institute for The Iron And Steel Industry | Nastich S.Y.,Bardin Central Research Institute for The Iron And Steel Industry | Denisov S.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Stekanov P.A.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat
Steel in Translation | Year: 2012

A production technology for K60 steel strip suited to the production of gas-line pipe (diameter 1420 mm; wall thickness 26. 4 mm) has been developed, along with the corresponding chemical composition of the steel. By improved cold working of nonrecrystallizing austenite and its retention until the onset of accelerated cooling, the grain size and the grain-size fluctuation of the final ferrite-bainite microstructure of the steel strip may be reduced, so as to ensure good DWTT data. The proposed technology has been tested industrially on the 5000 mill at OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc.

Gostenin V.A.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Eliseev Y.P.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Kovalenkova E.Y.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Neverovskaya I.P.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat
Steel in Translation | Year: 2016

To find metallurgical uses for slurry, its properties and its ease of enrichment are studied. A system for slurry preparation is developed so as to permit its introduction in sintering batch. Industrial research culminates in the supply of slurry to enrichment unit 5 in the ore-enrichment shop at OAO MMK in a mixture with local ore. That permits reduction in the purchase of raw materials (by 7959 t in 2015) thanks to the use of waste concentrate in sinter production. © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.

Stepanov E.N.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Larin G.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Stepanova A.E.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Semiokhina I.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat
Coke and Chemistry | Year: 2010

Options are outlined for calculating the technological value of coal and coal concentrates in the context of contractual obligations and the quality of the coke produced. © 2010 Allerton Press, Inc.

Yakovleva E.B.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Smirnov P.N.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Yashin V.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Ektov D.V.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat
Steel in Translation | Year: 2012

A new production technology for cold-rolled sheet from low-alloy steel is proposed for a sheet-rolling shop at OAO MMK; the steel is smelted in accordance with Technical Specifications TU 14-4-1333-2002. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc.

Temlyantsev M.V.,Siberian State Industrial University | Konoz K.S.,Siberian State Industrial University | Dziuba A.Y.,OAO Magnitogorskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat | Umanskii A.A.,Siberian State Industrial University | Temlyantsev N.V.,Siberian State Industrial University
Steel in Translation | Year: 2015

Scale formation and the kinetics of high-temperature oxidation and decarburization of 60C2XA steel are investigated in the laboratory. Oxidation intensifies sharply at metal temperatures around 1000°C. The first liquid sections appear in the scale at 1270–1280°C, while melting of the scale accompanied by its escape from the metal surface begins at 1300°C. Decarburization of the steel is most intense at 950–1100°C; at 1175°C and above, a mixed zone consisting of ferrite and oxides (thickness 0.030–0.045 mm) is seen on the metal surface, hindering scale removal. Empirical formulas permit prediction of the metal losses on heating in the rolling line. For practical use, a heating protocol ensuring reduced metal loss is developed for continuous-cast billet in stepping-hearth continuous furnaces, on the basis of a mathematical model. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

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